Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Episode 27 - Armando's First Fashion Line Launch

Mario confirmed with Armando that the capital for the new company was the bribe money from RagTela. Armando told him that he doesn’t want Betty to know where the money was coming from. Armando finally convinced Betty to set up the new company and told her that she cannot mention it to her family, to his family, or to Marcela and Daniel. He also gave her free rein to run the business (investments) as she deems fit.
Catalina wanted to get detailed descriptions of Hugo’s designs to be able to draft press releases. Armando pleaded with her not to make mention of the fabric being used for the designs because they were of lower quality than usual. Catalina asked Armando to get Betty out of her cave-like office. Armando told Gutierrez that he needed to set up Olarte’s old office for Betty’s use.

However, Betty asked Armando to let her stay in her office because she wanted to be near him (no kidding!), if he doesn’t mind. Armando told her that he doesn’t mind at all and that if that’s what she wanted, he’d rather have her near because he needed her, which made Betty very happy.
When Betty got home, she told her parents about her pay raise. Later in her bedroom, she told Nico about the new company.Betty hired Nico to help her run the new company, and he gladly accepted. Betty told him that her boss trusts her completely and talked about Armando in a very loving way. Nico told Betty that it was obvious that the new company’s capital was coming from the bribe money and that she should be careful of her boss. He also noticed that Betty was obviously in love with Armando.
Patricia was harping on Mario about moving in together. Mario asked her for a month to think about it, which he did just to keep her happy – he needed to keep her away from Daniel, although he had no intention of moving in with her.
A few days later at EcoModa…
The day of the launch came and Armando was his usual out-of-control self, screaming at everyone, and getting even more upset because Betty was nowhere to be found. He asked everyone he saw whether they know Betty’s whereabouts, but no one did. He was very nervous because this was his first launch as President and he wanted to make sure that everything went well.
Armando told Mario that he wanted the models to wear the clothes that were made with the RagTela fabrics because he didn’t want to lie to the buyers (Armandito is being, gulp, HONEST?). So, they had to make sure the models don’t wear the one-of-a-kind outfits made by Hugo, but the clothes made in the production line.

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