Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Episode 20 - The Cocktail Party

Betty told Mario and Armando that it was impossible to reach the goals they have set for the company. She also told them that to be able to reach their goals, they needed to lower the quality of the fabrics used for the designs. That they have to reduce costs to be able to increase production, but that even doing that, it wasn’t certain that they’ll be able to meet their goals without putting the company at risk.
Betty told Armando that it was best if he talked to the Board and let them know that he won’t be able to meet his goals. But, he was against giving up the presidency, and with Mario’s support decided to put it all on the line.
That night, Armando asked Betty to join him to close a deal with RagTela because he wanted her to review the contract prior to signing it. She told the Cartel that she was going to a cocktail party with her boss and asked their help to look better. She also called home to say that she was going to be late because of a business meeting.
In the bathroom, the Cartel congratulated Betty and joked that Armando was going to fall for her, since he gives her rides and takes her to cocktail parties, something he never did with his old secretary. Inesita got an outfit from Hugo’s collection and they fixed Betty up.

As soon as Armando saw her he told her that she looked “divine.” Mario also told her that she looked great. However, as we all suspected, this was only one of Betty’s daydreams. The cruel reality was that Armando didn’t pay attention to how she looked and just told her to get ready to go. Since Betty wasn’t used to wearing high heels, she ran into Armando a few times, and to avoid falling, held on to him, which made him mad.
Aura María flirted with Mario and when they said good night, Mario kissed her on the lips. At the cocktail party, they ran into Claudia Elena Vásquez, and Armando didn’t miss the chance to flirt with her, leaving Betty alone, who again stumbled and fell much to Armando’s chagrin.
Patricia went to Daniel’s office, where he treated her like dirt and asked her for sex in exchange for not letting everyone know what she did to Betty’s computer. Since this would make her look bad to the Mendozas and Valencias which she didn't want (caged like a trapped animal), she agreed.
He also told her that he needed her to spy on Armando. Patricia was offended by his request but what could she do? She agreed to spy for Daniel in exchange for his keeping quiet about her role in damaging Betty’s PC.

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