Monday, August 25, 2008

Episode 38 - In The Eye of The Storm

Aura María called Sofía to let her know that her husband had arrived to talk to her. Inesita warned Sofía about keeping a clear head. Everyone, including Patricia, the Cartel, Freddy and Efraín, were surprised at the new, calm Sofía.

In the meantime, Roberto asked Marcela how badly affected EcoModa was after the previous collection. She told him that the company could withstand the losses, but that it was best if he talked directly with Armando. Armando and Betty were talking to one of the bank managers, Dr. Contreras, who told them that the bank was going to start a process against EcoModa...
Armando tried to reach an agreement with the bank official, telling him that a very important company had taken over EcoModa and that he'd like to work out a payment agreement. Betty did her song and dance about how EcoModa would be able to meet its outstanding debts; however Dr. Contreras wanted more insurance than that. However, there was nothing else to give since EcoModa was now in the hands of TerraModa. Armando begged him to be discrete and not make a big scandal about what he had just found out -- and assured him that EcoModa would pay as promised. Betty asked Contreras to consider her proposal.

Marcela told Margarita that Armando had been behaving very well these past few days and hadn't been cheating on her, and was right now with ugly Betty -- which helped her to be at ease. Daniel arrived to say hello to Armando's parents.

Betty and Armando also arrived and Armando asked her to prepare a report to outline the payment plan to the banks, as well as an overall report of the company's financial picture and have it ready the next morning. Betty told him that she had already prepared those reports and Armando congratulated her for being so efficient.

Claudia Bosch walked into Armando's office and asked him to speak to him in private. He tried to tell her that he couldn't, and for extra security hugged Betty's shoulder to prevent her from leaving. However, Betty told Armando that she had work to do and left him all alone with Claudia -- which did not please Armandito one bit. Claudia asked Armando to get rid of Betty so they could spend the night together again. Armando told her that he had a lot of stuff to do, that he was busy and didn't have time to be with her. She told him that she would let him be if he kissed her, which he did and Betty overheard everything.

Marcela called Patricia to ask her if Armando was at work because his cell phone was off and she could't reach him. Patricia told her that he had just arrived. Patricia was on her way to Armando's office, which prompted Bertha's radar to go into action and alert Sofía to call Betty to let her know that Patricia was on her way and might catch Armando in a "compromising" position. Armando was still going to town with Claudia, when Betty came out and told Armando that she had a message for him. Armando, because he really was an idiot at heart (apparently), got mad at Betty for interrupting... Patricia gave Armando the messages and knew something was amiss since his hair was all messed up.

Freddy went to Hugo to tell him to ensure that the next collection went perfectly, he needed to allow Jenny to model with Ecomoda! Hugo made fun of Freddy.

Bertha's husband called her to let her know that he was back from his trip and wanted to see the car she bought with the six million pesos he left with her. Bertha was a tad nervous, to say the least.

Betty finished one of her unending series of reports about the state of EcoModa and told Mario and Armando about the projections for payments to the creditors, which would only work if the next four collections are a success. Mario told Armando that there was just no way that they'll be able to meet their outstanding debts and that the only thing left to do was for Armando to save EcoModa and see what else he could do afterwards. Betty recommended that they pursue a strategy that included exporting the merchandise to try to get rid of the stuff from the failed collections.
After Betty went home, Mario kept talking to Armando about the dire situation at EcoModa, how Betty's projections stated that they must fulfill all their outstanding debts within the next year, and that if things continue going the way they were, before the end of that year Armando would have to hand over the presidency to Daniel. However, there won't be a company to give Daniel to preside over, since it now belonged to Miss Universe also known as the beautiful "genie." Mario began to plant the seeds of doubt regarding Armando's blind trust in ugly Betty... Armando told Mario that he did trust Betty, that she was completely trustworthy, that any time that he asked for the company back she would return it without batting an eyelid. Mario told Armando to be very careful of the way he treated Betty, since all of them (Armando, Mario, the Valencias, the Mendozas) were now in her hands.
The new Bertha got home and was greeted by her Gordito. He inquired after the car since he has bought her a gift for it. Bertha had to confess about the lipo surgery which made her husband fainted.

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