Thursday, August 14, 2008

Episode 34 - A Night At The Office

Aura Maria wanted to go home after talking to Gutierrez but he asked her to stay so they could dance, and later go to a quieter place. Just then, Gutierrez’ cellular phone rang and it was his wife, so he had to go to the bathroom to take her call.
Aura Maria seized the opportunity to call Freddy but they couldn’t hear each other well because of the noise from the music. However, Freddy was able to at least find out where she was.
Betty got all her work done, was exhausted and wanted to go home, but when she went to open her door, she realized that Armando and Claudia were still there. She was stuck. Armando and Claudia start necking and when things got a little “hot,” she told him that she didn’t want to do anything in the office and invited him to her apartment. Betty didn’t know that they had left because Armando left the lights and music on.

Gutierrez was dancing with Aura Maria when his wife caught him trying to kiss her. She grabbed him by the ear and dragged him home! He left Aura Maria to pay the bill, and Freddy, who had just arrived to “rescue her,” had to leave his watch behind to secure payment.

Betty called home again to say that Armando asked several employees to work late so Hermes couldn’t argue with her. Betty was very sad in her office, thinking that the love of her life was off with someone else.

Freddy told Aura Maria about Armando’s decision regarding her being fired and also that he was the one that called Gutierrez’ wife.
Patricia went to Daniel’s apartment to beg him not to make her resign because she needed the money. He again set down the law about wanting her for sex and information. He then stood up and told her to undress that he’ll wait for her in his bedroom; she acted as if she was going to leave, but decided to do it.

Freddy took Aura Maria home and she thanked him with a kiss on the lips, which was like heaven to Freddy.

After having sex with Patricia, Daniel called a taxi and told her to go. He told her not to forget to close the door behind her, and he went to sleep.
The next day at EcoModa: Berta was worried that Gutierrez was going to fire her for giving out his home phone number.

Armando went to his office and was upset to see that the lights and the music were still on, the wine glasses, and mess he left behind was still there. He opened the door to Betty’s office and found her asleep at the keyboard. He threw the cork from the bottle at her to wake her up and started yelling at her for being asleep at the office. He asked her why his office was a mess and why she was sleeping at work, asking her if she had a bad night or was sick. She told him that she had a terrible night because she was up until 3 am waiting for him to tell her that it was okay to go home, and fell asleep, but that she woke up at 6 am and since she still could hear the music she fell asleep again.

Armando was crushed to hear what he did and asked her if she spent the whole night in her office. Betty said that all she did was follow his instructions to stay in her office until he told her that it was okay to come out. She also told him that she heard and saw nothing. He told her that he didn’t do anything, that he left at 2 am and forgot to let her know.

Betty gave him the report she’d prepared the night before and called a cleaning lady to pick up Armando’s office. Armando felt guilty for what he did to Betty. He apologized to her, and told her to go home to rest.

Mario went to Armando’s office and when he noticed the mess, he asked him how he could be so dumb to leave the evidence in full display. He also asked him for all the details about his evening. Betty listened in on the conversation, during which Armando told Mario that the women he had been with recently, including Marcela, just weren’t for him. That he saw them and desired them, but then when he was close to them he just didn’t feel anything. That out of all the women in his life the best one was Marcela because she represented stability. Mario told him that this must mean that he was leaving the door open for a woman to come in and fill his life with love, but Armando told him that he doesn’t even know what love was.

This filled Betty with hope.

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