Thursday, July 31, 2008

Episode 13 - Marcela Jealous of Ugly Betty

Aura María asked Betty to give her glasses to Freddy so that he can fix them for her. Freddy started playing with the glasses. Armando arrived from the elevator and scolded Freddy for playing with the glasses, he warned him not to break them because those glasses were very important to EcoModa.

After work, Betty was waiting for bus to board home when Armando came out of the garage in his car and offered to give her a ride home. He told her that since she is his assistant, she needed to get a car, and she told him that with her salary she could not afford to get a car. He told her that from now on he was going to take her home every night.

He turned on the radio and the song just happened to be a favorite of both of them, which made Armando somewhat affectionate and he invited Betty to go listen to a jazz band at a favorite pub. He said that they’re always talking about work and he’d like to get to know her better.

Betty reminded him that she had to finish the report, but Armando said that they can go out, and then go to his apartment and finish the report together. He held her hand and told her that he was very happy to have her with him. Just at that moment someone yelled out Armando’s name, and it was one of the models who was leaving EcoModa – time to wake up from your daydream dear Betty! The model asked Armando for a ride. He started his car, which he stopped when he saw Betty and told her to remember to do the report.

When she got home she told her mother and Nico that Armando will name her his assistant at a meeting the next morning. Marcela complained to Margarita and Roberto about all the responsibilities that Armando was giving to ugly Betty.

Nico told Betty that she should be proud of all the responsibilities that Armando was entrusting her with when she was only a secretary. He also said she should also be proud that with all the women lusting after Armando, she was the one who was making Marcela nervous.

At that same time, Margarita was telling Marcela that she couldn’t believe that she was fighting with Armando over a girl as ugly as Betty, because she just couldn’t fathom that anything could be going on between them. Marcela laughed since of course Betty is so ugly, and Armando has much better taste in women than that.

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