Monday, August 11, 2008

Episode 32 - Ugly Betty In Charge

Days later…

Sofía held on to Patricia’s paycheck to teach her a lesson since Patricia was always saying that she didn’t need to work to live. Patricia complained to Gutierrez, who told her that he couldn’t do anything about it, that she must go talk to Betty. Patricia went to Betty, who was preoccupied waiting for the sales reports and paid no attention to her.

Armando called Betty and she told him to come home because of the problems with the sales reports. Hugo asked Sofia to draw up the contracts for the “fitting” models and he has selected some models who charge very high hourly fees. Sofia asked for Betty’s approval, since Armando said that he didn’t want such expensive models hired. Betty told Sofia to tell Hugo that Armando’s orders are the law. Sofia told Hugo, who went to Betty’s office with the models and Betty reiterates that they couldn’t be hired. Hugo resigned, again, and he and the models made fun of Betty. Patricia also made fun of Betty, telling her that she was “queen for one more day” and that her horse-drawn carriage was going to turn into a pumpkin pulled by mice.That evening, at Betty’s house.

Nicolas told Betty that they’ve made quite a bit of profit in the stock market and that they’ve increased the seed capital for TerraModa. Hermes asks Betty why she and Nicolas are always on the Internet, and she told him that they’ve been playing the stock market with Armando’s money, and that both of them are getting paid for it.

The next day at EcoModa...Yesterday’s models were waiting outside EcoModa and when they saw Betty they mocked her again. A bank manager was looking for Armando, and Patricia seized the opportunity to flirt with him and told him that she was Armando’s assistant and that in his absence she was running the company, and asked Sofia and Berta to get them some coffee and to bring it to the board room.

At that very moment, Betty arrived and the bank manager recognized her and asked if they could talk. Betty asked Patricia to get them some coffee (!) and to also get her the list of phone calls to return, which made Patricia absolutely furious. Betty added insult to injury by asking Sofia if her pay situation has been fixed, since she was the President’s beloved secretary. Betty made fun of Patricia, telling her that as long as Armando was away she was the boss and that the horse-drawn carriage hadn’t changed back to a pumpkin and mice, which made Patricia even angrier. Betty then straightened things out with the bank manager.

Armando and Mario came back to EcoModa. Betty had placed some flowers and other things in Armando’s office, as a way to welcome him, but Armando hated them and told her to get rid of them. She told him about all the problems with the new collection. Armando asked Betty for a loan from TerraModa, to be ready to protect themselves from the banks. Betty called Nicolas to ask him to bring her TerraModa’s check book.

Patricia complained to Armando about the way Betty treated her, especially treating her as if she were Betty’s secretary, and also that she still hadn’t been paid. Armando got mad at Patricia for complaining to him and told her that it was her duty to work with Betty and support her. Patricia complained that the only thing that she didn’t do was to fix her hair every morning, and Betty (who was in on the conversation) told her that all she needed was Patricia’s support since she couldn’t do everything by herself. And, that she also told Patricia that if she couldn’t do it, the other secretaries were available to help. Patricia kept complaining, and Betty, who was standing where Mario and Armando couldn’t see her, started making faces at Patricia, pulled at her eyes, flattened her nose, and stuck her tongue out at Patricia.

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