Thursday, August 14, 2008

Episode 35 - Ecomoda Gives Birth To Terramoda

Mario told him that it is possible that this woman could still arrive and teach him about love, but that hopefully she’ll find him before he got married, but Armando told him that he was too close to getting married and that the woman that he was going to love would not arrive after all.

Betty came out of her office and told Armando that she could clean his office, but Armando refused to let her do it. He asked her again to go home to rest, and apologized again. We then see Mario and Armando in the executive bathroom washing glasses and talking. It was very funny, Mario washing, Armando drying…
Armando told Mario that he did the worst thing he had ever done to anyone by leaving Betty in her office all night. Mario told him how he could behave as if Betty didn’t matter, that she’s St. Betty. Armando told him that Betty was a wonderful woman, that he had never met anyone like her, because she was loyal, obedient, honest, and was the one person he trusts implicitly.
When Betty got home she ran into Nicolas and told him about the loan from TerraModa. Gutierrez came to work looking like he’d run into a pack of wild cats, and called Freddy and Berta to his office to ask them for their letter of resignation since they caused this problem for him at home. The cartel went to see Armando and asked him to help Freddy and Berta. Armando asked Gutierrez what happened, to which Gutierrez responded that his cat scratched him. Armando reminded him that he didn’t have a cat. Gutierrez had no other choice than to let Berta and Freddy be. The cartel thanked Armando for his help.
Patricia came to the office and Armando and Mario were dismayed to find out that she was back.
Armando said that she was like the Terminator, that you think she’s gone, she comes back again and again. Patricia said that Daniel asked her not to resign, which Armando didn’t want to hear.

Betty was in her room, writing in her diary, saying that she prayed that Armando’s business plan worked out, that she would feel guilty if he failed. She also said that she was scared about the money he borrowed from TerraModa, and that she was glad to know that she was the most important person in Armando’s life, more than his own fiancée, but that for him she was not a woman. Betty also wrote that she spent a hellish night locked in her office and he didn’t even think about her, that he only saw her as an employee. She heard him say that he was waiting for the woman of his dreams, but he didn’t realize that she was there, just a few feet away from his desk. She told her diary that she had no ideal how to show him that she was the woman he needed, and that he’ll never know it. Only a miracle would make him realize how she felt, and she didn’t believe in miracles anymore, much less now that he was so close to getting married.
Betty told Nicolas that she was going to ask Armando for permission to set up an office for TerraModa, because she wanted her dad to do the books for the company. And, she also told Nicolas that they needed to have plenty of cash available in case Armando wanted to ask for another loan.
Armando was very worried because his business/sales strategy was a failure.

When Betty got to work he asked her for another loan and puts EcoModa up as collateral. Mario told him that this meant giving Betty complete control over EcoModa. Armando said that this was exactly what he was doing and told Betty that since sales were so bad and cash flow into the company was minimal, the banks were going to want to dismantle EcoModa. Betty told him that she can hold off the banks until the next collection came out, but Armando told her that they needed more time, so he wanted TerraModa to sue EcoModa so that the banks won’t. Betty was completely against doing this because even though this would be legally correct, it was unethical. Armando told her that this was the only way he could pay back the company’s debts. He begged her not to abandon him, that he needed her help, and actually questioned her loyalty to him!
Betty went to her office to think about it all and thought about how Armando had always supported her, encouraged and motivated her, stood up for her with Marcela and Daniel, and believed in her. So she decided to help him and told herself that she could not leave him stranded. Betty told Armando that she was completely loyal to him and that she will do whatever he needed her to do. He told her to go ahead with the suit over EcoModa and thanked her for her assistance.

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