Monday, August 4, 2008

Episode 18 - Betty Against The Odds

The Cartel wanted to give Betty the copies that they took away from PC guy, before he realized it, but since Betty was still with the Board, they elected Berta to deliver the reports to her.

Patricia made fun of the Cartel because (according to her), none of them was appropriately dressed to go into the Board meeting.

The PC guy was at loss when he realized that the Cartel have taken the reports he printed out.

Roberto congratulated Betty for her report and presentation, and Daniel said that she should be the President (what a nasty way to get at Armando!).
Armando told the Board that Betty would be promoted to the position of the assistant to the President and Roberto agreed to this. He said that the next meeting will be held in September, right before Armando and Marcela’s wedding.
The Cartel filled Betty in on the latest developments and gave her the reports.

As the Board members were leaving the room, Roberto congratulated Betty on her new position which made Patricia furious.
Betty told Armando about the PC guy’s actions and the fact that the Cartel had to retrieve the documents from him. Betty and Armando went to see the PC guy and Betty told Armando that the guy had made copies of all her files. Armando pressured the PC guy into telling him why he was so interested in those files. He threatened him with dire consequences if he didn’t get the whole truth out, about who was behind the whole thing.

The PC guy admitted that Olarte told him to do it. Armando fired the PC guy on the spot and told Wilson to check him over to make sure he was not taking anything he shouldn’t be taking.

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