Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Episode 37 - Ecomoda In Troubled Waters

Freddy told Aura Maria that Sofia slapped him because he made a comment about the new fitting model, and Aura Maria told him that Jenny was Sofia’s husband’s mistress. Efrain (Sofia’s husband) arrived to pick up Jenny, who was making every effort to drive Sofia up the wall. Inesita told Sofia that it could not be a coincidence that Jenny just happened to show up at EcoModa, that it had to be Jenny’s way of paying Sofia back for all the things she said to her when they ran into Jenny and Efrain at the bar the night they all got drunk.

Betty got home and told Nicolas about how badly things were going at EcoModa, and also told him Armando’s plans to protect EcoModa by having TerraModa take over it.

Armando arrived at Marcela’s apartment and asked her what will happen if she told Daniel and his parents about the failed collection. He told her that if she talked to them, he’ll back out of the marriage, and that if she helped him with the company he’ll “do her the favor” of marrying her… However, at the same time he approached her and started kissing her passionately and Marcela told him that she will help him, only if he promised that he won’t do anything crazy.

Nicolas told Betty that with the paper that Armando signed for the loan, he practically handed her EcoModa on a silver platter. Betty told him that Armando did it to protect the company and that eventually TerraModa would put a lien on EcoModa to protect it from its other creditors.

Nicolas told her that if she was going to participate in this set up, she had to be aware that it may be legal but not ethical. She told him that she felt like she owed it to Armando to do this, and also made him promise that he won’t say anything to anyone because she promised Armando she wouldn’t tell anyone either. And, that for the time being, they won’t be able to set up a formal office, and since Armando told her to run the company as she saw fit, she wanted to hire her father to handle the Accounting books for TerraModa.

Sánchez told Nicolás that they have to acount for all of EcoModa's property prior to placing the lien. Bertha told Sofía that she had figured out how to get Patricia to undergo a pregnancy test and finally know if she was faking or not. The banks started calling EcoModa since the Chamber of Commerce bulletin announced the lien by TerraModa had already been published. Betty did her best to keep them at bay. Nicolás told Betty that the process had started against EcoModa. There was no going back.

Bertha told Gutiérrez that Patricia hadn't had any of the blood tests required of all new employees and that she wasn't covered by a health plan -- "a big problem should she have an accident at work." Gutiérrez told Patricia to have the tests done. She of course didn't want to get them done, but tough luck... Even Marcela won't get her out of this one.

Marcela asked Armando if he was okay since she thought he was looking pretty bad lately. He told her that, as usual, he was worried about the upcoming launch. She baded him goodbye and went on her way to pick up Armando's parents at the airport.

Betty got a call from Wilson saying that someone was waiting for her. She told Armando that the paperwork for the lien by TerraModa against EcoModa had arrived. Mario asked who was delivering the paperwork and Betty answered that Nicolás Mora, a friend, was making the delivery. Mario got very worried and asked Armando if he knew who Nicolás was -- whether he could be trusted. Armando told him that Nicolás was a classmate of Betty, a neighbor who was working with her at TerraModa.

Nicolás gave Betty the paperwork and told her that the judge was going to send a court official to perform an inventory of EcoModa's property. He told her that this could not be avoided and that there was no way to know when it will happen. The phone rang in the President’s office and since Betty wasn't there to answer it, Armando yelled out her name... Mario warns him to stop yelling at "The Monster" because from this moment forward she owned EcoModa.

Mario asked Betty about her meeting with the lawyer he recommended and she told him about the meeting. Mario reminded her to make sure that everything was handled very carefully. Betty explained that everything was going well, and dropped the bomb about the inventory. Armando had one of his fits of hysteria and started yelling at Betty for not taking care of avoiding this, Betty explained that this was something beyond their control. She was obviously ticked off by Armando and off she went to her office. Mario told Armando that Betty was right and that it was important that he stopped yelling at her.

Armando went to Betty's office and asked her if she had prepared the payment projections... She told him that she had them. Armando then, very calmly, started to talk to her and told her that she needed to understand that these were very tough times for him, that he was upset that he had given his company to her. Armando hugged her and told her that he was fearful that they would be found out, that he won't be able to save the company, but Betty comforted him and told him that she will take care of everything, that she will be behind him 100%, that they'll work together and be able to conquer it all. Armando took hold of Betty's hands and told her that she was the motor that runs his life, and that together with love they'll be able to fly above it all, do great things, fly over the ocean, the mountains... Betty told him: yes, doctor, we'll go hand in hand, safeguarding one another, you and me against the world, until death do us part, doctor... Did you really think that this happened? Sorry!! Another dream courtesy of Betty's fertile imagination!

As usual, reality bites and Betty woke and found Armando yelling at her since they had to go to the banks.

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