Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Episode 33 - TerraModa Saves Ecomoda

Armando talked to Hugo to resolve the problem of his resignation, and Hugo told him that he will come back when Betty was no longer running the business. Nicolas arrived EcoModa to give Betty the checkbook and almost fainted when he saw Patricia walking out.

The cartel was at lunch at El Corrientazo, and were hatching a plan to get back at Patricia. Berta said that she was going to find a dress just like Patricia’s because Patricia was always making fun of how she dresses. They also talked about how close Patricia was to getting Mario to move in with her, which drove Aura Maria up the wall. Aura Maria also decided to do something to get back at Patricia. Armando asked Betty to sign the check for TerraModa’s loan to EcoModa.
Armando told Mario that the loan was to prevent any problems with the banks and to allow TerraModa to take over EcoModa before the banks did.
Aura Maria went to Mario’s office and started necking with him so that Patricia will catch them in the act. This resulted in Mario firing Aura Maria. She started crying and the cartel scolded her for behaving in such a way.
Patricia was very upset and went to ask for her check again since she planned to resign. Hugo comforted Patricia when she told him the story about Mario and Aura Maria.

Gutierrez called Aura Maria to his office and told her that she was fired, but took advantage of the situation to tell her that they should go out for a drink to see if he could do something to rectify her being fired.

Armando also scolded Mario for the problem with Aura Maria. Betty told Aura Maria that she was going to talk to Armando about her to see if she could helo fix things. Daniel asked Gutierrez if Patricia has handed in her letter of resignation, since he asked her to resign because she was not going along with his demands to have sex with him and also spy for him. Gutierrez told Daniel about the problem between Aura Maria and Patricia.

Armando told Mario to apologize to Patricia since they have to prevent Patricia from spying for Daniel at all costs . Betty asked Armando to help Aura Maria, and told him that by law Aura Maria can sue them for unjustified termination. Armando told Betty that if Aura Maria had threatened them with a suit, but Betty told him that she just wanted him to know what could happen. Gutierrez asked Armando what was going to happen with Aura Maria and Armando told him that all she was going to receive was a verbal admonishment.
But Gutierrez relayed the message as if it is up to him to decide what will happen with Aura Maria’s future and that they needed to get together that evening to discuss it. Hugo and the fitting models went to Armando’s office to arrange the contracts, but he told them that he could only hire two of them. Armando asked Betty to tell Sofia to draw up the contracts and to place a Help Wanted ad in the paper for another one.

Hugo stopped Betty as she was leaving Presidencia and made one of his world-famous rude jokes.
Freddy and the cartel didn’t want to let Aura Maria go out alone with Gutierrez, but he told her that it was just the two of them or she was fired.
Mario went to Patricia’s apartment to apologize about what happened at the office and to make up with her. Patricia took advantage of the situation and puts conditions on their reconciliation, including getting married and that he has to fire Aura Maria. Mario told her that he couldn’t do either of those things and that they could get back together but with no strings attached.
Aura Maria told Betty that Claudia Bosch was waiting to see Armando in the lobby, and also to let her know about her upcoming meeting with Gutierrez.

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