Thursday, August 7, 2008

Episode 31 - Betty, The Boss

Armando, after talking and talking to Hugo was finally able to convince him to stay at EcoModa, but he had to agree to a bet that if the new collection failed he’d have to dress up in a drag queen’s outfit and go out in public to a party with Hugo. If Hugo loses the bet, he’d have to keep using the poor quality materials. They hugged and the crowd applauded because they’ve “made up”!

The cartel, totally and completely bombed, went to the bathroom where they found Sofía crying. Inesita is worried about her friends and had called Freddy to help her. Betty went to the bathroom and was feeling quite dizzy, splashed some cold water on her face, and fainted since she was not used to drinking. Freddy arrived and carried Betty out of the bar. Betty opened her eyes and said “Don Armando” to which Freddy answered that she was delirious. Betty was dreaming that Armando was carrying her off and she almost fainted again and woke up as she heared her father yelling. Don Hermes was furious that Betty was in such a state and had to be carried out of the bar. Betty denied being drunk. Betty asked her mother how they ended up at the bar (in pajamas!), since they knew that she had a ride to get home. The cartel and Freddy couldn’t help but laugh at the whole situation of Hermes going to pick up Betty. Betty got home and her dad kept at her.

Finally, she was in her room alone and started writing in her diary about how she was so in love with Armando and doesn’t know how she’ll be able to handle being apart from him for two weeks.

The next morning, on her way to EcoModa…Betty told Nico about her night out with the girls and that this was the first time she’d ever been drunk and how her parents showed up in pajamas! The cartel had a major hangover and Freddy made them a special portion to make them feel better. They all asked Betty about her “Don Armando” comment after she fainted. Armando got to EcoModa and talked to Betty because he wanted to make sure that Betty was ready and able to hold fort at the helm of EcoModa while he was away. Betty assured him that she was.

Armando told everyone that he, Marcela, and Mario will be traveling to the USA and that Betty would run EcoModa in their absence. Hugo started making fun of Betty, and Marcela joined in by laughing at Hugo’s behavior.

Patricia asked for leave because she didn’t want to be at EcoModa while Betty was running it. Marcela told Armando that she was going to take advantage of the trip to the US to buy stuff for their wedding, but he told her that he doesn’t have time to worry about the details for the wedding and that he trusts her to take care of everything. Betty was sad to hear that the plans for the wedding were going ahead.

Armando told Betty that he was leaving and that he’ll be in touch with her so she can update him about the goings on at EcoModa. During this conversation Betty had one of her daydreams and imagined that Armando hugged her and told her that he didn’t know how he’ll be able to spend so many days away from her. They were about to kiss when the phone ranged and Armando snapped her out of her daydream. He left without even saying goodbye.

Patricia told Marcela that after the trip, she and Mario are going to move in together since he told her that when he comes back they’ll settle their relationship. Aura María went to a hotel with Mario before he left on his trip and asked him to formalize their relationship. He told her that he didn’t plan to “settle” with anyone.

The cartel was hanging around the lobby after lunch and this made them late coming back to their desks. Patricia made a big deal out of their being late and told Gutierrez about it so he will take action against them. The cuartel ran to Betty to ask for her help, since she was “boss” now.

Betty was in her office, staring at Armando’s screensaver on her PC. Gutierrez also went to Betty’s office to punish the cartel, but Betty told him that they arrived early from lunch but that she gave them permission to hang around the lobby afterwards. Gutierrez was mad because he couldn’t do anything about the situation.

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