Monday, August 4, 2008

Episode 19 - Plot Against Betty Unveiled

Olarte told Daniel that Armando knew already, that they had messed up Betty’s computer, and Daniel reminded him that he wanted his name out of it.

Armando asked Olarte about the problem with Betty’s PC, and he said it was because Betty was trying to take away his job and he wanted her to look bad before the Board. Armando asked if Daniel was involved and also for the name of the person who actually messed up Betty’s computer. Olarte didn’t say anything and Armando fired him too.

Since the Board members were still taking care of some business at EcoModa, Armando got them together again and asked Betty to join them. He told everyone about Olarte’s actions and his plot against Betty.Daniel said they should sue Olarte, and that he would make sure that someone was selected to replace Olarte. Armando responsed that he was not going to hire anyone who wasn’t his own choice. He stood up for Betty in front of everyone and said that he wanted to name her Financial VP, but the Board was dead set against this. He said that she would be his assistant then but that at the next Board meeting the issue would be addressed again.

Daniel told Patricia that he knew that she was the one who messed up Betty’s computer and told her that he’ll be waiting for her in his office.
Armando congratulated Betty for everything she did at the Board, gave her a big hug, thanked her for all her help, and told her that he was giving her a raise.
Betty shared the good news with the Cartel.
Armando told Mario that he was sure that Patricia played a role in the situation with Betty’s PC.
Sofia and Berta told Betty that the only person who had been around her office had been Patricia, who spent quite some time there, which must mean she was the one who messed up her PC.
Armando was worried about Daniel and Patricia’s strange relationship, and asked Mario to take care of her and keep dating her.

Marcela told Patricia that Betty kept getting more powerful, especially now that Armando had said that he wanted her as Financial VP.


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