Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Episode 22 - The Bribe Offer

Oh, Marcelita, reality bites!! Betty wrote in her diary about Armando, that she was happy that he was confiding his innermost thoughts to her, and that he stood up for her against everyone. He needed her because of work, but she needed him because she loves him.

The next day, Hermes told Julia and Betty that he was on the verge of unemployment because his company went bankrupt. This was of great concern to Betty and she told Hermes that she was getting a raise at work and will be able to take over the expenses at home. She also remembered RagTela guy’s comments.

Nico asked Betty to help him find a job at EcoModa. Miguel called Betty to ask her out to lunch.

Patricia complained to Marcela about her financial woes. Armando asked Mario to be attentive with Patricia, to make sure that she doesn’t start spying for Daniel.

Betty went with Armando to all the banks to register her signature as an authorized EcoModa signatory, in addition to Armando and Mario.

Betty told Armando that she had a person in mind for Olarte’s job, her friend who is an economist, and he told her that he could not decide just yet, but that she should give him his résumé and he’ll let her know later.

The Cartel asked Betty about the previous night’s cocktail party, and they wanted to know if he noticed how nice she looked, but she told them he paid no attention to her. Betty told them that she has other plans for lunch and couldn’t go with them. They asked her with whom, but Betty said nothing.

Armando told Marcela and Hugo that he wanted Claudia Elena to model in the next launching, which made Marcela jealous, since Armando mentioned that he’d seen her at the cocktail party the night before.

Patricia saw when Miguel picked Betty up for lunch. Armando told Marcela that he, Mario, and Marcela will travel to the United States and that Betty would be left in charge while they were away. Hugo and Marcela were completely opposed to this idea.

Miguel asked Betty if anyone knew that she was going out to lunch with him and she said no, but that she also wanted to know why he was being so mysterious. He told her that since she had so much influence with Armando, he needed her help to get him to buy the rest of the supplies from RagTela, and that if this happened she’ll get a commission of up to $80,000. She told him that this was unethical, that she did not agree, and that she was not going to risk her job for it. Miguel told her to think about it because he could give her a 10% discount on the sale.

Betty left the restaurant very preoccupied.

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