Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Episode 26 - Betty Floats a Company

Mario told Armando that Betty might be as ugly as hell, but that she was an exceptional woman for having confessed about the bribe and for refusing to be bribed. Armando told him that Betty’s behaviour had shown him that she was the right person to run the business they had to establish to save EcoModa.

Marcela told Armando how upset she was that he doesn’t count on her when making business decisions, but he relies on “the ugly Betty” for everything.
Armando called Diana at RagTela and scolded her for having tried to bribe Betty. He demanded that they still give EcoModa the 5% rebate that was part of the bribe, making the discount 15%.

Mario told Armando that Betty was definitely a woman in love because not only did she reject the bribe and missed the opportunity of having all that money, but to have also confessed that she had been bribed, was not only a sign of loyalty but of love. Armando told Mario that she had principles, which both of them lost long ago, and that Betty didn’t take the bribe even though her family was going through financial difficulty.

Armando went to Betty’s office and asked her why she hadn’t reminded him to give her a salary increase. She told him that she felt bad about reminding him. He told her that she was getting a raise, which made her very happy. He then puts his hands on her shoulders and thanked her for all her help and told her how important she was to him.
The door to Betty’s office opened and Mario arrived with Catalina. Catalina greeted Betty very affectionately. They left Betty’s office, and when they closed the door Mario and Armando made some sarcastic remarks about ugly Betty (hello, what’s WRONG with Armando!?), but Catalina told them not to mock Betty.
Armando told Catalina that they’ve called her to hire her to do the public relations for the first launch under his presidency and they all went to Hugo’s lair to look at the designs he was working on.

Mario tried his best to flirt with Catalina, who pretty much compelled him off and told him that after two divorces she had had enough with men, although she told him that she was dating someone else.
Hugo greeted Catalina in his usually overenthusiastic manner and was overjoyed to hear that they would be working together.
Armando asked Betty to establish a new company, which will be in her name only. She was taken completely by surprise and thought that Armando was pulling her leg. He told her that he needed this phantom company to be able to deal with any problem that came up. The capital for the company will be $160 million pesos (I think this converts to $80,000, but I’m not sure).

Marcela complained to Margarita and Roberto about Armando’s behaviour with Betty. Roberto stood up for Betty, saying that ‘she’s a good person’. Marcela kept complaining, saying that if things kept going the way they were, she wouldn’t be surprised (ha, ha, ha!) if ugly Betty ended up running the company as President, since she has gone up in the company by leaps and bounds.
Margarita said that only a Mendoza or a Valencia can fill the presidency and that “that woman” could only become President if she took or bought the company from them (no, she was going to be GIVEN the company!).

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