Thursday, July 31, 2008

Episode 13 - Marcela Jealous of Ugly Betty

Aura María asked Betty to give her glasses to Freddy so that he can fix them for her. Freddy started playing with the glasses. Armando arrived from the elevator and scolded Freddy for playing with the glasses, he warned him not to break them because those glasses were very important to EcoModa.

After work, Betty was waiting for bus to board home when Armando came out of the garage in his car and offered to give her a ride home. He told her that since she is his assistant, she needed to get a car, and she told him that with her salary she could not afford to get a car. He told her that from now on he was going to take her home every night.

He turned on the radio and the song just happened to be a favorite of both of them, which made Armando somewhat affectionate and he invited Betty to go listen to a jazz band at a favorite pub. He said that they’re always talking about work and he’d like to get to know her better.

Betty reminded him that she had to finish the report, but Armando said that they can go out, and then go to his apartment and finish the report together. He held her hand and told her that he was very happy to have her with him. Just at that moment someone yelled out Armando’s name, and it was one of the models who was leaving EcoModa – time to wake up from your daydream dear Betty! The model asked Armando for a ride. He started his car, which he stopped when he saw Betty and told her to remember to do the report.

When she got home she told her mother and Nico that Armando will name her his assistant at a meeting the next morning. Marcela complained to Margarita and Roberto about all the responsibilities that Armando was giving to ugly Betty.

Nico told Betty that she should be proud of all the responsibilities that Armando was entrusting her with when she was only a secretary. He also said she should also be proud that with all the women lusting after Armando, she was the one who was making Marcela nervous.

At that same time, Margarita was telling Marcela that she couldn’t believe that she was fighting with Armando over a girl as ugly as Betty, because she just couldn’t fathom that anything could be going on between them. Marcela laughed since of course Betty is so ugly, and Armando has much better taste in women than that.

Episode 12 - Ugly Betty, The Problem Solver

Patricial told Marcela that she went to bed with Mario and that she was sure he is going to marry her (oh yeah, dream on!).

When Betty got back from lunch, she found a “new” Armando, who treated her in a civilized manner and congratulated her for the business plan she put together.

Marcela and Patty are astonished to see Ugly Betty still there, and asked Armando what happened with to firing her. He told them that Betty took care of the business plan, and that she is pretty much running things in his office and shoed them out of the office because he had work to do with Betty.

Betty told Armando and Mario what was wrong with their proposal and that she can work out things to enable them to meet their goals. Armando asked Betty once again about the report that Patricia presented to the junta the day before. She responded that he would know if Patricia did it once he read Patricia’s business plan, which means that Patricia didn’t do it.

Armando told Mario that he figured that Marcela played a role in helping Patricia pass the report as hers, because there was no other way that it could have gotten into Patricia’s hands.

Mario asked Armando about what he planned to do, and Armando said that Betty is in charge now.

Daniel arrived at EcoModa and Olarte (V.P. Finance) told him that Armando’s business plan was not well presented and that this will cause it to fail. Daniel went into Betty’s office and found her asleep, she quickly woke up and apologized. He told her that he wanted to confirm an appointment for the next day.

Mario and Armando arrived and asked Betty for the report, to which she said that she was somewhat behind because she had had no sleep. Armando told her to go home and that they’ll get together on it first thing the next day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Episode 11 - Betty, Fired and Re-Hired

Hermes got to EcoModa and asked to speak to Armando, but Betty quickly intercepted him and said that he was actually looking for her, and she was able to convince him to go home.

Marcela had another fight with Armando by complaining about his foul mood and Ugly Betty again, to which Armando answered that he’ll get rid of her (Ugly Betty) to make Marcela happy.

Aura María noticed that Betty was limping and called a 911 meeting of the Cartel so that they can tend to her leg.
Marcela and Patricia were pleased beyond words at the news that Betty will soon be history.

When Betty got back to her office, Armando fired her and told her to collect her things and go. She went into her office and started crying, but after collecting her things she stopped by to tell Armando why she was late. He again didn’t let her explain, and in a terribly rude way told her to get out.

Betty, however stood her ground and told him that she must explain the reason why she was late. She then handed the plan to him and Armando read the business plan and was overjoyed.

Mario came into Armando’s office to ask if He was ready to go to lunch and Armando said they were not going anywhere because they have to work on the business plan. Mario asked him where it came from and Armando told him that Betty put it together.

He then asked her to give him another copy and to just go ahead to lunch, after which she should come back to brief them about the plan. She told him that he had fired her, and he apologized and asked her to stay.

Betty then went out to lunch with the Cartel, but before leaving they witness a fight between Cashier and Sofía, who later told Betty how someone stole her husband at the supermarket! The Cartel asked Betty why Armando is in such a bad mood, and she told them about what happened with Patty — that she didn’t put the report together and was late on top of that.

Episode 10 - The Treatment

At EcoModa, we was Armando ranting and raving in full grouchy mood because Mario, Patty, AND Betty hadn’t arrived.

When Betty almost got to work, she fell, hurt her leg, and broke her eyeglasses (what a way to start a day!). When she finally got to Armando’s office, it was raining fire and brimestone as he yelled at her and asked her whether there was a death in the family, or she broke something, or her bus broke down, to which Betty responded "no sir”. Even though she tried to explain why she came late, he would not just listen to her.

He wanted to know where Patty and Mario were, and Betty further enraged him by asking if they were together, to which Armando said — 'what do I know, I’m not their mother!' He then told Betty to find them, and pleaded with her to do something for him. Betty grabbed Armando’s stress ball and gave it to him. He collected it and furiously bounced it on the floor saying, why are you giving this to me, I don’t need it !

(I don't know what went on in Armando's head!) He grabbed Betty by her hair and led her to her office as if she were a puppet, and when she tried to talk he told her not to, and to stop limping or was she making fun of him, he asked? When poor Betty went into her office, Armando did one of his “what a cross I have to bear”.

Betty called the cafeteria to ask for a super double cup of coffee, black, no sugar, and when they asked her if she was the cute blonde secretary, she says no, that she is the one in the cave, “It is I, ugly Betty .”

Hermes called Betty to ask her if she was able to finish the project that she and Nico were working on, and he heared Armando yelling at Betty, which bothered him to no end and he ran off to go confront Armando, because he was not going to let anyone treat his daughter that way.

Mario got to work and Armando read him the riot act, and he also tore into Patricia, especially after she told him that she didn’t do the business plan. Armando decided that he was going to have to put it together himself. Betty repeatedly tried to talk to Armando to give him the business plan she and Nico put together, but he won’t let her, and kept treating her like dirt — he was just plain impolite and mean.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Episode 9 - The Business Plan

In Betty's office, Armando asked her about who really did the report. Betty responded that he will know who did it once he read Patricia's business plan.

Armando and Mario realized that their business plan is totally wrong. Patricia told Marcela about her “problem” and admitted that she could not do what Armando has asked her to do and decided to take Mario up on his invitation to go out, so that she can get HIM to help her, so she invited him to her apartment.

Betty said good night to Patricia, like “good luck with your little project, honey,” since she knew that Patricia was way over her head with the plan. Betty got home and asked Nicolás to work with her to design a business plan because if she doesn't get it ready before the next morning, it was going to put her job on the line.

Julia asked Betty what was going on, and Betty ended up confessing that she actually was a secretary not an assistant. Julia asked her to tell her father the truth, but when he got home with one of his friends he had had a drink too many and told his friend how proud he was of his daughter and her new position, and Betty lost her nerve.

Armando and Marcela started talking about their wedding but Armando is adamant that it’s not going to be a church wedding. This is something that saddened Marcela to no end and they could not reach a decision.

Patricia wanted Mario to help her put together the business proposal, but he started kissing her and they ended up in bed. So, obviously no business plan was put together!

In the meantime, Betty and Nico were working on their business plan proposal. Nico asked Betty if she was doing this because she was worried about her job or because of Armando. She answered that it was for both reasons.

Betty and Nico stayed all night working on the business proposal, which made Betty late for work the next day.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Episode 8 - The Board Meeting

Daniel argued with Armando because he had two secretaries, and said that if Patricia can do such a good job with reports, plus display an “image,” then why have “the other one,” is it because she's pretty? They all made fun of Betty.
Betty went to eat lunch at The Corrientazo and the Cartel asked her to join them at their table since there was nowhere else to sit. Each of them introduced herself. Berta, living up to her sterling reputation, told Betty that she was replacing Mireya, Armando's old secretary. Betty asked why Mireya didn't just move positions to work for Armando when he became president. They explained that she resigned because she fell in love with Armando and decided to leave because she couldn't stand being in that situation anymore, and that Armando never realized Mireya’s feelings for him. They warn Betty not to fall for Armando, and she gave them a nervous answer saying how could they think something like that…

The Cartel brought Betty up to date about how Armando was able to become president, as well as about his sister Camila, who made the mistake of falling in love with a poor man and married him behind her parents’ back, which was the reason why she was somewhat distant from the family, and is in real touch with only Armando. She separated from her husband and moved to Switzerland with her son. They also briefed her about María Beatriz, Marcela and Daniel’s sister, and told her that she had had so many plastic surgery that she doesn't even remember what she used to look like.

Sofía told Betty that it was Marcela's vote that assured Armando the presidency, and they all said that Armando was paying a high price for that vote. They said that Marcela and Armando had been dating for over two years and that he cheats on her left, right and center, but Marcela always forgave him.
Sandra said that Marcela must be careful because one of these days some woman was going to come and take him away from her. Aura María said that both Mario and Armando only date beautiful women and that was why Armando stayed with Marcela. But Sandra is of the opinion that maybe that's not the woman he's really looking for, that he may want a different kind of woman, different from those he was used to.
At the end of the Board meeting, Daniel left. Mario told Armando that maybe Daniel was right and that Armando's plan was too risky.
The Cartel and Betty came back to work and ran into Daniel, Betty precisely, and he yelled at her.
Roberto told Armando that he and Margarita were going to Switzerland to visit his sister and nephew and will later settle down in London. Betty confronted Patricia about making the Board believe that she had prepared the report, and Marcela bumped in to say that, that one miserable report that Betty prepared isn't going to get her a promotion. That she's a secretary and that's all she will ever be.
Roberto discussed with Armando and advised on how to run the business. He told him to make sure that his pride and ego do not interfere with how he runs the company and not to do something for which he will be sorry. That he should make sure he doesn't get into any shady business.
Betty told her Mom over the phone that she wants to resign and told her about what Marcela and Patricia did with the report she laboured over.
The entire EcoModa staff said their good-byes to Roberto and Margarita.
Armando asked Betty and Patricia to come to his office, and since he was sure that Betty was the one who put the report together, he asked Patricia for the original reports, to which she responded that Betty had them.Mario congratulated Patty for doing such a good job and asked her out on a date to celebrate.

Armando asked for a business plan and asked who wanted to do it but Patricia jumped in to say that Betty can do it, but the ‘ugly one’, fought back and said since Patricia did so well with the first report to the Board, it was only right that she handled this one as well, so Armando told Patricia to do it and told her that it should be a piece of cake for her to put together this plan after what she pulled off in just one day.

Episode 7 - The Stand Up

Román and his friends stood Betty up. She hoped that they’ll still come for her, but her dad told her to go to bed because it’s very late and she needed to get some sleep. She started crying. Her dad tried to comfort her after he had scolded her. He promised that over the weekend the whole family was going to dine out and see a movie.

Hermes told Julia that they have to accept the fact that Betty was going to be a spinster. Betty started writing in her diary about Armando and remembered when he told her that she was the woman that he needed and especially his caress...

The next morning, Freddy asked for Betty’s forgiveness for the prank he played on her the day before and she obliged him.

Betty found a picture of Armando in his office and kept it with her.

Armando told Mario that he will marry Marcela, and told him about Marcela’s behaviour the night before.

Nicolás asked Julia about Betty’s outing with the neighborhood gang, but Julia told him that they stood her up. Nicolás was upset at the way they treated Betty and told Román to apologize to Betty. Román and his gang made fun of him and hit him.

Hermes also confronted Roman but could not condone what he did to his beloved daughter, so, he beat Roman up.

Betty suggested to Armando that he let her automate his schedule and address book and store it with passwords to prevent others from gaining access to it. Armando asked all the other executives for reports about their departments and that these reports be forwarded to Betty. He asked her to put the reports together in folders and include her business plan, and a copy of the past year’s numbers. Betty asked Aura María for a recommendation of a good place to have lunch. She told her to go to The Corrienzato.

Here we see the Cartel (the Ugly group) eating lunch at The Corrienzato but Betty sat all by herself. Inés asked the others to invite Betty to join them, but they said that even though they get called ugly, the new secretary was uglier and would further erode their standing.Julia called Betty at work to let her know that Nicolás and her dad had had a fight with Román.
Betty told her Mom that she was going to be late getting home because she had to prepare a report for the next day's Board of Director’s where Armando would officially become President.
Patricia overheard this conversation and told Marcela about it because she did want Betty to outshine her.Armando and Betty worked out how to handle his personal calendar to make sure that Marcela didn't have access to it.
The Cartel called a 911 meeting. Imagine the reason? Aura María was crying because one of her beaus broke up with her.
Betty worked until late to surprise Armando with the report, and was on her way out the door of her cave, when Armando and Marcela walked into his office and were getting very romantic when Betty opened the door to leave.
Betty wanted to make a good impression at the Board meeting the next day, and wanted to look extra nice (poor girl!).Her dad and Nicolás wanted to go the office with her, but she told them she wanted to go by herself. She ran into Román and his gang, who started mocking her, but she gave them a piece of her mind.
Everyone was ready to start the Board of Director’s and Betty was in a hurry to finalize the report, and in her haste, ran into Daniel. She told him that she is Armando's secretary and he wondered how she knew who he was. She told him that she had seen him in business and society magazines. His response was that Armando was wasting money hiring two secretaries.In the meantime, Don Roberto officially passed the baton to Armando during the Board meeting. He explained that if within a year, Armando was unable to meet the goals he had set for him, Daniel will become president. Daniel responded that he hoped that there will still be a business to run, since he was of the opinion that Armando's business plan will lead them to ruin.

Betty was on her way to deliver the reports, but Marcela told her to give them to her and go ahead to lunch, that Patty can deliver them. Betty overheared Patricia deliver the reports with the implication that she prepared them. Betty was furious when Roberto praised Patricia for such a good report.

Episode 6 - Computer Matched Betty to Armando

Mario made fun of the way Armando spoke to Betty, and told him to be careful of how he talks to the ugly one, because a caress like that may make her think he’s ready to marry her. Armando told him that there was no way Betty would think that.

In the meantime, we see Betty walking outside remembering Armando’s touch.

Marcela told Margarita (Armando's mother) about the fight she had with Armando and the older woman told her to calm down and act cool and collected especially in the presence of Ugly Betty, who, according her is the most insignificant of all the women that surrounded Armando.

Ugly Betty ran into Román and his gang on her way home. They invited her to go out with them and told her that if she was interested she should ask her father for permission. Poor girl!, they were only playing a cruel joke on her because they knew her father would never let her go out, more less with them.

Betty told Nicolás how her day went at EcoModa, and how Armando stood up for her.

She also told him about the invitation from Román. Nicolás had been worried that Patricia may have gotten fired because of the problem Betty had at the office, but Betty assured him that before Patricia could be fired, Armando would have been out the door already. She told Nicolás to wake up and smell the coffee, that women like Patricia are looking for a rich man who dresses well, has the looks of a movie star, at least two platinum cards, a BMW, the best clothes, memberships at the most exclusive clubs and so on. But poor Nicolás was love-stricken and oblivious to all this. He hoped that Betty will introduce him to Patricia ASAP.

Betty and Nicolás talked about their plight (being ugly) and that no one found them attractive. Nicolás asked Betty if she was planning on staying single all her life, but she said ‘no’, that she will cease to be a spinster in a few years!

Mario showed Armando a computer program he put together to help Armando know which of the many beautiful women around him was best matched to him.

Well, lo and behold, guess whose picture popped up?

UGLY BETTY’S ! Armando said what? He told Mario that he had so many beautiful women to pick from, why would he pick an ugly one? That Ugly Betty would be the last woman he'll marry.

Román called Betty to see if her dad gave her permission to go out. So, Betty asked her dad to let her go, but he refused. She ran to her room crying, complaining that she ‘can’t go out’, and ‘can’t get to know the world’. Her Mum Doña Julia tries to comfort her, and reminded her that Don Hermes had always been this way, making sure she went to a convent school, never letting her socialize much, with the exception of Nicolás, whom he feels is like a brother to Betty. She reminded Betty about how much she suffered when she fell in love with Juan Ramón, a classmate from the university. Julia interfered and was able to convince Hermes to let Betty go out.

A happy Betty called Román to tell him she’s waiting for them to go out.

Meanwhile, Armando got to Marcela’s apartment, and he found a rather “kinky” set up, with Marcela in a black teddie, ropes, special lighting, etc. She told him that he may be happy with his ugly secretary at work, but that at home, she is the woman for him. They reconciled for the umpteenth time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Episode 5 - Marcela's Rivarly War

The old flame would not bulge; she refused to leave without seeing Armando. Betty had to go and see her at the reception to make sure she does not force her way to Armando’s office.

This telenovela scenario played out hilariously because when Marcela realized that Betty was in her office all the while and had overheard her argument with Armando, she became very upset.

Betty, yet to showcase her intelligence, quickly figured out a solution to this mess. She called Armando office and told him to come over to her office to sort out pending ‘personnel problems’.
When Armando showed up, she told him he had forgotten about an important appointment, this gave him the opportunity to sneak out to see Karina.

Betty also requested Mario’s help to ensure that when Marcela called Armando at the supposed ‘appointment’ he would be actually there!

Betty’s smartness actually saved the day. This was the first of some many other times that she would save Armando’s neck.

This was only her second day at work! And she is already caught up in the web of Armando’s lust machinations, having no option than to cover for him.

Patricia (the spy) saw Karina waiting around and immediately reported to back base - Marcela, who, boiling like a volcano about to erupt, stormed Betty’s office to demand for Armando’s address book from her.

Meanwhile, Dear telenovela lovers, Armando seized this opportunity to disappear to a restaurant with Karina.

Betty pleaded with Marcela to understand that she cannot disobey her boss’ instruction. This got Marcela was even angrier - that a ‘nobody’ had the power to deny her access to her fiancé’s personal effects.

Betty, however, stood her ground despite Marcela’s threat to have her fired.

The cowardly telenovela character, Armando, called Betty from the restaurant to know what was happening with Marcela. He obviously wanted to know how far the fire he started with Marcela was burning.

The smart Betty coded what was going on to him on phone while Marcela was in still in her office and she (the Miss high & mighty) didn’t decode the message.

While Armando was arguing with Karina at the restaurant, Marcela called his cell phone but he turned it off. He later called Marcela when he got to his supposed 'appointment' venue and they continued the argument on phone.

Marcela then called in Gutierrez to fire Betty because of her alleged insubordination to Marcela! (can you imagine that!) Marcela did this so that her spy (Patricia) can have access to Armando’s books and she will in turn be able to look through them before he got back.

Armando got back just in time to thwart Marcela’s plan. He also re-affirmed to Marcela, the instruction he gave Betty not to let anyone access his books including her.

Armando reprimanded Gutiérrez for firing Betty over Marcela's mischevious allegations.

Betty was preparing to leave in order to avoid getting in more problems with Marcela but Armando request that she stayed. He caressed her chin and told her that he needed her, and that because she had been able to achieve in two days what he anticipated she would achieve in two months. He also told her then that her status as a temporary employee was over.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Episode 4 - Ugly Betty on Catwalk

She asked Armando in a bid to make sure that she got him the right item but he yelled at her that it was the right item. Then, Mario rudely told her to move away from them (they didn't want to be seen with an ugly woman).
She then joins the ‘Cartel’ at the back to watch the show in their company. She was very thrilled about this new world she is learning about.As soon as the fashion show was over, Hugo stormed up to Armando to protest about Betty’s behaviour at the show and to demanded that Betty never steps into his office ever again.
Armando’s fiancée, Marcela deliberate decided to dine out with her friend, Patricia, rather than attend the show having satisfied herself that none of her model rivals were part of the show.
At Armando’s office, Betty apologized profusely for her behaviour explaining her naivety to the fact that the beauty world was still new to her.He rudely dismissed her when she told him that she had his briefcase and jacket ready for him to go home. And as she leaves for her office he muttered to himself “My God, what a cross to bear”.
Daniel arrived and was looking for his sister, Marcela. He had, by appearing at that moment, succeeded in upsetting Armando and Mario’s plan of hitting the town with the models. He actually met Armando in the company of a model and because Armando wanted to let the sleeping dog lie (Marcela), he headed straight home.
Our dear Betty left the building in the company of the Cartel but headed home alone.
Meanwhile, Armando was telling Mario at that same moment that, after the embarrassment at the show, he was not sure he did the right by hiring Betty and he is of the opinion that she will not last long in the employment if Ecomoda.

Betty got into trouble the very next day with Freddy who fooled her into believing he was an Executive of Ecomoda. He even had the nerve to yell at her.

It was not until Armando arrived that Betty realized that Freddy was playing a wicked joke on her and that he was only an office messenger dressed like an Executive.

Armando told Betty that he was going to entrust his personal address book and calendar to her. He specifically warned Betty not to allow any one access to it no matter the circumstance – not even Marcela, his fiancée. (This was because it contained telephone numbers of ladies whom he had dated before.)

Betty was in her office when she overheard Marcela and Armando arguing. Marcela was upset because Armando still kept his old flames and that he was giving Betty way too much power and access to his personal documents.

While this was going on, one of the old flames, Karina Larson came by looking for Armando. Betty called Armando on the phone to tell him but he told her to make her go away and to ensure that she does not go anywhere near Marcela.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Episode 3 - The Fashion Show

On Betty’s first day at work - she paused in front of the building, took off her glasses, and cleaned her eyes. It still seems like a dream to her that she got this job!
The security man (Wilson) did not allow her in until he had confirmed through a phone call that she was indeed Armando’s new secretary, this is because he knew Armando only goes for pretty ladies.It was more surprising to Marcela and her friend, Patricia, when they arrived and discovered that Armando had hired the Ugly one.
The Boss (Armando) arrived and showed Patricia to her desk at the reception and took Betty to a dark, dusty, musky store (called The Cave by EcoModa staff), which he said will be her new office.Just then the cleaning lady screamed “spider, there is a spider in there”, and Armando told her off by saying “well? kill it”.He apologized to Betty and explained that it was a store where his father’s kept old company files and that it will be ready in a jiffy. He showed her the computer, desk, chair, and other office items he got for her. Also, there were two telephone lines including his private line.He then instructed Betty to see Gutierrez to sign her contract documents.On her way to Gutierrez’s office she met and said hello to Roberto (Armando’s Father) and Margarita (Armando’s Mother).
Roberto was not happy with the way Armando treated Betty by putting her in dusty, musky store as her office because he knew there was a better office close to Armando's that she could use.
When the Ugly women group members, Sofia and Berta saw Betty’s photograph, they could not believe that the Boss hired someone like her and Berta said “welcome to the Ugly women camp”.Armando later called Betty and Patricia to outline their duties and responsibilities to them.
Betty is to handle his entire portfolio, his calls, do the banking and handle clients as it relates to her office while Patricia is to handle official calls at the reception and make coffee when needed.
Patricia was infuriated and told Armando that she should be his assistant since Betty is his secretary. But Armando told her point blank that if he should need an assistant it would be Betty because she is over-qualified for the jobPatricia was very upset by this and took it out on Mario as he tried flirting with her.Mario was impressed with Armando for hiring Patricia and Armando added that he hired Betty as well.
Mario mischievously peeped into Betty office and responded with “how ugly” to Betty’s greeting. He and Armando looked at each other and laughed.

Patricia wasted no time in complaining to Marcela about Armando's decision to place Betty above her. Marcela was not happy with this knowing that Betty would be handling Armando’s personal Agenda (her plan had failed by this). She promised Patricia that she would set things straight and that Betty would not be at EcoModa for long.Meanwhile, Betty was alone in Armando’s office, she picked up his jacket and sais “so divine.” Guess what she meant by that? Well we’ll find out later.

On the same day that Betty resumed at her new job, a fashion show for buyers and distributors was taking place in EcoModa's show room. The Cartel (Ugly Women Group) sneaked in to watch the show from the extreme end of the room.
Armando and Mario went to Hugo’s office to flirt with the models while he asked Betty to get him his wallet from his office. When she came into Hugo's office to give Armando his wallet, she was shocked at seeing models, especially the guys in their underwear, she then volunteers to get Armando a colour chart.
Just as the show was about to begin, naive Betty came on the catwalk looking for Armando and calling out his name. It was an understatement to say that Armando was embarrassed. He answered her “here I’m” through gritted teeth, his temper rising to boiling point.
And, poor, poor Betty fell off the catwalk. She was helped to her feet by two men. She apologizes and handed the chart to Armando (all this happened while the show was still going on).

Monday, July 21, 2008

Episode 2 - Dreams Come True

Hi Telenovela Lovers,

I'm so sorry for the break in transmission.

I'm back to delight your hearts with the updates of this hilarious & romantic Telenovela.

From where I stopped on my last post, enjoy..

Julia showed Betty and Nicolás a copy of the Jet Set magazine. In it was an article about EcoModa. Betty read it aloud, explaining that the article was about Roberto’s last collection as President of EcoModa. We see pictures from the lanzamiento party and were introduced to each of the key players at EcoModa — Roberto, Margarita, Armando, Daniel (who for a change were having AN ARGUMENT!), Marcela, Patricia, Mario, Hugo... Daniel was very upset that Marcela voted to make Armando President, and that it was obvious that Armando proposed marriage to buy her vote.

Patty pleaded with Marcela to help her get a job because she was so broke and that the next time Marcel would see her would be probably in jail, where she knows Marcela won’t come to visit her. She complained that she does not want to be a secretary, to which Marcela answered that, that was the only job available and assured her that she’ll make more money. She also told her that she needed her there to keep Armando in line.

During the lanzamiento party, again setting the tone for the rest of this telenovela, Marcela and Armando argued about their wedding date. He finally gave in and announced publicly that they would be married in September. We see Margarita crying for joy; Hugo is thrilled for "Marge," as is Patty, while Mario looked with shock as if his best friend had been condemned to die a slow death by torture. Daniel looked unhappy to say the least. Nicolás had already noticed Patricia and is “in love.”

As they were still talking and looking at the magazine, Betty got a call asking her to come back to EcoModa the next morning at 9:00 a.m. to meet with Armando.

Armando told Marcela that he does not want to be stuck with Patricia as his secretary, especially since he knew she is would be spying on him. Marcela argued that she’s the right and most qualified person for the job. He told her that there is someone truly qualified whom he had asked back for another interview.
Just then, Roberto’s secretary opened the door and showed Betty in. Marcela and Armando saw her and were taken back by her looks.Roberto arrived and ignored Betty when she extended her hand to shake his.

Betty told them about her educational and professional backgrounds, and Marcela, Armando, and Roberto could not help but be impressed. Armando asked Betty if she was sure, with her qualifications, that she wanted to be a secretary. Betty said yes, that she wanted to learn about how to run a fashion business and to work with people such as them.

They asked her to wait outside, and Marcela tried persuading Armando that there’s no way Betty could be Armando’s secretary because she was too ugly and could not be allowed to work in a fashion house. She stated that Patty was THE BEST choice because she’s beautiful.

Marcela asked Betty and Patty to come in and placed them side-by-side like in a cattle call, so Armando and Roberto could make their choice. Afterwards, Armando scolded Marcela for how he treated “that young woman.” Marcela and Patricia proceeded to make fun of Betty. Because of Marcela’s manipulation, Armando had to hire Patricia but he also decided to hire Betty. When he told her to go sign her paperwork and start work first thing the next morning, Betty was beyond excited.

Roberto formally transferred power and full authority to Armando.

Betty came home and broke the great news to her parents but lied that she was hired to be an assistant to the President, rather than her real position of a secretary.

Mario scolded Armando for announcing his engagement and wedding to Marcela in public, and begged him to change his mind. Armando told Mario that he had a fight with Marcela because he hired a secretary that she did not agree with.

Mario assumed that Armando had hired a “90, 60, 90,” empty head, to which Armando said no. He’s hired an ugly woman, with a horrid hairdo, weird voice, braces, but who has more brains than the two of them put together. Mario told Armando that he was going to fry in hell for hiring an ugly woman, to which Armando responds (sounding like a little kid), "I can’t hear you, I’m made of wood, and I have fish ears. "

Betty told Nicolás about how Armando stood up for her in front of Marcela. At that same time Mario made fun of Armando for standing up for Betty.

Make it a date with me, Telenovela Fans!

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Episode 1 - The Interview

In this Telenovela, the first few scenes we see are of Betty.

We see the reaction of the world to her but we don’t see her.

On her arrival at EcoModa for her job interview, she met Wilson, who after explaining to him that she has a job interview, showed her in. The next person she met was Aura María who told her to go on up to Presidency. There, she ran into Patricia, and this telenovela character looked at her with an “I can’t believe THIS” look.

She mistakenly went to Hugo’s lair, where he pretty much told her to get out and never come back. She tried to explain that she’s looking for the Presidency and he told her where it was. Later Berta called for Patricia Fernández and Beatriz Pinzón, to meet with Gutiérrez and another executive.

He interviewed them at the same time asking them the same questions since they were both interviewing to be the President’s secretary. Patricia explained that though she had no experience as a secretary, she did finish “six semesters in Finance at San Marino University.”
Betty also explained that she does not have any experience as a secretary, but that she did graduate from university with high honors and has undergraduate and graduate degrees in finance and economics, and also worked as an assistant at Banco de Montreal.

Gutiérrez asked them about their foreign language skills and Patricia said that she knows a bit of English besides Spanish. Betty answered that she speaks English and French fluently, and a bit of Italian. In addition she listed other things she could do and knew about, which impressed everyone.Gutierrez then asked them about their marital status. Patricia explains that she was separated from Mauricio Briggman (and Gutiérrez of course said that he knew him!).
Beatriz answered that she was still single, to which Gutiérrez said, but of course. Gutiérrez asked Betty why she didn’t include her photograph with her résumé. Betty explained that she’s been to so many interviews that she ran out of photos. Gutiérrez told them that he will get in touch with any news, but as they were leaving the office, he offered the job to Patricia right in front of Betty.
Betty literally ran into Berta, who was carrying a trashcan that flew out of her hands. At that moment, Armando and Roberto exited the elevator, and Berta begged Betty to help her pick up the mess, because she did not want the bosses to see it. Armando noticed the trash and started scolding Berta. He did not even notice Betty, who looked at him in total shock because of the way he was yelling.

Gutiérrez told Armando that he had found him a secretary, and showed him Patty’s paperwork. Armando got mad at him and asked him how he was ever going to get Hugo to understand him, that he did not ask him to hire Sharon Stone, but someone efficient who spoke two languages.Armando was especially upset because Patricia was Marcela’s best friend. He asked Gutierrez if he did not pre-select any other candidate and asked him to get him the other résumés for him to peruse.

Betty got home and her mother asked her how the interview went. She said it was okay and just then Nicolás came in. She told him that she went to a fashion house to interview for a job as a secretary, but that she did not dare apply for assistant or executive positions because of her looks. She told them how they practically hired “a pretty one” in front of her even though she was not qualified and she (Betty) was over-qualified. She reminded them that people were always impressed by her résumé, but when they see her she never gets hired.

Meanwhile, we see Armando, Roberto, and Gutiérrez walking around EcoModa’s production area (Armando was holding his famous “stress ball”), talking about the various applicants. When Armando and Roberto saw Betty’s resume, they are duly impressed and ask Gutiérrez why he did not hire her on the spot. He answered that she had a problem — she is very ugly.

They called Betty’s former employer at Banco Montreal, to ask about her work there. He give her a glowing recommendation, saying that she’s an exceptional woman, that she’s got all the educational qualifications and can work circles around anyone. Roberto told Armando that it was his choice to make; either hire a pretty woman or a qualified one.

Ugly Betty - Run Down to the Main Story

This is the story of Beatriz Pinzón Solano, a brilliant economist with a master’s degree in finances, but she has one flaw: she is ugly.

Her only boyfriend abandoned her after a few days' romance. She learned the hard way that love was not for her and that she would be a spinster all her life.

So, while her neighbors danced at discos and experimented with love, Betty dedicated all her time and efforts to her studies and instead prepared herself for a bright professional future. This pleased Hermes, Betty’s father, a very demanding and over protective man.

Everything changes when she starts to work at Ecomoda, one of the largest fashion enterprises in the country. There she meets and falls in love with Armando Mendoza.

Being overly desperate to get a job after many failures, she agrees to work as his secretary, a position well under her intellectual abilities. She knows that her looks do not help her, and for this reason she decides to start from the bottom and work her way up to an executive position, which she deserves.

Betty really starts low at Ecomoda! She is stashed away in an old attic, while a beautiful woman sits at the reception area of the company’s CEO office. That’s her luck for being hideous looking.

Betty accepts this all, just to be there. She makes this dark closet her office and her place to dream. She is happy with this situation since it allows her to be near her boss, Armando Mendoza, a handsome executive who has inherited the company’s presidency from his father. She has to see him on a daily basis, tending to his every need, pining for him; while Armando is not aware she exists as a woman. To him, she is only a human being who provides him with brilliant ideas and covers up his clandestine dates from his fiancée, Marcela Valencia, a sophisticated fashion designer who despises Betty.

Betty never had any friends, since none of her neighbors or classmates wanted to be associated with someone as ugly as her. Yet in Ecomoda she identifies with other women who are ostracized because of their bad looks.

Hugo Lombardi, top designer at Ecomooda, has categorized them as belonging to the “Ugly Women’s Barrack”, and never allows them to come near his working area. From their Barrack, Betty and her friends watch the world of the glamorous, delight themselves by gossiping about the models that work there, and give each other support in their problems.

Betty thinks she is the most unfortunate one of the group. The other women of the Barrack are either married, divorced, single mothers, or engaged, but she has never had the chance to experience love.

Pretty soon things start to change for Betty. Armando involves the company in financial problems. Betty is always there to help him get out of trouble time after time, but Ecomoda is constantly exposed to the dangers of his rash business moves. They both work side by side long hours every day.
One evening Armando ends up madly and passionately kissing Betty. This is the most beautiful kiss Betty has ever known, a kiss which sends her flying and start dreaming and hoping for love. Yet, it is also the most infernal kiss of her life, since she knows that is was not meant with love, but instead it was all part of a business strategy that her boss played with the ugly girls at work, sacrificing himself by kissing her. It is also this kiss which changes her life, for she will never be the same. The new Betty will have an amazing body together with a complete soul transformation which will teach her boss that that girl which he kissed drunk one evening with eyes wide shut, is now a woman worthy of any man's love.

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The Cast of the Telenovela

The main cast.
Ana María Orozco as Beatriz Aurora Pinzón Solano (Betty)
A good person, who dreams of being loved by a man. She is intelligent but knows next to nothing about dressing or making up and her braces and horrible eyeglasses makes matters even worse.

Jorge Enrique Abello as Armando Mendoza
President of Ecomoda, a man who admires the beauty. He is handsome and a successful man and uses this to conquer many beautiful women. He is engaged to marry Marcela Valencia, a beautiful, sexy and very jealous lady from the same social class.

Natalia Ramírez - Marcela Valencia
Armando's fiancee. A Beautiful and sexy woman but very jealous.
She also works with Ecomoda. Patricia is her good friend.

Lorna Paz - Patricia Fernández
Armando's secretary. Beautiful but with a bad attitude. Always dreams of living in luxuries but is broke and divorced. Marcela's good friend, always spying on Armando and slandering the "ugly women group". She is nasty to any one who she considers not of the same social class because she was once married to a rich man who after divorcing her left in a terrible financial state. Her quest is to find a millionaire husband but she falls in love with Nicolas Moorish because she thought he was rich man.

María Eugenia Arboleda - Mariana
Marcela's secretary. A sincere and nice person whose greatest ambition is to one day become a model.
She dates only men who she thinks can be of help to her in achieveing her dream. She is an expert card reader and one of the "ugly women group".

Ricardo Vélez as Mario Calderón
Armando's best friend. A Cassanova to the core. Passion comes before feelings in his dictionary. He uses is attractive looks and elegance style to entrap women and even his colleagues (Patricia and Aura Maria).

Luis Mesa as Daniel Valencia
Marcela's brother. He desperately covets the Ecomoda's presidency and hates Armando as a result of this. He is always conniving to get the president's seat and take interest in things that could benefit him.

Stefanía Gómez as Aura María Fuentes
She is the pretty receptionist. Widowed with a son and lives with her parents. She is a woman who believes in enjoying her self by living life to the fullest and making new friends. Sadly, no man takes her seriously. A member of the "ugly women group".

Luces Velásquez as Bertha de González
A happily married woman whose life revolves around her husband. Always worried about her figure and she tries to diet but cannot resist food. One of the "ugly women group".

Alberto León Jaramillo as Saúl Gutiérrez
He is the Human Resources Officer at Ecomoda. Married but engages in extra-marital affairs though he is afraid with his wife.

Julián Arango as Hugo Lombardi
The Fashion designer in Ecomoda. He is a competent professional and is not afriad of critics. Consider himself gay and proud it. He is friends with Marcela and Patricia.

Júlio César Herrera as Freddy Stewart Contreras
He loves to dress like the executives though is the Office Boy at Ecomoda. He works with Armando. A polite and humourous guy who respects women. He eventually falls in love with Aura Maria.

Kepa Amuchastegui as Roberto Mendoza
Armando's father, the founder of Ecomoda. He is a very kind person and loved by all his workers.

Celmira Luzardo (II) - Catalina Angel
Armando's sister and Ecomoda's PRO. She has a great charisma and elegance. Dedicated her life with her job after separation from her husband. She is the one person that single handedly changed Ugly Betty's life.

Paula Peña - Sofía
Gutierrez's secretary. Her husband left her for a younger woman (Jenny) but she still loves him. She lets all hell lose if he fails to deposit the monthly up-keep for their 2 children into her bank account on time. A meber of the "ugly women group".

Pilar Uribe - María Beatriz Valencia
Daniel's and Marcela's sister. Goes by the name of Beatriz. She is a vain woman who spend almost all her life having every kind of plastic surgery. All she cares about are clothes and makeup.

Dora Cadavid - Inesita de Gómez
Hugo's assistant, who are worked for the company for years. A few years ago her husband walked out and never returned. Full of experiences and always advises the "ugly women group" never create problems to Betty. She is honest and faithful.

David Ramírez (II) - Wilson 'Security Guard'
Ecomoda's security guard. A nice and simple man. Friendly with Freddy and the "ugly women group".

Mario Duarte - Nicolas Mora
Betty's neighbourhood and her good friend who is always protective of her. A Bookworm, innocent but intelligent man but is naive about love and sexuality. Fell in love with Patrician Fernandez at first sight.

Jorge Herrera (II) - Hermes Pinzón Galarza
Betty's father. A very conservative and caring man. Always proud with his daughter. He trust his daughter, Betty to improve his the quality of his life.

Adriana Franco - Julia Solano de Pinzón
Betty's mother. A good woman who manages to dress well inspite of their social status. She is Betty's main support.

The Original Ugly Betty "Yo Soy BettyLa Fea"

Dear Telenovela Lovers,

I will be posting clips of the Original "Yo Soy Betty, La Fea" Telenovela on this blog.

The original Colombian series was made up of 169 episodes and ran for a total of three year between 1999-2001.

This Telenovela has been reproduced into different versions and has received wide Tv audience the world over.

I will try to post all the episodes of this Telenovela (God helping me) in the shortest time possible.
It a story you’ll love. It encompases Drama, Comedy, Romance, and Deceit.

Today, I’ll start serving you this Award-winning Telenovela by introducing the main cast.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Who is Ugly Betty?

Have you seen Ugly Betty?

She stars in that popular television program that everyone talks about.

More than 80 million people in the United States and Latin America tuned in to "Betty La Fea," the telenovela in which an ugly woman navigates a world where beauty is generally all that matters.

I promise to give you clips of the all the episodes in this Intriguing, Romantic and Hilarious Telenovela.

See you soon.