Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Episode 30 - The Cartel Celebrates

Catalina told Armando about the French buyer’s comments and hard it was going to be to sell the new collection. She also advised him that this was not the time to be on Hugo’s bad side because he was going to need him.

Betty asked her dad for permission to go out with her friends, explaining that she won’t be able to do it afterwards because she’ll be running EcoModa in Armando’s absence.

Roberto went to Armando to ask him about his poor judgment with the fabrics, telling him that this was a very risky behaviour. But, he told him that he was confident that things will turn out okay and that he was leaving for London and won’t be back until September’s Board of Directors meeting and of course Armando’s wedding to Marcela.

Armando apologized to Inesita for yelling at her.The cartel told Inesita and Betty about Hugo’s beau. Freddy realizes that the cartel was going out to party and wanted to go with them, but they wouldn’t let him.

Catalina talked to Mario and Armando and convinced Armando to try to mend fences with Hugo, telling him that Hugo is a great designer and he needed him on his side, that this was not the time to have Hugo going to the press. She also advised him to make up with Marcela because she is also very good at what she does. Armando went off to find Hugo since he needed to get things straightened out before his trip.

Marcela’s sister María Beatriz told Armando where he could find Hugo and he left.

Meanwhile, Betty and the cartel got to the bar they were going to celebrate. Betty said that she has to go make a phone call and her friends started to kid her that she must be calling Nico. She said that she had to call her dad to let him know where she was. She said that she doesn’t bother Nico, who had a lot of dates already. Nico was actually out with the neighborhood crew, who asked him to join them at a bar just to take advantage of him and have him pick up the tab. Betty reached her dad to let him know where she was and give him the phone number of the bar, but ended giving him the address of the place also. The cartel started toasting Betty and especially how this (Betty being in charge) was going to make Patricia feel.

Armando got to the place where Hugo was hanging out, which just so happened to be a gay bar. Armandito had to deal with men who are hitting on him, and even worse, he ran into Miguel from RagTela, and was surprised to find out he’s gay (wonder what Miguel thought about seeing Armando there!).

Armando is getting just a tad nervous to be “surrounded” and wanted to get out of there ASAP, but at that very moment he saw Hugo arrive. Armando told Hugo that they needed to talk, that they needed to clear things up, because Armando was leaving the next day and that they just couldn’t leave things like that because Armando needed Hugo. To the unknowing ear, this exchange sounds like a lover’s quarrel and Armando had to actually chase Hugo down to the men’s room to make him listen to him.
In the meantime, the cartel is pretty much getting wasted.
Armando chased Hugo all over the bar and finally got him to listen to him.

The Cartel is drunk and Sandra, Mariana and Aura María started dancing, and force Berta, Sofía, and Inés to join them. Betty, who was very drunk by now stayed put, but the cartel finally made her stand up and dance. Betty thought that she was looking sexy with her dancing, unfortunately, she was not!
The cartel found out that el Cheque (Sofia’s Ex) and Jenny were on the dance floor as well and Sofía started yelling at him, saying that he was out there spending the money he should have given to his children. Jenny and el Cheque left. The cartel told Sofía to forget about el Cheque and find herself another man. The cartel started flirting a group of men at a table. They asked Mariana, Sandra, and Aura María to dance, and Berta got up and started dancing by herself. Sofía went off to the bathroom crying, leaving Inesita and Betty by themselves. Inesita, noticing that her friends were in a highly intoxicated state, asked Betty to get everyone together so that they could go home.

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