Saturday, August 2, 2008

Episode 15 - The Let-Down

Patty arrived and made fun of Wilson, and Betty asked him how was it the he was not going to report Patty for arriving late.

Olarte and Patricia agreed to mess up Betty’s PC so that she won’t be able to make her report to the Board. To do this, they got her out of her office using some lame excuse and Patricia did the deed.

Armando talked to Hugo and Marcela to asked them to not mention the issue of the fabric being used for the new designs. Marcela talked to Armando about his relationship with Betty, saying that it is negatively affecting theirs because for him ugly Betty is perfect.

When Betty went back to her office and turned on her PC, she realized that she couldn’t access any of her files. Armando was all over Betty trying to get her to fix the problem and scolded her for not keeping backup diskettes with the information.

They called in the PC guy to fix the computer, but he said that he had to take it with him to look at it. Armando started one of his famous outbursts and yelled at Betty. She started yelling right back, telling him that he was making her nervous with all the yelling. He was taken aback by Betty’s reaction and told her to follow the PC guy and stay with him until the PC was fixed.

Everyone was gathered at the Board room and Armando told them that they couldn’t have the meeting because the report was in Betty’s damaged computer.

Olarte told Daniel that he took care of screwing up Betty’s computer (he called her “double ugly”). Daniel was not very happy about this and told Olarte that he doesn’t want his name associated with it.

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Anonymous said...

Me parece que falta mucho antes del incidente con la computadora ...por ejemplo .... la reunion con daniel cuando betty presento su plan de negocios, lo que paso al club, el almuerzo con rag tela... pues, esta bien ...muchas gracias por pasar mucho de su tiempo haciendo este trabajo para ayudarnos a nosotros que no tenemos espanol de nuestro idioma primario.