Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Episode 21 - The RagTela Contract Sealed

Mario and Armando closed the deal with RagTela, bought lower quality fabrics and were told by the RagTela reps (Diana and Miguel Robles) that they could also buy other supplies from them. Miguel, who handled EcoModa’s account, noticed that Betty had Armando’s complete confidence and asked her if she was the one who reviewed the contracts before Armando signs them.

Armando hatched a plan with Mario to be able to meet Claudia Elena Vázquez and started flirting with her. But, his reputation has preceded him and she knew who he was and that he was engaged to Marcela.

Miguel gave Betty the samples for the other supplies and asked her to review them and told her that they can also buy these from RagTela and that he would call her the next day to maybe get together for coffee.

Betty told Armando that everything was ready for signing the contract and since he was busy flirting with Claudia Elena, he got upset with her and acted in his usual rude way.

Betty called her home to tell her parents that she was on her way and Hermes gave her the third degree because it was so late. He asked if Armando was bringing her home and she said yes.
After the contract is signed, Betty wanted to talk to Armando, to ask if he needed her to stay, but again he was trying to woo Claudia Elena and told Betty to just go. Marcela called Armando on his cellular and asked him why he wasn’t home yet. He then decided to play safe and went home. In his car, Armando was moaning about how he had to let Claudia Elena get away, that Mario was right, that he couldn’t get involved with women from the fashion world, he needed to get involved with unknown women and started asking himself where he could find such a woman…

At that very moment, he noticed Betty walking on the sidewalk down this dark and desolate street. He stopped his car and asked her why she was there by herself (you are awake now, selfish!) and she told him that she was trying to catch a cab and thought that she’d have better luck if she walked down to a main road. He offered her a ride, which she didn’t want to accept, but he insisted and she agreed.

When they got to Betty’s house, Armando told her that he needed her help to be able to make things work. Hermes scolded Betty for getting home so late.

Marcela questioned Armando about his latest conquest, and he answered that it was Betty, and Marcela couldn’t help but laugh since she was asking him about “another woman” not ugly Betty.

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