Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Episode 24 - Betty at Crossroads

Betty wrote in her diary that she could accept the bribe without feeling guilty because she knew her family needed the money, but she also felt that doing this would mean betraying Armando.
On the other hand she needed to help her dad and it hurt her to see him suffer. So she has to decide between being loyal to her boss or helping her father. She decided to help her dad. She dreamed that she was with Armando and was about to kiss him when her mother woke her from her dream.
Armando asked Betty to get in touch with RagTela so they could close the deal. Olarte visited Miguel and got him to talk about the dealings with EcoModa.

Freddy got upset when he found out that Aura María never made it home the night before and especially when he realized that she spent the night with Mario Calderón. Armando asked Mario about why he was late getting to work and Mario told him about his evening with the receptionist. And, he told Armando that maybe he should go out with Betty, but they both decide that this wasn’t even possible because Betty was so ugly.
Mario, Armando, and Betty meet with RagTela to close the deal, and Diana told Armando that she was pleased that they have decided to buy everything from them. He said they should thank Betty since she was the one that included them in the group of bids. Betty was obviously uncomfortable, but Miguel and Diana thanked her for her help.
Armando was worried that the new line would not be a success and he told Mario that they needed to establish a phantom company with which to do all their business dealings, and which could put a rein on them prior to the banks doing so. They thought that since this would entail a complete take over of EcoModa, they needed to have someone running the company who was completely and absolutely loyal. Armando immediately thought of Betty.
Meanwhile, Miguel called Betty and told her that the business deal will net her $87,000 and that he needed to find out how he could get the money to her. She told him that she’ll call him later.
Olarte called Miguel from Daniel’s office and taped the conversation, during which Miguel told him that thanks to Betty the deal with EcoModa came through and that he was going to give Betty a commission for her assistance.
Betty went to lunch with the cartel and they were talking about how Aura María had landed a rich boyfriend, and they sais that it was obvious that she will be the only one who will be able to climb out of poverty. Aura María told them that the only one will actually be Betty, since she was the one with the degrees, with the boss who thinks she walks on water. Sofía told them that Betty has a boss that won’t even give her a pay raise and that Betty will never have that kind of money, to which Betty responds… ‘who knows what could happen’?
Betty remembered her conversation with Miguel and started to dream about what she would do if she had a lot of money (if I were a rich gal…).

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