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Episode 2 - Rubi Falls In Love

After the introductions, Hector introduced his best friend, Alejandro (as he walked towards them) to Rubi and it was love at first sight. They shook hands held onto each other hands while looking at each other smiling, oblivious of their surroundings.
Alejandro picked their luggages and they went in search of Maribel. Hector was so anxious that he literilly ran to where she was waiting. She stood up as he approached. This was the first time they were seeing face to face. Their eyes radiated so much love for each other and they embraced. Hector introduced his best friend, Alejandro to Maribel. Maribel was no doubt happy to see Hector but it seems she is afraid of something that it showed. Alejandro asked Rubi to come with him so that the love birds can have some privacy. Rubi knew the cause of Maribel's anxiety and she went to her and whispered that she should tell Hector the truth before following Alejandro.
She opened up and asked Hector to forgive her. He was surprised to hear that she was disabled in one leg but he told her that it was ok, comforting her that it didn't change anything.
Arturo, Maribel's father was not in consonance with her relationship with Hector. He simply didn't trust the young New York city boy with his innocent daughter but she assured him that he was the love of her life.
Hector and alejandro were invited to Maribel’s house for dinner, an opportunity to meet her father.
Maribel invited her best friend, Rubi and gave her one of her best dinner dresses so that she could be presentable. Rubi looked simply stunning in that dress.
When Alejandro and Hector arrived, it was Rubi who welcomed them at the door. Alejandro was stunned speechless at how gorgeous she looked.

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Re: Rubi

Hi Fans,

Pardon me for not updating this blog recently.

I've been away but I'm back now.

I promise to make post new updates on Rubi next week.


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Rubi, Episode 1 - Hector Arrives Mexico

Rubi came from a humble background and so lived in a poor neighbourhood. She had always despised her status and vowed to use her beauty to change her status completely. She attends a private university courtesy of a scholarship and support from her working sister who had the responsibility of maintaining the home and Rubi’s education.

In her quest to be wealthy, Rubi befriended a wealthy girl named Maribel in school. Maribel is a sweet, honest and kind-hearted rich girl. She is slightly disabled in one leg as a result of an accident. This made her social life very boring and she had no friends. She had come to love Rubi like a sister, so she took her to her home - a Mansion . Rubi became very envious when she saw the affluence that surrounded Maribel; this was what she had always wanted for herself.

Rubi was overcome by jealousy. She flirted with Maribel’s and was rude to Maribel’s aunt, Pancha. She was so cunning that neither Maribel or her father noticed but Pancha wasn’t fooled, she read Rubi like a book and knew that her friendship with Maribel was not sincere.

Maribel took Rubi to her bedroom and confided in her about her internet boyfriend, Hector, who lived in New York. His parents were dead, so his god-father had been managing his inheritance which has grown, making him a rich man. She showed Rubi a photograph of Hector, he was a very handsome young man. This was the kind of man Rubi wanted for herself.

He had sent a necklace to Maribel to confirm to her that he would be in Mexico to see her in a few days; this excited her to no end. Rubi then asked if she had told Hector about her disability. She told Rubi that she tried but never had the courage to do so because she was afraid of losing him. Rubi was angry at her friend’s response. (what’s her business anyway?)

Rubi glanced with longing at Maribel’s wardrobe, filled with clothes and jewelries and Maribel, being a generous person, she gave Rubi clothes and jewelries for keeps.

When Rubi got home she bemoaned her fate to her mother and sister. She was jealous and angry that despite her beauty, she had nothing while Maribel had everything. She promised herself that she was going to escape from poverty, whatever it takes.

Hector’s boss wanted him to stay in New York but he had made up his mind to settled in Mexico so that he could be with the love of his life – Maribel. He told Alejandro as he packed, the he could not wait to be with her and that he had longed for the day that he would take her to dinner and dance with her.

On the day Hector was to arrive in Mexico, Rubi accompanied Maribel to the airport to welcome Hector. She was a knock-out, dressed in a stunning, short dress that Maribel gave her. Maribel stayed in the airport lobby while Rubi when to welcome Hector. As he came down the stairs, she kissed him on his cheeks and said “don’t you remember me?”

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The Cast

Interesting Facts About Rubi Telenovela

Rubi is one of the most successful telenovelas in 2004/2005. It grabbed the major awards in the Latin American in the year 2005:

1. The Best Soap Oopera,

2. The Best Female Protagonist (Barbara Mori)

3. The Best Male Protagonist (Eduardo Santamarina)

4. The Best Overall Actress (Ana Martin)

5. The Best Theme Music (La Descarada by Reyli) and

6. The Best Scene Direction

Background Facts About The Main Characters
of this exciting telenovela:

Barbara Mori Ochoa as Rubi Perez
This Actress/Model Bárbara Mori was born on on the 2nd of February, 1978. She is a beautiful combination of Mexican and Uruguayan/Japanese heritage; her paternal grandfather was Japanese. Fashion designer, Marcos Toledo met her while working as a waitress at 14, and invited her to work as a model. She later studied acting and first acted in the Mexican telenovela Al norte del corazón. This award-winning actress bagged her first award - Best New Actress for her rold in Mirada de mujer. She got her first lead role as "Azul" in the series Azul Tequila.

Jacqueline Bracamontes as Maribel De La Fuente (Rubi's best fried)
Born on 23rd of December, 1979 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Was Miss Mexico in 2001 Miss Universe Pageant held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Works as a Sports Commentator for Vision A.M.

Sebastian Rulli as Hector Ferrer Garza (Alejandro's best friend)
This Argentine-Mexican Telenovela Star/Model, was born July 6th, 1975 in Buenos Aires. He started a modeling career which spanned Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Europe and US. He later studied acting at Televisa’s Center for Artistic Education and became a popular after his first appearance in a Mexican opera; "Prima Amor" in 2000. He has been successful ever since having starred in several other Telenovelas.

Eduardo Sanatamarina as Alejandro Cardenas Ruiz (Hector's best friend)
Born on 9th of July 1969. He had a Diploma in Accounting. He later studied acting at the Center for Artistic Education Televisa, and came out with honours in 1991. His first telenovela was “In Front of the Sun” in 1992. He is a Personal Trainer and Masseur.

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RUBI - Telenovela Outline

In the heart of every young woman, is that deep desire to find True Love. There is also that desire to have all she every dreamed of. The ability to choose and control one over the other is what makes each woman different.

This Telenovela is the chronicle of a woman who chooses her obsession with wealth over True Love to escape from poverty. A woman, blessed with good looks - truly beautiful on the outside but dangerously evil on the inside. A woman who her natural endowments as a means to her desired destination.

She only chose the paths that would lead to her ultimate dream destination regardless of who was destroyed, embracing deceit, lies, betrayal, and seduction as virtues.

She befriended an open-minded and generous rich girl, Maribel, who took her as a sister. But an affection polluted by envy and over-ambitiousness is bound to snowball into an inferno. She betrayed her friend to achieve her dream, shattering long-term relationship between her boyfriend Alejandro and Marbel’s boyfriend, Hector.

The fact the divine justice is definite was proven at the end of this Telenovela.

This is a telenovela you cannot afford to miss it! Make it a date with me on this blog for full, exciting & interesting episodes of this fascinating telenovela.

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Blogger's Award

I recently received an award from a blogging sister - Bola of MumsDadsChildren blog

I want to share this award with bloggers who have been of immense help and source of inspiration to me since I started blogging.

I want to use this opportunity to say Thank you for the good job you are doing.

1. Philomena Ojikutu
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The rules are quite simple:
* You pick ten people and pass this award to them.
* Then contact them and let them know that you have chosen them and their blog for the award.
* Also link back to the person who gave you the award.

RUBI - A fascinating Telenovela

Hi Fans,

I'm starting out a Telenovela that is currently being aired on two of the local TV stations - Rubi.

This telenovela is the story of a girl born to humble backgrounds but vowed to use her outstanding beauty to win and marry a very rich man. A man who would fulfill her dream of living in luxury - having all she had always dreamed of. She engaged in various vices to make this dream come through not minding what the consequences would be.
Fans will learn a lesson or two from this telenovela. The magnitude of destruction greed, uncontentment, deceit and lies can wreak.
This telenovela promises to be interesting, intriguing, and fascinating.
Make it a date with me and have a delightful time reading this telenovela.

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Happy Birthday Nigeria, Happy Birthday Baby

I say hearty 48 cheers to my country Nigeria in commemoration of her Independence Anniversary.

I believe in Nigeria and I know with our collective efforts coupled with the abundant human and natural resources God has blessed us with, we will build our nation.

May God continue to bless my beloved Motherland.

Happy Independence!

I also congratulate my daughter, Ifeoluwa Emmanuel on her 4th birthday on the 1st of October.

God bless you my angel. May you continue dwell in the secret place of the Almighty, Amen.

Happy Birthday Baby!

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Telenovelas In View

Hi Fans,

It seems the you guys are not really enjoying the original colombian Ugly Betty. Should I stop posting? Please let me know.

I also have some other Telenovelas in view.

1. Pasion De Gavilanes
2. Amor Real
3. Rosalinda

This is just the 3 stories I intend to write next.

What do you think?

Your response will determine the next post.


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Episode 46 - Ugly Betty Worries Armando

Mario finally found Catalina. She tried to tell him where she was going to seat his people, but Mario took her by the hand, led her outside, and told her how special it was that they’re holding hands. Catalina withdrew her hand and told him Hugo said that he was so fertile that he could get women pregnant by merely holding their hands, by osmosis. Mario rolled his eyes and his mind started to wander, so Catalina asked him what the problem was with the word pregnancy.

Back at Eco Moda, a courier from the lab dropped off the test results. Aura María immediately told Freddy to take them up to Bertha. Freddy went upstairs and handed Bertha the manila envelope containing the contracts as well as the envelope from the lab. Just as Bertha was about to open the envelope from the lab, Gutierrez came out of his office asking for the contracts and notices the lab envelope also addressed to him so he picked it up and walked back inside his office. Bertha and Sofía didn’t know how they were going to get it back.
Jenny insisted that she accompanies Inesita to the hotel to take the clothes but Inestita told her it was out of the question. Freddy walked in and did an Hugo impression, and Inesita warned him to be careful. Freddy became manly immediately and Inesita left laughing. Since Jenny was wearing a snakeskin vest, Freddy told her, "How are you, my favorite anaconda? As I would die suffocated by your body. "Geez, he poured it on thick, LOL! Jenny told Freddy that she had resigned to the fact that she would never model, but Freddy told her not to lose hope, he knew what he was talking about.Back at the hotel dressing room, Claudia Bosch was sneaking drinks from her locker while Hugo was giving last-minute instructions to the models. As Hugo plopped down on to a couch in between two of the models and with another one yet behind him, Claudia walked over to one of the chairs and it was very obvious she was more than a little tipsy.
Marcela arrived at the hotel. Catalina told her that Hugo was waiting for her in the models’ dressing room. As Marcela left to go find Hugo, Mario told Catalina that it wasn’t a good idea for Marcela to go to the dressing room. When Catalina asked why, Mario told her that one of the models went crazy for Armando. Catalina gave him a cynical look and asked in jest if it was his lotion. And Mario answered, “Armando has a maddening lotion.” Hugo noticed Marcela in the dressing room and while Marcela could only look over at Claudia Bosch, Hugo started giving her his litany of complaints, from the lights to the sound system to the technicians. Marcela only listened with half an ear and asked how Claudia was behaving. Hugo answered that she was doing just fine. He told Marcela to get rid of the bad aura while Claudia looked more and more drunk.
Armando finally arrived at the hotel and Catalina told him that Marcela was in the models’ dressing room. Armando immediately asked for a drink (isn’t he drinking a lot lately?). He told Mario that he wanted to talk to him outside, but Catalina stopped him and asked him what the matter was. Armando said that he had gambling his life away on this fashion show and collection. On their way out, Mario and Armando ran into a model. The model ran back to the dressing room and told Claudia that Armando was here.
The model also noticed that Claudia had been drinking and told her she could get in a lot of trouble if she was found out. Out on the terrace, Mario served Armando a drink - Armando told Mario that he serve himself a drink as well ... things are worse than they thought. He told Mario about the card reading and what Mariana said about the man that would change Betty’s life and that she would change his life as well. Mario told him that he couldn’t believe that he was going so overboard over a simple reading of the cards. But Armando said there have been too many coincidences: (1) Betty’s life was changing, right? (Mario nodded); (2) Betty was changing Nicolás’ life because he was now working for Terra Moda (Armando reminded Mario that Betty recommended Nicolás way back when Olarte was fired – and what worried Armando was that Betty was making him part of the appropriation of Eco Moda by Terra Moda and that could make anyone lose his head, it was a lot of money); (3) Mariana told Betty that her greatest desire would come true in the middle of turbulence and that that would change her life – and her life was in fact changing: they’ve handed her a $50 million company of which she was the sole owner, in the middle of the chaos that they were all living. And the worst thing was that those two (referring to Nicolás and Betty) were going to end up in a romance. Armando was convinced.
Mario reminded him that he was basing himself on a mere card reading, but Armando contended that Mariana was always right when it comes to her predictions. When Mario rolled his eyes, Armando agreed to leave the card reading out of things, but the facts were that Beatriz Pinzón Solano was in love with Nicolás Mora, right? Mario nodded his head again. Nicolás met Betty when she was poor, right? Another nod. The guy was not rich, but he’s an economist and he’s familiar with both Terra Moda and Eco Moda. How about if he were to turn Betty against them? Mario answered that a woman as ugly as Betty would probably sell her soul to the devil in order to catch a husband. And then Armando posed the critical question, “What are we going to do so that Nicolás won’t turn Betty against us?” Mario’s answer was: "You will touch compete with Nicolas Mora. You will love to play Betty. Armando's reaction was a stunned "what?"

Episode 45 - The Predictions about Ugly Betty

Bertha asked Armando if he would be going to lunch, but Armando told her that he wanted to finish this business once and for all. Bertha re-narrated the story and told Armando that Mariana gave Betty a second card reading and this time she told her that there would be turbulent times ahead in both her personal and professional life because those two aspects of her life were greatly intertwined. There would be great problems but also great satisfactions. Mariana went on to say that it was very confusing because a dream would be realized for Betty in the midst of a storm. Sofía became worried when she heard that there would be hard times ahead because she thought that would certainly mean Eco Moda. Unless, Bertha piped in, Betty had a love interest at Eco Moda. Betty finally told them that her love life was already determined when she was born. But Mariana insisted that there would be great change to Betty’s personal life, a dream would come true. Betty explained that she and Nicolás were not dating but that he may appear related to her professional life because he was forming a corporation and she was helping him out. The flashback ends and Armando asked Bertha point blank about Nicolás forming a corporation, but Bertha couldn’t clear this up.
Armando changed the subject and now wanted to know whether in fact Nicolás was Betty’s boyfriend, but Bertha explained that it was only her platonic love interest and no matter what Betty did. Bertha went on to tell an Armando who was on the edge of his chair about the time that the Cartel went out for a drink and Betty said she wouldn’t dare to bother Nicolás because he had lots of dates. Bertha’s opinion was that Betty knew that Nicolás was an impossible dream, but since the cards said things were going to change, then maybe things would get better for Betty. After all, she was very intelligent and nice, but she was a bit ugly and she would have to win the lottery. Armando just rolled his eyes in response.
Armando asked Bertha how reliable Mariana’s predictions were, and she told him that she predicted that Armando would be the new president of Eco Moda, that Mireya (his former secretary) would leave, but at other times she’s been way off ... for example, she told also told them that Eco Moda would go through hard and turbulent times, but nothing like this has happened yet, Armando did an “of course not” gesture with his face and thanked Bertha for all of the information. He reminded Bertha that this should stay between the two of them, he wouldn’t want Betty thinking that he was questioning her private life. Bertha totally agreed because if Betty knew she would kill her.
As Bertha left, Armando said told himself that Mariana’s predictions have all been on the ball. At El Corrientazo, all of the Cartel had ordered chicken for lunch – they were going to diet right along with Bertha so as not to tempt her, but they were not happy. When Bertha walked in, she followed a tray of food that was set down at another table and sat right down with the two people there. Sandra had to go and get her. Bertha asked why everyone was having the same thing for lunch and Inesita explained that they were doing this in solidarity with her diet. Bertha told them she’s got really great news ... this afternoon the lab was bringing Patricia’s test results including the pregnancy test.
Betty interrupted everyone’s joy and asked Bertha what she talked to Armando about and Bertha told her that it was about her platonic love, Nicolás Mora. Betty then had to explain that Nicolás called the office and Bertha took the call and told her it was Nicolás right in front of Don Armando. Mariana told her that everything that came out in the cards was now coming true. But Betty refused to go along with this line of thinking (after all, she was really in love with Armando) and continued to question Bertha. Bertha just said that she told Don Armando that she and Nicolás were friends. The girls wanted to know why it would bother Betty if Don Armando found out about Nicolás and Betty responded that it was her private life and Don Armando didn’t need to know about it ... what they talked among them in the Cartel should stay between them. Bertha stuck to her story about what she told Armando and added that he wouldn’t care if Betty was in love or not, he stayed back at the office as if he didn’t have a care in the world.
However, Armando was really very worried and called Mario at the hotel. Armando told Mario that Betty was deeply in love with Nicolás Mora and he didn’t even realize she was alive. Armando brought up the point that now that Betty had 50 million dollars in her pocket maybe she would begin to appear more attractive to Nicolás, and not only that, but a dream was about to come true for Betty. Mario just looked puzzled at the phone upon hearing this last statement and asked Armando how much he had had to drink. Armando told him that he would take care of a couple of things and he would meet him at the hotel to further discuss this matter. After Mario hung up, he asked Freddy, who had just arrived and was staring in trance at the models, if he had seen Catalina. Freddy told him that she was cooking somewhere and Mario left gave Freddy a “you’re hopeless look.” Hugo noticed Freddy staring at the models and asked him what he was doing there. Freddy started to give Hugo pointers on the choreography, but Hugo cut him off quickly and Freddy told him he was only there to have the models sign the contracts papers. Hugo sent him off to see Inesita so that they can take care of the paperwork quickly.
But since Freddy was the charmer, he walked into the models’ dressing room and started introducing himself right and left, but they didn’t pay him any attention until he told them he had the contracts paper – then they all flocked to him. When he got to Claudia Bosch’s contract, he had to take it over to her because she was standing by her locker. When Claudia went to look for a pen in her locker to sign the contract, she accidentally dropped a small bottle of liquor on the floor and Freddy remarked; “your perfume a little heavy?” Claudia ignored him and just asked when Armando would get to the hotel.

Back at El Corrientazo, the Cartel was on their way out. Bertha thanked everyone for their solidarity and told them she was really full from her lunch, how about them? They told her that they are full as well, and when Bertha walked away to the bathroom, they actually said to each other that they are really still very hungry. Aura María said the diet might come in handy and Betty replied that maybe in Aura María’s case it would, but when it comes to Betty, it didn’t matter if she was fat or skinny, if she ate chicken or pork, because no one would notice (then she laughed her nerdy laughter). As Inesita was reminding everyone that they have to help Bertha out so she won’t break her diet, the cook yelled from the kitchen, "Get this woman out of here! Get her out please, she is eating everything! "And, needless to say, it was Bertha who had invaded the kitchen - she didn't go to the bathroom after all!
The Cartel went to pull her out and she came out with her hands full of food, nibbling on stuff. They took the food out of her hands but Sofía insisted on checking her purse and there she found a porkchop, potatoes, sweet plaintains, green plaintains and even silverware! As the Cartel hauled Bertha out of El Corrientazo, Inesita paid the bill.

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Episode 44 - Armando Learns More About Ugly Betty

Marcela was in the lobby and when she saw Armando, she started yelling that she asked Betty to pay the bills for the show and she didn’t. Armando pointed out that she did and showed her the checks. Marcela said she asked Betty to give her cash (which was a big fat lie). Marcela stormed into Betty’s office and yelled that she asked for cash. Betty told her that she didn’t but that she would run down and get the cash for her. (Marcela was in a foul mood throughout this episode)Betty came back with the money and asked Marcela to sign for it. Marcela got angry and asked if Betty didn’t trust her. Armando told Marcela it was just procedure but Marcela left the office without signing for it.
Later, Betty was not at her desk when her phone started ringing. Bertha went into Armando’s office to leave him the contracts for the models. Armando asked Bertha to answer the phone. Bertha answered and it is Nicolas. She was all excited. When Betty walked into Armando’s office Bertha told her that her true love Nicolas called. Armando looked shocked. Betty handed Armando some papers and took Bertha out of the office. She told Bertha not to say that in front of Armando, she reminded Bertha that Nicolas was not even her boyfriend and that she wanted to keep her intimate life private.
Armando was with Mario and he told him about Betty’s boyfriend. Mario made some comments about who would possibly be interested in Betty. Armando looked horrified at the idea. He couldn’t believe that Betty didn’t tell him.Later Armando asked Betty and she told him that the cartel made up the story about Nicolas being her boyfriend and Armando was relieved.Armando went to Mario’s office and told him the good news. Mario was surprised at how happy Armando was, and suggested that it was personal. Armando laughed and said he was happy because that was one thing less to worry about. Mario told him that they still needed to find out who this Nicolas was.
The cartel decided to go to the bathroom to wait for Inesita. She arrived and they started talking about going to the show. Patricia came in and laughed at them. Sandra said that Patricia couldn’t stop them from going because someone much superior had already permitted them to go. Patricia asked who and they said Betty. Betty then repeated in her presence that they could go. Patricia started screaming for Marcela. Marcela came and asked what was going on. Patricia asked her if all the employees will be attending the show. Marcela said no. Patricia told her that Betty was inviting the entire cartel. Marcela looked at Betty and told her no, she told her to stop acting like she was the owner of this company, and to remember who the owner was. Betty had this wicked smile on her face. Marcela said the only one who would be going to the show was Inesita. And Patricia said and Inesita couldn’t come out from behind the scenes, Inesita replied “don’t worry I don’t intend to”. Marcela and Patricia then left.
In the showroom the models were getting ready. Claudia walked in and Hugo told her that he had received some complaints about her and he wanted her to be on her best behavior. Claudia said ok. She went to her locker and dropped a small liquor bottle. She quickly picked it up and made sure no one saw her and put it away.
Bertha went into Armando’s office to ask for the contracts and Armando started asking her what she knew about Betty and Nicolas. Bertha started telling him everything, and how angry Betty got when Bertha said it in front of him. Bertha started laughing and said she never guessed Armando would like gossip so much. Armando asked her to tell him everything.Bertha told Armando all of the details of the card reading she did for Betty at El Corrientazo a few months ago ... that a very important man had come out with whom she was in love and that man was fundamental to her life – the relationship was going to be very intense and would change her life as well as his. While Armando listened raptly, Bertha flashed back to that day at El Corrientazo and told Armando that Betty didn’t want to say who this man was, so they started pressuring her and she finally told them that there was in fact a man that she liked very much ... that she went to school with him, that women find him very attractive, that he was very strong and people were scared of him, that he was not a millionaire but had money and he drove a big car ... his name was Nicolás Mora. Betty went on to tell El Cartel that nothing had happened between Nicolás and herself, but Mariana assured her that something was going to happen in the future and it would change both their lives.
Armando wanted to find out what Mariana meant when she said that this relationship would change both the lives of Betty and Nicolás. Bertha interrupted and asked Armando whether he believed in card readings, and Armando got up from behind his desk and told her that that was not important, that the important thing was that she was telling him some gossip and he wanted the whole story ... how was this going to change their lives? Bertha continued the story – Mariana told Betty that this relationship might not change her life for good, but it would be very important in her life. Armando was still not clear on what Mariana meant and Bertha told him that it seemed that everything was pending ... it was not resolved yet.
Armando wanted to question her more but Gutierrez stormed into the office to get the contracts for the models. Gutierrez broke into English Language and Armando very annoyed, warned him to stop speaking English because his English sounded more like Russian, LOL! Bertha left the office to hand Freddy the contracts so he could take them over to the hotel for the models to sign. Freddy was thrilled at the prospect of this mission, handed Bertha the envelope while he sprayed some Mouth in his mouth and on his hair and takes out a comb and a mirror to touch himself up.
As Freddy was about getting on the elevator, Marcela asked him where he had been and Patricia interjected that he now had a girlfriend in the showroom, Jenny. Marcela told Freddy that she had an errand for him to run - she needed him to hand some money over to Catalina Angel at the hotel.
In the meantime, the Cartel was getting ready to leave for lunch and Bertha was on the phone with the lab trying to get the results of Patricia’s blood tests. The Cartel told Bertha that they would wait for her at El Corrientazo, but before leaving Betty asked her why she was going to the Presidency, but fortunately El Cartel diverted her attention and they went off to lunch. While Patricia looked on suspiciously, Bertha confirmed with the lab that she would have the results today.
Armando came back out to Bertha’s desk and asked Bertha to come back to his office to finish with the gossip. Patricia was even more suspicious upon seeing this.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Episode 43 - Ugly Betty's Loyalty Questioned

Marcela stormed into Armando's office and clapped while telling him Bravo! Very sarcastically. She congratulated him for his ability to tell lies, and also for having an assistant that was just as talented as he was at covering them up. Betty, who came in without Marcela noticing, heard everything Marcela was saying to Armando. Marcela told Armando that she couldn't prove what happened, but swore to him that Claudia would never again work at EcoModa. She then told ugly Betty that she wasn't Armando's assistant - she was his matchmaker. She told her to remember that her salary was paid by the Valencias, while Betty was helping Armando to get away with his infidelities. Armando screamed Marcela! He was actually furious at the way that Marcela was speaking to Betty. He told her to stop treating Betty like that. Betty was very nervous but told Marcela that she just took care of her boss. Marcela grabbed her arm and threatened her before storming out of the office.

Mario came in to ask whether Claudia was gone, and Armando told him that she was still a problem. He said that Betty once again saved his butt and told him everything that happened. Mario reminded him not to let anyone insult ugly Betty. Armando told him of course, since Betty was his guardian angel. Mario made one of his insensitive comments about ugly Betty's looks.
The phone rang and Armando asked Betty to answer it. It was Nicolás. Betty told him that she could talk right now. Mario started listening in on the conversation and told Armando that apparently someone outside the three of them (Mario, Betty, and Armando) knew about the embargo. Mario asked Armando if he wasn't worried about Nicolás's involvement, whether he had actually met him in person. Armando told him that he hadn't, and Mario told him that he didn't want this guy to mess things up. Again he asked Armando about this guy who was so close to Betty. Armando told him that he trusts Betty completely. Mario insisted, that it was fine that he trust Betty blindly, but who was this man? He reminded him that Betty didn't have any money and would never have dreamt having all that money within reach.

Mario kept harping on. Armando looked worried about the tone of Mario's comments and asked him what he wanted him to do. Betty has stood by him through thick and thin and proved her loyalty over and over? It was impossible that she would betray him. Armando asked him to show some kindness. But Mario kept bugging him and said that Nicolás could influence Betty, that he needed to be careful because they were talking about a lot of money. Armando couldn't believe his ears, he told Mario that he had met Betty's family and they were honest, decent people. Marcela walked in again and told Armando that she was on her way to her apartment. She kept coming onto him about Claudia, and that he better not try anything after her departure. Armando again played hurt. She told him that he had to be respectful of her and he told her that he didn't appreciate it when she treated him this way. She told him that he must find a way to get rid of Claudia. That she cannot model during the fashion show tomorrow night. She never wanted to see her again! Mario asked Armando if he was going to fire Claudia and he responded that it was impossible. Everything was ready for the fashion show. Mario told him that he understood his dilemma -- Armando answered that it was both their problem!

Freddy was chatting with Jenny and Marcela stalked past. He told her that he had tried to help her, but to know avail. Aura Maria overheard him tell her that she owed him a lot, how nice that he believed in her. “El cheque” honked for her and she left, kissing Freddy on the cheek. Aura Maria snapped him out of his day-dream and reminded him that she lives with someone. “So, I have to live my dream”, said Fred, singing and dancing as he moved away.

Betty entered Armando’s office, handed some checks and was on her way out. “Betty, sit please. Betty, you swore to me that all this would only stay amongst the three of us. That’s not true. It seems that Nícolas knows everything. That was not what we agreed upon” said Amando. “If I can explain”, started Betty. Why! He shouted. If I can explain, said Betty and she told him about Nícolas being a true, dear friend from the university. I needed him to accomplish many of the things that needed to be done. He came with me to see Dr. Sanchez because we met in an irregular type of place. My father would kill me if I didn’t go with him. So, he knows everything asked Mario. He’s an ally, explained Betty, and he understands everything. I couldn’t have done these things without his help. I’d put my hand in the fire for him. “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” asked Armando. I’ve seen you so upset that I didn’t want to upset you further. “Are you hiding anything else?” “No, how could it occur to you? I swear on my father and mother, said Betty. Fine, don’t keep anything else from me again replied Amando and with that he dismissed her and turned to Mario. Well, what do you think? We have no choice, I guess, replied Mario. They were committed now.

Marcela arrived at Ecomoda and demanded that Armando either fire the model or ugly Betty.Armando talked with Hugo and tried to get him to fire Claudia. Hugo got upset and said no. Hugo said that he couldn’t fire a girl just because Armando got involved with her and now she was making his life difficult. Armando told Hugo that he hadn’t done anything with Claudia. Hugo laughed and said yeah right, if a woman was after you in that way it was because you gave her something to run after.
Marcela asked Armando if he was able to fire Claudia and he told her that Hugo refused to fire her. Marcela then asked for Betty’s head. Armando said that he couldn’t fire Betty. Marcela was furious and said one of their heads had to roll.
Betty arrived at the office 15 minutes late. Armando was angry with her for being late. Betty explained that there was a problem with the bus and reminded him that she was always very punctual, unlike the others. Betty glanced towards Patty’s desk. Armando started yelling like a mad man asking where Patty was. Marcela came out of her office and asked him why he was yelling he told her and Marcela looked annoyed.
Later Patricia showed up and Marcela saw her. Marcela warned her not to come in late again. Patty told her she over slept. Marcela didn’t believe that Patty just said she over slept like it was nothing. She got mad at Patty. She told Patty that she couldn’t have her coming in late because she was trying to get Betty fired and if she came in late Armando would fire Patty as well. Patty got all excited to hear that she was trying to fire Betty. Then Patty said Armando couldn’t fire her because she was pregnant and it was illegal to fire a pregnant woman. The cartels heard Patty saying this and ask Bertha when the test results would be in. Bertha told them that afternoon. They couldn’t wait!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Episode 42 - Ugly Betty caught in a Web

While waiting for Armando, Marcela started discussing with Patricia. Armando, Mario, and Betty exited the elevator on their way to Armando's office. Claudia approached Armando, who in a panic told Mario and Betty that Claudia is his SECOND problem (the first one being the TerraModa/EcoModa issue) and it would be a disaster if Marcela found out about Claudia.

Freddy wanted to talk to Armando about the fashion show, without directly telling him that Jenny should be one of the models, and Armando told him that he didn't have time to talk to him. Freddy, who just didn't get it, kept talking to Armando and actually made the suggestion about Jenny. Armando told him to forget about it, that Hugo was the one who made those kinds of decisions, and that he couldn't replace any of the models with Jenny. When Jenny noticed that Freddy had talked to Armando, she went after him to find out what he said.

Armando started drinking and told Mario that he didn't know if the Board meeting turned our well or badly, that he felt that everything was a disaster. Mario was speechless as he watched Armando drink the whiskey in one gulp and reminded him that he needed to be clear-headed. Armando told him how awful he felt because his father congratulated him for how well things seemed to be going at EcoModa, knowing full well that it was on the verge of disaster. That at this very moment, neither the Mendozas nor the Valencias owned EcoModa... but he swore that he'll get it back. Mario told him to cheer up and to be careful about how much he drank and left. Armando told himself that he can handle his alcohol just fine.

Armando asked Betty to give him his cell phone and PDA. Betty reminded him that he left them behind in the factory and she'll go get them for him. As she exited the office, she ran into Claudia, who told Armando that they have to talk and pushed Betty out the door. Armando begged her to leave him alone. She told him that she wanted him. Betty didn't think that it is smart to leave Armando alone with Claudia, but went on her way to get his cell phone and PDA anyway.

On her way, she ran into Marcela who was on her way to Patricia's desk and asked if Armando was in his office. Betty tried to distract Marcela and offered to give Armando the paperwork that Marcela had for him, but Marcela told her that she wanted to give them to him herself and that she also wanted to talk to him. Betty lied and said that Armando was with Hugo and Marcela was on her way to find him. Betty stood by Armando's door and did her best to avoid anyone going in or out of the office. In the meantime, Armando threatened Claudia and told her to leave at once or he'll have to call security. She dared him to do it because then Marcela would want to know what she was doing with him! That it would be best for him to agree to give her a little kiss... They hear a noise at the door... It was Betty trying to go in the office. Claudia told her to leave them alone and planted a big wet one on Armando.

Hugo told Marcela that Armando hadn't been by his studio. Betty knew that time was running out before Marcela came looking for Armando. Armando's door was still locked and Claudia had Armando in a lip-lock. Betty couldn't stand it any more. She went into the office through the Board room -- while Patricia watched her with a mixture of confusion and piqued curiosity.

Someone was knocking at Armando's door which scared the hell out of him. It was Marcela, who wanted to know why the door was locked. Betty arrived at the same time and tackled Claudia just like an American football linebacker would, tore her away from Armando and took her to her office. Marcela asked Armando why the door was locked and he, playing hurt, told her that he was very busy and didn't want anyone to interrupt him. Marcela wasn't buying his story and told him that he had to check the sales figures immediately, while she waited for him to do it. He, without even a glance at the stuff, told her that everything looked great. She then suddenly opened the door to Betty's office and was surprised to see that only Betty was there. She had expected to find Claudia hiding there. Claudia was actually hiding behind some cabinets out of Marcela's range of vision. She told Betty that she needed the money for the fashion show expenses, looked around the office again, looked behind the door, and was upset to find nothing incriminating. She left in a huff and puff; she knew they're playing tricks on her.

Armando went into Betty's office, asked where Claudia was hiding, grabbed her by the hair, and kicked her out. Outside, Marcela was asking Patricia if she had seen Claudia since she was nowhere to be found. She knew she had to be nearby. At the same time, Betty was with Claudia, trying to get her as far away from Armando's office as possible - sneaking out through Mario's office. Claudia was now insisting on apologizing to Armando. Betty told her that this was impossible and told her to stay in Mario's office. Once Betty left, Claudia walked towards the secretaries' desks. Patricia asked what she wanted and Claudia said that she didn't need anything. Armando was dying of fear in his office and asked Betty why women were so crazy. Betty told him that HE drove them crazy! Armando, slightly embarrassed, asked her if she got him his cell phone and PDA. She finally went on her merry way to get them.

Marcela told Patricia that she hadn't seen Claudia anywhere and Patricia told her not to worry, she just saw her coming out of Mario's office. Marcela couldn't believe this. Patricia told her that Claudia had been hiding in Betty's office. When Marcela finally saw Claudia, she asked her what she was doing. Claudia told her she was taking a stroll. Marcela told Patricia about Armando's door being locked and both agree that something was going on. Patricia stoked the embers and Marcela left in a hurry to confront Armando.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The 7th Anniversary of September 11 Bombing

On the 11th of September, 2001, the world witnessed the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York. Over 2,700 people lost their lives including 300 Firefighters and Police personnel who got trapped inside after attempting to rescue people.

Yesterday marked the 7th Memorial Anniversary. I just imagined the trauma the families of the victims must have gone through these past 7 years.

Every year I watch the memorial service and uptil now I couldn't help but cry each time. Regardless of the fact that I did not know any of the victims, it saddens me a great deal each year.

Even Obama and McCann headlocked in the presidential campaigns, came together as a family, putting politics aside and suspending campaigns television advert in honour of the dead.

I read that the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg just launched a programme to reach out to New Yorkers who still suffer health problems as a result of the terrorist attacks. The programme is part of a 5- million-dollar campaign put together to provide free health care service to those requiring help.
The memorial was held at Ground Zero, the original site of the twin towers. The names of victims were read by their families as usual and it was like re-opening wounds

My heart went out to the families of the victims.
All to all those who lost a Husband, Wife, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Daughter or Son; I identify with your grief and I pray to God to strengthen and comfort you.

Episode 41 - Ecomoda in Ugly Betty's Hands

The Cuartel went to El Corrientazo for lunch and Sofía told them that Freddy was on his way to get the blood test results for Patricia's pregnancy test. Inesita told them that she could not believe that they were doing this just to prove that Patricia was lying. Aura María told her that if she didn't want to be a part of it, she should just cover her ear. Bertha started to order a feast for lunch but her friends wouldn't let her. Inesita commented that what they're doing, regarding Patricia, wasn't ethical. Sandra said that if Patricia was pregnant, they wouldn’t say a word. But if she was not pregnant, they would tell Mario the truth and then everyone would know what was ethical and what was unethical.

Back in the boardroom, Patricia was taking the lunch orders and collecting the menus from everyone. She was standing by Mario and asked him to help her. It was now time for Mario to daydream. She handed him a baby and told him to help her because she was working. The baby's name was Marito. Armando told her that they were in the middle of a meeting. Patricia said that the baby was not only hers, Mario's also and asked him to help her feed him a bottle while she took the lunch orders. Mario was trying to do everything and anything to make the baby quiet, but all he did was cry. Patricia told him not to let the baby cry (Mario's face was hysterical). Mario finally came out of his trance and gave Patricia his lunch order. She, very harshly, thanked him very much for his "help."

Hugo finally made his way to the meeting and asked Patricia to get him a salad because he had gained too much weight and if he didn't lose weight he was going to end up a "spinster." He asked Daniel what he thought and Daniel said that he looked better when he was heavy. Hugo wanted to talk about the new collection, but was distracted and asked Catalina how she managed to stay so graceful. She told him that it was an ongoing battle and that she just tries to eat moderately. In addition, she said that for many people, overeating was a psychological issue.

And speaking of the battle of the bulge, Bertha was watching her friends have the lunch that she wished she could have ordered. Mariana said that she felt awkward with Bertha staring at her and tried to give her part of her lunch. Bertha wanted to eat Sandra's leftovers. Inestia asked the waiter to clear the plates of those who are through eating to avoid tempting Bertha. Bertha screamed that no one was noticing that she was starving! Aura María said that it was best to leave.

The Cuartel was back at EcoModa and Bertha said that she couldn't stand it anymore, when they saw Patricia looking at herself in the mirror. Sofía told Bertha to think of that image any time she feels she can't go on with her diet. Bertha went to the bathroom. The Cuartel kept talking about Bertha and Sandra said that they have to support her and go on a diet with her.

Betty caught up with Sánchez and took them all over EcoModa. Sánchez told her that all of this could one day be hers...

Hugo and the models are rehearsing for the fashion show while the board members watched. Claudia Bosch winked at Armando and Marcela noticed. Patricia, who was sitting next to Marcela, was there to regale her with the story about Armando talking to Claudia prior to the rehearsal. Marcela asked Patricia for the name of the model who was being so friendly with Armando. After the rehearsal, Margarita and Roberto congratulated Hugo on his designs and the quality of the fabrics he used. Hugo, very sarcastically, commented that everything would turn out fine as long as no one tricked him again like Armando did with the past collection. Armando, who was so mad at the comment, told Hugo that the fabric for the collection would be exactly the same as what the models would wear during the fashion show. Marcela tried to make sure that the conversation between Hugo and Armando didn't turn into a major fight. After everyone left, Marcela confronted Armando and asked him about Claudia's behaviour. He, playing coy and innocent, asked her how she can even think that anything was going on! She warned him that he was not to get involved with any of the models.

Betty was showing Sánchez and the guy from the court the materials and designs for the upcoming collection. The other guy has a name, thankfully -- Dr. Moreno. Sánchez and Moreno thought that the clothes would be included in the lien but Betty said that was impossible. She was very worried and warned them that they need to be extremely careful that Daniel or Roberto don't overhear what they were talking about. Roberto congratulated Armando for the new collection and everyone got ready to leave.

Sandra asked Aura María to get her some catalogues for the fashion show. Dr. Sánchez, on his way out the door, noticed Sandra and was immediately smitten with her. He walked with her to the elevator and looked at her as if she were a goddess. He told Dr. Moreno that his heart was beating madly and that he would marry Sandra. Dr. Moreno told him to think about it -- the woman was twice as tall as he was! That it would be best for him to keep his mind on his work, or perhaps set his sights on Betty, who was on her way to becoming a rich woman, and with all that money even she can be thought of as a beautiful woman. They go to Hugo's workshop and decide there was nothing to be inventoried there. They then ran smack into the area where the models were changing and Hugo told them to leave. Betty made sure that everything was okay and led them away.

Roberto, Margarita, Daniel and Catalina were on their way out when they ran into Sánchez and Moreno... who in their infinite wisdom (NOT!!) decide right there and then to ask Armando to sign the lien paperwork. Roberto wanted to know what was going on, and Betty very ably averted a major disaster by explaining that the gentlemen have finished with their inventory and Armando just needed to okay their report. Daniel, who didn't believe for a minute the inventory story, asked Sánchez for his business card. After everyone left, Armando made sure that he was signed the lien papers and looked them over. Sánchez gave him his business card and offered his services to him! After they finally left, Armando gave Betty the paperwork and pleaded her to stash them away in a safe place -- and told her that EcoModa was now in her hands.

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Yo Soy Betty, La Fea (Ugly Betty) update

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Episode 40 - Ugly Betty Survive Probe Meeting

Don Hermes walked in on Nicolás resting on Betty's bed, and complained that while he was working, Nicolás was sleeping. Nicolás answered that he was not sleeping, he was meditating. Don Hermes wanted to know why Nicolás was acting so strangely since he received the phone call from Sánchez and why he said something about "holding his horses." Nicolás answered that he was just repeating a line from a movie he saw when he was a kid. Don Hermes told him to stop saying insane stuff and Nicolás responded that a messenger was asking for money and they don't have funds to cover the request. Don Hermes asked if Dr. Sánchez was that someone and Nicolás answered that he must be working as a messenger since so many attorneys were out of work.

Bertha asked Freddy to go get Patricia's blood work results at the lab.

Armando explained to Mario about how Betty combined the losses and profits from the past two collections into a doctored report to present to the Board. Roberto and Margarita arrived at EcoModa... Margarita asked Aura María if she was still single and looking for the man of her dreams. Marcela helpfully stated that Aura María was looking very hard.

In the meantime, Armando and Mario were singing praises of Betty's latest creative accounting, the phone started ringing again. Mario finally got fed up at the incessant ringing of the phone and told Armando to answer it. Armando answered and of course it was Nicolás again. Nicolás again told him that it was urgent that he spoke with Betty. Armando asked if the urgency involved the death of Betty's parents. Nicolás answered no. Betty arrived and Armando complained about Nicolás' calls. Nicolás complained to Betty about having to make so many calls from his cell phone. Betty told him that she didn't have time to chat -- but Nicolás told her about the lien and Sánchez' impending arrival at EcoModa... Armando found out that his parents were on their way AND Betty told him about the lien. You could guess Armando's reaction to the news!

Daniel arrived and was greeted by a lollipop sucking Wilson. Right on Daniel's heels we see Sánchez and some other guy (from the court). Daniel greeted everyone and asked Catalina if she was going to once again be in charge of the publicity for the fashion show and told her he was surprised that she was back since he thought she had a reputation to protect. Catalina cut him off by saying that she believed in what Armando was trying to accomplish.

Sánchez and co. ran into Armando and Betty as they got off the elevator on the first floor. Armando told them that they MUST be as discreet as possible and they responded that they would of course be. Sánchez was surprised to realize that Betty worked at EcoModa and asked her why she hadn't mentioned this to him before. She said that she had been working for EcoModa for a while and that she had lent money to Armando which had never been paid back to her. She also said that he should go ahead with the process while she tried to reach an agreement with Armando. Betty escorted Sánchez and the other guy to production and told the employees that they were from an insurance company and need to do an inventory of the equipment, and asked for their full cooperation. Sánchez told the other guy that Betty was a good person. The other guy thought the whole situation was a bit strange. Sánchez agreed, but that it was of no concern to him. Sánchez handed his coat to one of the seamstresses so that she'll MEND IT for him!

At the board meeting, Roberto wanted to know who Sánchez and his companion were. Armando gave him the story about them being from an insurance company. Daniel said that the only insurance the company needed was against Armando destroying it. Roberto told Daniel to shut up, that he was not there to listen to that kind of talk.

Wilson told Aura María that the two gentlemen were at EcoModa to place a lien on the company. Betty overheared this and SCREAMED at him to come talk to her. She asked him if he ever had the nightmare where someone was about to tore his head off and then placed it in a box. He answered that he had and wondered why Betty wanted to know. She told him that his nightmare would come true if Armando found out what he had been saying to Aura María. She also added that it was all a misunderstanding that had already been cleared up. She then asked Aura María not to say a word to anyone about Wilson's comment.

Betty went to the boardroom and Armando asked her to present the report. Meanwhile, Hugo arrived and Patricia told him that he was wanted in the boardroom. He said that he was in no mood to sit in on a boring meeting and that until "those people" start talking about nice things, he was no longer going to attend their meetings.

Betty explained that once the next collection was launched, the financial situation would again be rosy. Daniel responded that this would only be true if the report she was presenting was not doctored. Roberto told Daniel to stop. Daniel had the last word saying that no matter what, Armando would not be able to meet his goals.

Patricia went into the boardroom with the menus for lunch. Daniel stared at her, looking scared. She gave him a menu and asked him when he was going to acknowledge that her son was his! Daniel told her that this was neither the place nor time to talk about the subject. Patricia didn't let go. She added that she had already had the child's DNA tested and that the kid was definitely HIS!! Then she asked her son, Danielito - the spitting image of Daniel in a business suit and slicked back hair, to come in and show Daniel the papers that proved that he is a Valencia. Daniel didn't want to look at the child or the papers. The boy told him "look, daddy, I am your son."

Roberto told Daniel that those papers proved beyond a doubt that the child was his; Margarita told him that he had to step up to his responsibility and that Patricia did not deserve such treatment from; Marcela told him that Patricia was her best friend and that she'll never forgive him if he didn't live up to his responsibilities. Armando and Betty had very happy expressions on their faces during this whole exchange. Patricia told Daniel not to worry, that what she'll do was make sure that all of Colombia knew the real man behind the title of director of the Economic Resources Board. Of course, this had all been a daydream of Daniel's... However, at the mere sight of Patricia he did started sweating bullets and Roberto asked him if he was alright. Daniel said that there was nothing wrong. Patricia kept giving out the menus while giving Daniel the killer look. Daniel could only blot the sweat from his forehead.

Episode 39 - Ugly Betty Owns Ecomoda

Armando was greeted at his parents' home by stern requests from Daniel and Roberto for an urgent board meeting. Armando did not agree to their demand, using as a reason the company's regulations and statutes - the next meeting was supposed to hold in September.

Margarita and Marcela supported Armando's point of view. They stressed that it would be then that Armando's one year term as President of EcoModa would come to an end and it wouldn't be fair to have a meeting prior to that anniversary. Roberto agreed not have the meeting, but told Armando that he must see a report of the losses incurred from the previous collection, as well as the plans for future growth.

Betty talked to Nicolás about all the problems that was presently beseiging EcoModa and that she must be very careful where she hid the lien papers because if the Mendozas and Valencias ever found out, there would be a major scandal. Betty told Nicolás that they would have a double dose of bad news: first about the lien on the company and worse that it was she who placed the lien and now owned the company. Nicolás told her that if they were to realize the truth about Betty's role, they would have to treat her like a princess. Betty, as always was mocking her own "ugliness," told Nicolás that they would have to treat her as the Princess of the Uglies. Nicolás started commenting about what Betty could do with all the money involved but Betty reminded him that she would NEVER do any such thing or keep the company for herself.The next morning, Patricia went to the lab to have her blood sample tested. Bertha told her friends about the encounter with her husband.

Armando told Betty about the big mess he was now in since Daniel and Roberto were demanding for the reports detailing the losses and projections, but that for now he was thankful that their demand for an urgent board meeting had been put to rest.

Armando asked Betty to prepare a doctored report regarding the previous collection so that the losses would not be as bad as they actually were. Betty, as usual, accepted to cover up for Armando. Bertha called the lab and impersonated Patricia to ask if they could please also do a pregnancy test. The nurse told her that they would and that the results would be ready the next day.

The phone rang at Betty's home and her mother answered it... She looked surprised to hear that someone was asking about TerraModa. Don Hermes looked at her and yelled “yes”, that was the name of the company so she answered TerraModa -- and was once again surprised to be asked about Dr. Mora. It is Dr. Sánchez who wanted to know when he could reach Nicolás. To his inquiry as to who she was, Julia responded that she is Nicolás' "secretary".

Speaking of the devil, Nicolás arrived and Don Hermes gave him the third degree about where he had been, and that the phone was ringing incessantly between 8 am and 6 pm, and that all the calls were for TerraModa and he wanted to know what to do about it. Nicolás apologized and said that he was out running an important errand. He also asked if they noticed any changes in his appearance. He then pointed to his pants and Doña Julia commented about whether his mom finally got around to mending his pants! Nicolás looked to make sure there weren't any ‘problems’ with his pants and then said that the real change was his new cell phone.

Don Hermes wanted to know if TerraModa would be covering his cell phone expenses and Nicolás answered "of course." Nicolás then proceeded to make a phone call from his cell phone - to Betty's house! Doña Julia answered the phone and asked who was calling - Nicolás told her it was him. Don Hermes got mad and told him to turn off the phone and reminded him about how expensive cell phone calls were. He also told him that he was very confused about the large amounts of money in TerraModa's account at Montreal Bank and wanted to know if the bank lent that money to TerraModa. Nicolás played innocent and said that he had no idea since it was a deal between Betty, Armando and the bank.

The phone rang again... It was Dr. Sánchez for Nicolás again. He told him that he was in court and that it looked like the lien on EcoModa's inventory is going forward. Nicolás told him that this could not happen and that he must stop any such action. Sánchez told him that it was too late and that he was only calling him to warn him and to tell him that it would be done in the strictest confidence. He also told him that he was on his way to EcoModa and would keep in touch.

At EcoModa, Betty gave Armando the report for his meeting with the Board. He told her, as usual, that he won't have time to familiarize himself with the information so that she should be ready to discuss it at the meeting. Betty's phone started ringing and Armando told her that it was more important to make copies of the report than answer the phone. Betty left... Since the phone wouldn't stop ringing, Armando picked it up and found himself ear to ear with Nicolás. Armando told him that Betty wasn't there and asked who was calling. Nicolás identified himself and told Armando that it was urgent that he spoke to Betty, that he needed her to call him back as soon as possible at home or on his cell phone. Armando told him that he couldn't be bothered to leave a message for Betty!

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Episode 38 - In The Eye of The Storm

Aura María called Sofía to let her know that her husband had arrived to talk to her. Inesita warned Sofía about keeping a clear head. Everyone, including Patricia, the Cartel, Freddy and Efraín, were surprised at the new, calm Sofía.

In the meantime, Roberto asked Marcela how badly affected EcoModa was after the previous collection. She told him that the company could withstand the losses, but that it was best if he talked directly with Armando. Armando and Betty were talking to one of the bank managers, Dr. Contreras, who told them that the bank was going to start a process against EcoModa...
Armando tried to reach an agreement with the bank official, telling him that a very important company had taken over EcoModa and that he'd like to work out a payment agreement. Betty did her song and dance about how EcoModa would be able to meet its outstanding debts; however Dr. Contreras wanted more insurance than that. However, there was nothing else to give since EcoModa was now in the hands of TerraModa. Armando begged him to be discrete and not make a big scandal about what he had just found out -- and assured him that EcoModa would pay as promised. Betty asked Contreras to consider her proposal.

Marcela told Margarita that Armando had been behaving very well these past few days and hadn't been cheating on her, and was right now with ugly Betty -- which helped her to be at ease. Daniel arrived to say hello to Armando's parents.

Betty and Armando also arrived and Armando asked her to prepare a report to outline the payment plan to the banks, as well as an overall report of the company's financial picture and have it ready the next morning. Betty told him that she had already prepared those reports and Armando congratulated her for being so efficient.

Claudia Bosch walked into Armando's office and asked him to speak to him in private. He tried to tell her that he couldn't, and for extra security hugged Betty's shoulder to prevent her from leaving. However, Betty told Armando that she had work to do and left him all alone with Claudia -- which did not please Armandito one bit. Claudia asked Armando to get rid of Betty so they could spend the night together again. Armando told her that he had a lot of stuff to do, that he was busy and didn't have time to be with her. She told him that she would let him be if he kissed her, which he did and Betty overheard everything.

Marcela called Patricia to ask her if Armando was at work because his cell phone was off and she could't reach him. Patricia told her that he had just arrived. Patricia was on her way to Armando's office, which prompted Bertha's radar to go into action and alert Sofía to call Betty to let her know that Patricia was on her way and might catch Armando in a "compromising" position. Armando was still going to town with Claudia, when Betty came out and told Armando that she had a message for him. Armando, because he really was an idiot at heart (apparently), got mad at Betty for interrupting... Patricia gave Armando the messages and knew something was amiss since his hair was all messed up.

Freddy went to Hugo to tell him to ensure that the next collection went perfectly, he needed to allow Jenny to model with Ecomoda! Hugo made fun of Freddy.

Bertha's husband called her to let her know that he was back from his trip and wanted to see the car she bought with the six million pesos he left with her. Bertha was a tad nervous, to say the least.

Betty finished one of her unending series of reports about the state of EcoModa and told Mario and Armando about the projections for payments to the creditors, which would only work if the next four collections are a success. Mario told Armando that there was just no way that they'll be able to meet their outstanding debts and that the only thing left to do was for Armando to save EcoModa and see what else he could do afterwards. Betty recommended that they pursue a strategy that included exporting the merchandise to try to get rid of the stuff from the failed collections.
After Betty went home, Mario kept talking to Armando about the dire situation at EcoModa, how Betty's projections stated that they must fulfill all their outstanding debts within the next year, and that if things continue going the way they were, before the end of that year Armando would have to hand over the presidency to Daniel. However, there won't be a company to give Daniel to preside over, since it now belonged to Miss Universe also known as the beautiful "genie." Mario began to plant the seeds of doubt regarding Armando's blind trust in ugly Betty... Armando told Mario that he did trust Betty, that she was completely trustworthy, that any time that he asked for the company back she would return it without batting an eyelid. Mario told Armando to be very careful of the way he treated Betty, since all of them (Armando, Mario, the Valencias, the Mendozas) were now in her hands.
The new Bertha got home and was greeted by her Gordito. He inquired after the car since he has bought her a gift for it. Bertha had to confess about the lipo surgery which made her husband fainted.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Episode 37 - Ecomoda In Troubled Waters

Freddy told Aura Maria that Sofia slapped him because he made a comment about the new fitting model, and Aura Maria told him that Jenny was Sofia’s husband’s mistress. Efrain (Sofia’s husband) arrived to pick up Jenny, who was making every effort to drive Sofia up the wall. Inesita told Sofia that it could not be a coincidence that Jenny just happened to show up at EcoModa, that it had to be Jenny’s way of paying Sofia back for all the things she said to her when they ran into Jenny and Efrain at the bar the night they all got drunk.

Betty got home and told Nicolas about how badly things were going at EcoModa, and also told him Armando’s plans to protect EcoModa by having TerraModa take over it.

Armando arrived at Marcela’s apartment and asked her what will happen if she told Daniel and his parents about the failed collection. He told her that if she talked to them, he’ll back out of the marriage, and that if she helped him with the company he’ll “do her the favor” of marrying her… However, at the same time he approached her and started kissing her passionately and Marcela told him that she will help him, only if he promised that he won’t do anything crazy.

Nicolas told Betty that with the paper that Armando signed for the loan, he practically handed her EcoModa on a silver platter. Betty told him that Armando did it to protect the company and that eventually TerraModa would put a lien on EcoModa to protect it from its other creditors.

Nicolas told her that if she was going to participate in this set up, she had to be aware that it may be legal but not ethical. She told him that she felt like she owed it to Armando to do this, and also made him promise that he won’t say anything to anyone because she promised Armando she wouldn’t tell anyone either. And, that for the time being, they won’t be able to set up a formal office, and since Armando told her to run the company as she saw fit, she wanted to hire her father to handle the Accounting books for TerraModa.

Sánchez told Nicolás that they have to acount for all of EcoModa's property prior to placing the lien. Bertha told Sofía that she had figured out how to get Patricia to undergo a pregnancy test and finally know if she was faking or not. The banks started calling EcoModa since the Chamber of Commerce bulletin announced the lien by TerraModa had already been published. Betty did her best to keep them at bay. Nicolás told Betty that the process had started against EcoModa. There was no going back.

Bertha told Gutiérrez that Patricia hadn't had any of the blood tests required of all new employees and that she wasn't covered by a health plan -- "a big problem should she have an accident at work." Gutiérrez told Patricia to have the tests done. She of course didn't want to get them done, but tough luck... Even Marcela won't get her out of this one.

Marcela asked Armando if he was okay since she thought he was looking pretty bad lately. He told her that, as usual, he was worried about the upcoming launch. She baded him goodbye and went on her way to pick up Armando's parents at the airport.

Betty got a call from Wilson saying that someone was waiting for her. She told Armando that the paperwork for the lien by TerraModa against EcoModa had arrived. Mario asked who was delivering the paperwork and Betty answered that Nicolás Mora, a friend, was making the delivery. Mario got very worried and asked Armando if he knew who Nicolás was -- whether he could be trusted. Armando told him that Nicolás was a classmate of Betty, a neighbor who was working with her at TerraModa.

Nicolás gave Betty the paperwork and told her that the judge was going to send a court official to perform an inventory of EcoModa's property. He told her that this could not be avoided and that there was no way to know when it will happen. The phone rang in the President’s office and since Betty wasn't there to answer it, Armando yelled out her name... Mario warns him to stop yelling at "The Monster" because from this moment forward she owned EcoModa.

Mario asked Betty about her meeting with the lawyer he recommended and she told him about the meeting. Mario reminded her to make sure that everything was handled very carefully. Betty explained that everything was going well, and dropped the bomb about the inventory. Armando had one of his fits of hysteria and started yelling at Betty for not taking care of avoiding this, Betty explained that this was something beyond their control. She was obviously ticked off by Armando and off she went to her office. Mario told Armando that Betty was right and that it was important that he stopped yelling at her.

Armando went to Betty's office and asked her if she had prepared the payment projections... She told him that she had them. Armando then, very calmly, started to talk to her and told her that she needed to understand that these were very tough times for him, that he was upset that he had given his company to her. Armando hugged her and told her that he was fearful that they would be found out, that he won't be able to save the company, but Betty comforted him and told him that she will take care of everything, that she will be behind him 100%, that they'll work together and be able to conquer it all. Armando took hold of Betty's hands and told her that she was the motor that runs his life, and that together with love they'll be able to fly above it all, do great things, fly over the ocean, the mountains... Betty told him: yes, doctor, we'll go hand in hand, safeguarding one another, you and me against the world, until death do us part, doctor... Did you really think that this happened? Sorry!! Another dream courtesy of Betty's fertile imagination!

As usual, reality bites and Betty woke and found Armando yelling at her since they had to go to the banks.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Episode 36 - The Blackmail

Marcela came home from her trip to the US and went in to see Armando to tell him that she had already bought her wedding trousseau and fabric for her wedding dress. She said this in front of Mario and Betty, who didn’t take the news very well.

Marcela showed Hugo the fabric for her dress and asked Mariana for the sales reports, and was very concerned to see how badly it has gone. Hugo told her that it was due to the poor quality fabrics they used.

Marcela went to the board room where she found Armando, Mario, and Betty and asked them for an explanation. Marcela blamed Armando for being so stubborn about using the poor quality fabrics and asked him how much money they’ve lost…

She then aimed her guns at Betty, who was standing, to tell her since she must know them by heart. Betty said nothing. Armando told Marcela to calm down, that EcoModa was sufficiently strong to handle this drawback, which was all it was. Armando asked Betty to please sit down… Marcela gave her one of those ‘if looks could kill’ looks and told Armando that for once she’d like to have a conversation in private, meaning without ugly Betty around, since she was not a stockholder.

Armando told Marcela that Betty was for all intents the Financial VP and that he needed her there. Marcela sarcastically gave Betty a hand and blamed her for the financial disaster, but Armando stood up for her saying that Betty was just following orders. Betty said that she’d rather leave and go out to lunch and let them talk in private. After some more arguing, Armando, Mario and Marcela decide that they have to launch a new collection as soon as possible. So they told Hugo to get going. Hugo reminded Armando, mockingly, about the fact that the fabrics must be of top quality.

Hugo had asked Inesita to select the new fitting model from a group waiting in the lobby. Without realizing it, Inesita selected Jenny, Sofia’s husband’s mistress.

The cartel came back from lunch and Freddy told them that he had seen a model tailor made for him, referring to Jenny, and Aura Maria got very jealous.

Hugo reminded Armando about their bet and the fact that he had to dress up in drag.

Mario told Armando that it was obvious they were not going to meet their business goals and it was time to come clean with the board. Armando told him that he was not going to hand the presidency and his head in a silver platter to Daniel.

Sofia had a fit when she saw Jenny and started asking for her not to be hired. The cartel tried to calm her down, but she went to Hugo’s corner to tell him that he couldn’t hire Jenny because she took her husband away from her. Hugo, just to be contrary, told her right at that moment that he was hiring Jenny. Sofia went to Armando to tell her about her problem.Armando asked Hugo not to hire Jenny, but Hugo just to spite Armando and Sofia hired her. Armando told Sofia that he couldn’t do anything about Hugo’s decision, and Sofia went off crying.

Marcela didn’t want Jenny to be hired from the first moment she saw her, and when she found out that Jenny was Sofia’s husband’s mistress she was even more against it. She told Armando that they couldn’t do that to Sofia, but Armando told her that he already tried reasoning with Hugo but did not cut any ice with him.

Armando asked Marcela not to tell her brother or his parents about the failure of the most recent collection, and Marcela didn’t like it. Betty explained to Armando that the consequences of the loan that TerraModa has given EcoModa and that she will have to register the business situation with the Chamber of Commerce. Marcela told Sofia that Hugo won’t budge on hiring Jenny. Patricia told Marcela that Aura Maria took Mario away from her.

Betty told Armando that she felt terrible for the problems at EcoModa and also that she felt it was her fault that the collection failed since it was her economic analysis that led to buying the cheaper fabrics. Armando told her that she shouldn’t feel bad because it was his decision since he accepted the conditions to be able to meet his goals, and he knew that she had told him that she didn’t know anything about the fashion business – that all the responsibility was his. Betty told him that she was here for him and will do everything she could to prevent having to have TerraModa take over EcoModa.

Jenny called Efrain (Sofia’s husband) to tell him that she’ll be working at EcoModa, but he asked her to leave immediately because Sofia was going to kill her. Sofia talked to Efrain as well and demanded that he made Jenny leave EcoModa. Freddy arrived and asked if they already hired the new fitting model because she was a “remamita,” which infuriated Sofia, who slapped poor Freddy.

Armando told Betty that TerraModa was established with a seed investment of $160 million pesos, but that she was able to lend EcoModa $200 million pesos – how did she accomplish that? She told him that she invested the money in the stock market. Armando congratulated her but also askd her how come she always used the pronoun “we” when talking about TerraModa. She explained that a friend from school, Nicolas Mora, was helping her out, but made it clear that Nicolas was not aware of anything about why TerraModa was established, that he was just an employee. Armando reminded her that no one should know the real reason behind TerraModa, only Betty, himself, and Mario.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Episode 35 - Ecomoda Gives Birth To Terramoda

Mario told him that it is possible that this woman could still arrive and teach him about love, but that hopefully she’ll find him before he got married, but Armando told him that he was too close to getting married and that the woman that he was going to love would not arrive after all.

Betty came out of her office and told Armando that she could clean his office, but Armando refused to let her do it. He asked her again to go home to rest, and apologized again. We then see Mario and Armando in the executive bathroom washing glasses and talking. It was very funny, Mario washing, Armando drying…
Armando told Mario that he did the worst thing he had ever done to anyone by leaving Betty in her office all night. Mario told him how he could behave as if Betty didn’t matter, that she’s St. Betty. Armando told him that Betty was a wonderful woman, that he had never met anyone like her, because she was loyal, obedient, honest, and was the one person he trusts implicitly.
When Betty got home she ran into Nicolas and told him about the loan from TerraModa. Gutierrez came to work looking like he’d run into a pack of wild cats, and called Freddy and Berta to his office to ask them for their letter of resignation since they caused this problem for him at home. The cartel went to see Armando and asked him to help Freddy and Berta. Armando asked Gutierrez what happened, to which Gutierrez responded that his cat scratched him. Armando reminded him that he didn’t have a cat. Gutierrez had no other choice than to let Berta and Freddy be. The cartel thanked Armando for his help.
Patricia came to the office and Armando and Mario were dismayed to find out that she was back.
Armando said that she was like the Terminator, that you think she’s gone, she comes back again and again. Patricia said that Daniel asked her not to resign, which Armando didn’t want to hear.

Betty was in her room, writing in her diary, saying that she prayed that Armando’s business plan worked out, that she would feel guilty if he failed. She also said that she was scared about the money he borrowed from TerraModa, and that she was glad to know that she was the most important person in Armando’s life, more than his own fiancée, but that for him she was not a woman. Betty also wrote that she spent a hellish night locked in her office and he didn’t even think about her, that he only saw her as an employee. She heard him say that he was waiting for the woman of his dreams, but he didn’t realize that she was there, just a few feet away from his desk. She told her diary that she had no ideal how to show him that she was the woman he needed, and that he’ll never know it. Only a miracle would make him realize how she felt, and she didn’t believe in miracles anymore, much less now that he was so close to getting married.
Betty told Nicolas that she was going to ask Armando for permission to set up an office for TerraModa, because she wanted her dad to do the books for the company. And, she also told Nicolas that they needed to have plenty of cash available in case Armando wanted to ask for another loan.
Armando was very worried because his business/sales strategy was a failure.

When Betty got to work he asked her for another loan and puts EcoModa up as collateral. Mario told him that this meant giving Betty complete control over EcoModa. Armando said that this was exactly what he was doing and told Betty that since sales were so bad and cash flow into the company was minimal, the banks were going to want to dismantle EcoModa. Betty told him that she can hold off the banks until the next collection came out, but Armando told her that they needed more time, so he wanted TerraModa to sue EcoModa so that the banks won’t. Betty was completely against doing this because even though this would be legally correct, it was unethical. Armando told her that this was the only way he could pay back the company’s debts. He begged her not to abandon him, that he needed her help, and actually questioned her loyalty to him!
Betty went to her office to think about it all and thought about how Armando had always supported her, encouraged and motivated her, stood up for her with Marcela and Daniel, and believed in her. So she decided to help him and told herself that she could not leave him stranded. Betty told Armando that she was completely loyal to him and that she will do whatever he needed her to do. He told her to go ahead with the suit over EcoModa and thanked her for her assistance.