Saturday, August 2, 2008

Episode 16 - The Board Meeting cancelled

Meanwhile, the PC guy told Betty to cancel the meeting because he would not be able to get the PC fixed just then and asked her for her passwords. He tried to potray Betty as an incompetent secretary before the Board members by saying that the PC broke down because it was being misused, but Betty told him that this was impossible because she’s an experienced computer user.

Daniel scolded Betty for her failure to have back-up copies of the files and she was left looking like a fool in front of everyone. Daniel was about to leave, but Margarita asked him to stay for lunch.

Roberto told Armando to give up on trying to promote “the little ugly one” and to just let Patricia take care of the meeting. Armando said that he won’t promote Betty after all.

Betty was in her office and Armando arrived to get a video and again yelled at her. She started to cry and he asked her not to cry because she was making him feel bad (hello! Egocentric Man!!).

When the Cartel found out what happened to Betty, they went to her office and tried to cheer her up and she told them the whole story. Aura MarĂ­a called a friend who was a computer guru and had Betty talk to him. He told her that this was not a big problem and that he could get it fixed in an hour.

In the meantime, Roberto called a “confidence vote” on Armando’s behalf and said that the next board meeting will be held in two months.

Daniel said that he wanted to audit the company's books because they couldn’t let so much time pass without knowing how the company was running. Armando was opposed to this, but they told him that this was his fault for not having the report ready and he had no choice but to comply.

After lunch, the Board members went to Hugo’s to see the designs. The Cartel asked the PC guy to give them back Betty’s computer so that someone else who can actually fix it quickly could take a look at it. He refused, but Betty talked to Armando to let him know what was going on.

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