Friday, August 1, 2008

Episode 14 - The Plot

Betty told Nico about having to doctor the report to the Board, and he told her that she was treading on dangerous ground and someone could find out what she was doing. She told him that all the information was password protected on her computer and that only a real computer genius could access the information.

As Betty was saying this, Olarte was in her office with EcoModa’s computer guy trying to access the password-protected files. The computer guy told Olarte that the files were inaccessible.

The ‘dreamer’, Patricia asked Mario to promote her to the post of his assistant and that he should also make their personal relationship known but Mario told her that this was not the appropriate time for either of her requests.

While Betty and Nico were still discussing, she told him that it seemed like Patricia and Mario were an item, and that if Nico aspired to anything with someone like Patricia, he was going to need a lot of money for her to notice him!
The next morning, Betty was running late and had another of her encounters with Wilson, who told her that he was going to report that she was late and get her in trouble. To which Betty, (way to go Betty!) told him that she was just going to go back home and that he can tell Armando where she was and that if he needed the report she prepared he could come to her house to get it.
When Wilson saw that his wicked plot had backfired, he begged her to stay because this could lead to Armando firing him, and even got down on his knees to beg her to stay.

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