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Monday, August 25, 2008

Episode 38 - In The Eye of The Storm

Aura María called Sofía to let her know that her husband had arrived to talk to her. Inesita warned Sofía about keeping a clear head. Everyone, including Patricia, the Cartel, Freddy and Efraín, were surprised at the new, calm Sofía.

In the meantime, Roberto asked Marcela how badly affected EcoModa was after the previous collection. She told him that the company could withstand the losses, but that it was best if he talked directly with Armando. Armando and Betty were talking to one of the bank managers, Dr. Contreras, who told them that the bank was going to start a process against EcoModa...
Armando tried to reach an agreement with the bank official, telling him that a very important company had taken over EcoModa and that he'd like to work out a payment agreement. Betty did her song and dance about how EcoModa would be able to meet its outstanding debts; however Dr. Contreras wanted more insurance than that. However, there was nothing else to give since EcoModa was now in the hands of TerraModa. Armando begged him to be discrete and not make a big scandal about what he had just found out -- and assured him that EcoModa would pay as promised. Betty asked Contreras to consider her proposal.

Marcela told Margarita that Armando had been behaving very well these past few days and hadn't been cheating on her, and was right now with ugly Betty -- which helped her to be at ease. Daniel arrived to say hello to Armando's parents.

Betty and Armando also arrived and Armando asked her to prepare a report to outline the payment plan to the banks, as well as an overall report of the company's financial picture and have it ready the next morning. Betty told him that she had already prepared those reports and Armando congratulated her for being so efficient.

Claudia Bosch walked into Armando's office and asked him to speak to him in private. He tried to tell her that he couldn't, and for extra security hugged Betty's shoulder to prevent her from leaving. However, Betty told Armando that she had work to do and left him all alone with Claudia -- which did not please Armandito one bit. Claudia asked Armando to get rid of Betty so they could spend the night together again. Armando told her that he had a lot of stuff to do, that he was busy and didn't have time to be with her. She told him that she would let him be if he kissed her, which he did and Betty overheard everything.

Marcela called Patricia to ask her if Armando was at work because his cell phone was off and she could't reach him. Patricia told her that he had just arrived. Patricia was on her way to Armando's office, which prompted Bertha's radar to go into action and alert Sofía to call Betty to let her know that Patricia was on her way and might catch Armando in a "compromising" position. Armando was still going to town with Claudia, when Betty came out and told Armando that she had a message for him. Armando, because he really was an idiot at heart (apparently), got mad at Betty for interrupting... Patricia gave Armando the messages and knew something was amiss since his hair was all messed up.

Freddy went to Hugo to tell him to ensure that the next collection went perfectly, he needed to allow Jenny to model with Ecomoda! Hugo made fun of Freddy.

Bertha's husband called her to let her know that he was back from his trip and wanted to see the car she bought with the six million pesos he left with her. Bertha was a tad nervous, to say the least.

Betty finished one of her unending series of reports about the state of EcoModa and told Mario and Armando about the projections for payments to the creditors, which would only work if the next four collections are a success. Mario told Armando that there was just no way that they'll be able to meet their outstanding debts and that the only thing left to do was for Armando to save EcoModa and see what else he could do afterwards. Betty recommended that they pursue a strategy that included exporting the merchandise to try to get rid of the stuff from the failed collections.
After Betty went home, Mario kept talking to Armando about the dire situation at EcoModa, how Betty's projections stated that they must fulfill all their outstanding debts within the next year, and that if things continue going the way they were, before the end of that year Armando would have to hand over the presidency to Daniel. However, there won't be a company to give Daniel to preside over, since it now belonged to Miss Universe also known as the beautiful "genie." Mario began to plant the seeds of doubt regarding Armando's blind trust in ugly Betty... Armando told Mario that he did trust Betty, that she was completely trustworthy, that any time that he asked for the company back she would return it without batting an eyelid. Mario told Armando to be very careful of the way he treated Betty, since all of them (Armando, Mario, the Valencias, the Mendozas) were now in her hands.
The new Bertha got home and was greeted by her Gordito. He inquired after the car since he has bought her a gift for it. Bertha had to confess about the lipo surgery which made her husband fainted.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Episode 37 - Ecomoda In Troubled Waters

Freddy told Aura Maria that Sofia slapped him because he made a comment about the new fitting model, and Aura Maria told him that Jenny was Sofia’s husband’s mistress. Efrain (Sofia’s husband) arrived to pick up Jenny, who was making every effort to drive Sofia up the wall. Inesita told Sofia that it could not be a coincidence that Jenny just happened to show up at EcoModa, that it had to be Jenny’s way of paying Sofia back for all the things she said to her when they ran into Jenny and Efrain at the bar the night they all got drunk.

Betty got home and told Nicolas about how badly things were going at EcoModa, and also told him Armando’s plans to protect EcoModa by having TerraModa take over it.

Armando arrived at Marcela’s apartment and asked her what will happen if she told Daniel and his parents about the failed collection. He told her that if she talked to them, he’ll back out of the marriage, and that if she helped him with the company he’ll “do her the favor” of marrying her… However, at the same time he approached her and started kissing her passionately and Marcela told him that she will help him, only if he promised that he won’t do anything crazy.

Nicolas told Betty that with the paper that Armando signed for the loan, he practically handed her EcoModa on a silver platter. Betty told him that Armando did it to protect the company and that eventually TerraModa would put a lien on EcoModa to protect it from its other creditors.

Nicolas told her that if she was going to participate in this set up, she had to be aware that it may be legal but not ethical. She told him that she felt like she owed it to Armando to do this, and also made him promise that he won’t say anything to anyone because she promised Armando she wouldn’t tell anyone either. And, that for the time being, they won’t be able to set up a formal office, and since Armando told her to run the company as she saw fit, she wanted to hire her father to handle the Accounting books for TerraModa.

Sánchez told Nicolás that they have to acount for all of EcoModa's property prior to placing the lien. Bertha told Sofía that she had figured out how to get Patricia to undergo a pregnancy test and finally know if she was faking or not. The banks started calling EcoModa since the Chamber of Commerce bulletin announced the lien by TerraModa had already been published. Betty did her best to keep them at bay. Nicolás told Betty that the process had started against EcoModa. There was no going back.

Bertha told Gutiérrez that Patricia hadn't had any of the blood tests required of all new employees and that she wasn't covered by a health plan -- "a big problem should she have an accident at work." Gutiérrez told Patricia to have the tests done. She of course didn't want to get them done, but tough luck... Even Marcela won't get her out of this one.

Marcela asked Armando if he was okay since she thought he was looking pretty bad lately. He told her that, as usual, he was worried about the upcoming launch. She baded him goodbye and went on her way to pick up Armando's parents at the airport.

Betty got a call from Wilson saying that someone was waiting for her. She told Armando that the paperwork for the lien by TerraModa against EcoModa had arrived. Mario asked who was delivering the paperwork and Betty answered that Nicolás Mora, a friend, was making the delivery. Mario got very worried and asked Armando if he knew who Nicolás was -- whether he could be trusted. Armando told him that Nicolás was a classmate of Betty, a neighbor who was working with her at TerraModa.

Nicolás gave Betty the paperwork and told her that the judge was going to send a court official to perform an inventory of EcoModa's property. He told her that this could not be avoided and that there was no way to know when it will happen. The phone rang in the President’s office and since Betty wasn't there to answer it, Armando yelled out her name... Mario warns him to stop yelling at "The Monster" because from this moment forward she owned EcoModa.

Mario asked Betty about her meeting with the lawyer he recommended and she told him about the meeting. Mario reminded her to make sure that everything was handled very carefully. Betty explained that everything was going well, and dropped the bomb about the inventory. Armando had one of his fits of hysteria and started yelling at Betty for not taking care of avoiding this, Betty explained that this was something beyond their control. She was obviously ticked off by Armando and off she went to her office. Mario told Armando that Betty was right and that it was important that he stopped yelling at her.

Armando went to Betty's office and asked her if she had prepared the payment projections... She told him that she had them. Armando then, very calmly, started to talk to her and told her that she needed to understand that these were very tough times for him, that he was upset that he had given his company to her. Armando hugged her and told her that he was fearful that they would be found out, that he won't be able to save the company, but Betty comforted him and told him that she will take care of everything, that she will be behind him 100%, that they'll work together and be able to conquer it all. Armando took hold of Betty's hands and told her that she was the motor that runs his life, and that together with love they'll be able to fly above it all, do great things, fly over the ocean, the mountains... Betty told him: yes, doctor, we'll go hand in hand, safeguarding one another, you and me against the world, until death do us part, doctor... Did you really think that this happened? Sorry!! Another dream courtesy of Betty's fertile imagination!

As usual, reality bites and Betty woke and found Armando yelling at her since they had to go to the banks.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Episode 36 - The Blackmail

Marcela came home from her trip to the US and went in to see Armando to tell him that she had already bought her wedding trousseau and fabric for her wedding dress. She said this in front of Mario and Betty, who didn’t take the news very well.

Marcela showed Hugo the fabric for her dress and asked Mariana for the sales reports, and was very concerned to see how badly it has gone. Hugo told her that it was due to the poor quality fabrics they used.

Marcela went to the board room where she found Armando, Mario, and Betty and asked them for an explanation. Marcela blamed Armando for being so stubborn about using the poor quality fabrics and asked him how much money they’ve lost…

She then aimed her guns at Betty, who was standing, to tell her since she must know them by heart. Betty said nothing. Armando told Marcela to calm down, that EcoModa was sufficiently strong to handle this drawback, which was all it was. Armando asked Betty to please sit down… Marcela gave her one of those ‘if looks could kill’ looks and told Armando that for once she’d like to have a conversation in private, meaning without ugly Betty around, since she was not a stockholder.

Armando told Marcela that Betty was for all intents the Financial VP and that he needed her there. Marcela sarcastically gave Betty a hand and blamed her for the financial disaster, but Armando stood up for her saying that Betty was just following orders. Betty said that she’d rather leave and go out to lunch and let them talk in private. After some more arguing, Armando, Mario and Marcela decide that they have to launch a new collection as soon as possible. So they told Hugo to get going. Hugo reminded Armando, mockingly, about the fact that the fabrics must be of top quality.

Hugo had asked Inesita to select the new fitting model from a group waiting in the lobby. Without realizing it, Inesita selected Jenny, Sofia’s husband’s mistress.

The cartel came back from lunch and Freddy told them that he had seen a model tailor made for him, referring to Jenny, and Aura Maria got very jealous.

Hugo reminded Armando about their bet and the fact that he had to dress up in drag.

Mario told Armando that it was obvious they were not going to meet their business goals and it was time to come clean with the board. Armando told him that he was not going to hand the presidency and his head in a silver platter to Daniel.

Sofia had a fit when she saw Jenny and started asking for her not to be hired. The cartel tried to calm her down, but she went to Hugo’s corner to tell him that he couldn’t hire Jenny because she took her husband away from her. Hugo, just to be contrary, told her right at that moment that he was hiring Jenny. Sofia went to Armando to tell her about her problem.Armando asked Hugo not to hire Jenny, but Hugo just to spite Armando and Sofia hired her. Armando told Sofia that he couldn’t do anything about Hugo’s decision, and Sofia went off crying.

Marcela didn’t want Jenny to be hired from the first moment she saw her, and when she found out that Jenny was Sofia’s husband’s mistress she was even more against it. She told Armando that they couldn’t do that to Sofia, but Armando told her that he already tried reasoning with Hugo but did not cut any ice with him.

Armando asked Marcela not to tell her brother or his parents about the failure of the most recent collection, and Marcela didn’t like it. Betty explained to Armando that the consequences of the loan that TerraModa has given EcoModa and that she will have to register the business situation with the Chamber of Commerce. Marcela told Sofia that Hugo won’t budge on hiring Jenny. Patricia told Marcela that Aura Maria took Mario away from her.

Betty told Armando that she felt terrible for the problems at EcoModa and also that she felt it was her fault that the collection failed since it was her economic analysis that led to buying the cheaper fabrics. Armando told her that she shouldn’t feel bad because it was his decision since he accepted the conditions to be able to meet his goals, and he knew that she had told him that she didn’t know anything about the fashion business – that all the responsibility was his. Betty told him that she was here for him and will do everything she could to prevent having to have TerraModa take over EcoModa.

Jenny called Efrain (Sofia’s husband) to tell him that she’ll be working at EcoModa, but he asked her to leave immediately because Sofia was going to kill her. Sofia talked to Efrain as well and demanded that he made Jenny leave EcoModa. Freddy arrived and asked if they already hired the new fitting model because she was a “remamita,” which infuriated Sofia, who slapped poor Freddy.

Armando told Betty that TerraModa was established with a seed investment of $160 million pesos, but that she was able to lend EcoModa $200 million pesos – how did she accomplish that? She told him that she invested the money in the stock market. Armando congratulated her but also askd her how come she always used the pronoun “we” when talking about TerraModa. She explained that a friend from school, Nicolas Mora, was helping her out, but made it clear that Nicolas was not aware of anything about why TerraModa was established, that he was just an employee. Armando reminded her that no one should know the real reason behind TerraModa, only Betty, himself, and Mario.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Episode 35 - Ecomoda Gives Birth To Terramoda

Mario told him that it is possible that this woman could still arrive and teach him about love, but that hopefully she’ll find him before he got married, but Armando told him that he was too close to getting married and that the woman that he was going to love would not arrive after all.

Betty came out of her office and told Armando that she could clean his office, but Armando refused to let her do it. He asked her again to go home to rest, and apologized again. We then see Mario and Armando in the executive bathroom washing glasses and talking. It was very funny, Mario washing, Armando drying…
Armando told Mario that he did the worst thing he had ever done to anyone by leaving Betty in her office all night. Mario told him how he could behave as if Betty didn’t matter, that she’s St. Betty. Armando told him that Betty was a wonderful woman, that he had never met anyone like her, because she was loyal, obedient, honest, and was the one person he trusts implicitly.
When Betty got home she ran into Nicolas and told him about the loan from TerraModa. Gutierrez came to work looking like he’d run into a pack of wild cats, and called Freddy and Berta to his office to ask them for their letter of resignation since they caused this problem for him at home. The cartel went to see Armando and asked him to help Freddy and Berta. Armando asked Gutierrez what happened, to which Gutierrez responded that his cat scratched him. Armando reminded him that he didn’t have a cat. Gutierrez had no other choice than to let Berta and Freddy be. The cartel thanked Armando for his help.
Patricia came to the office and Armando and Mario were dismayed to find out that she was back.
Armando said that she was like the Terminator, that you think she’s gone, she comes back again and again. Patricia said that Daniel asked her not to resign, which Armando didn’t want to hear.

Betty was in her room, writing in her diary, saying that she prayed that Armando’s business plan worked out, that she would feel guilty if he failed. She also said that she was scared about the money he borrowed from TerraModa, and that she was glad to know that she was the most important person in Armando’s life, more than his own fiancée, but that for him she was not a woman. Betty also wrote that she spent a hellish night locked in her office and he didn’t even think about her, that he only saw her as an employee. She heard him say that he was waiting for the woman of his dreams, but he didn’t realize that she was there, just a few feet away from his desk. She told her diary that she had no ideal how to show him that she was the woman he needed, and that he’ll never know it. Only a miracle would make him realize how she felt, and she didn’t believe in miracles anymore, much less now that he was so close to getting married.
Betty told Nicolas that she was going to ask Armando for permission to set up an office for TerraModa, because she wanted her dad to do the books for the company. And, she also told Nicolas that they needed to have plenty of cash available in case Armando wanted to ask for another loan.
Armando was very worried because his business/sales strategy was a failure.

When Betty got to work he asked her for another loan and puts EcoModa up as collateral. Mario told him that this meant giving Betty complete control over EcoModa. Armando said that this was exactly what he was doing and told Betty that since sales were so bad and cash flow into the company was minimal, the banks were going to want to dismantle EcoModa. Betty told him that she can hold off the banks until the next collection came out, but Armando told her that they needed more time, so he wanted TerraModa to sue EcoModa so that the banks won’t. Betty was completely against doing this because even though this would be legally correct, it was unethical. Armando told her that this was the only way he could pay back the company’s debts. He begged her not to abandon him, that he needed her help, and actually questioned her loyalty to him!
Betty went to her office to think about it all and thought about how Armando had always supported her, encouraged and motivated her, stood up for her with Marcela and Daniel, and believed in her. So she decided to help him and told herself that she could not leave him stranded. Betty told Armando that she was completely loyal to him and that she will do whatever he needed her to do. He told her to go ahead with the suit over EcoModa and thanked her for her assistance.

Episode 34 - A Night At The Office

Aura Maria wanted to go home after talking to Gutierrez but he asked her to stay so they could dance, and later go to a quieter place. Just then, Gutierrez’ cellular phone rang and it was his wife, so he had to go to the bathroom to take her call.
Aura Maria seized the opportunity to call Freddy but they couldn’t hear each other well because of the noise from the music. However, Freddy was able to at least find out where she was.
Betty got all her work done, was exhausted and wanted to go home, but when she went to open her door, she realized that Armando and Claudia were still there. She was stuck. Armando and Claudia start necking and when things got a little “hot,” she told him that she didn’t want to do anything in the office and invited him to her apartment. Betty didn’t know that they had left because Armando left the lights and music on.

Gutierrez was dancing with Aura Maria when his wife caught him trying to kiss her. She grabbed him by the ear and dragged him home! He left Aura Maria to pay the bill, and Freddy, who had just arrived to “rescue her,” had to leave his watch behind to secure payment.

Betty called home again to say that Armando asked several employees to work late so Hermes couldn’t argue with her. Betty was very sad in her office, thinking that the love of her life was off with someone else.

Freddy told Aura Maria about Armando’s decision regarding her being fired and also that he was the one that called Gutierrez’ wife.
Patricia went to Daniel’s apartment to beg him not to make her resign because she needed the money. He again set down the law about wanting her for sex and information. He then stood up and told her to undress that he’ll wait for her in his bedroom; she acted as if she was going to leave, but decided to do it.

Freddy took Aura Maria home and she thanked him with a kiss on the lips, which was like heaven to Freddy.

After having sex with Patricia, Daniel called a taxi and told her to go. He told her not to forget to close the door behind her, and he went to sleep.
The next day at EcoModa: Berta was worried that Gutierrez was going to fire her for giving out his home phone number.

Armando went to his office and was upset to see that the lights and the music were still on, the wine glasses, and mess he left behind was still there. He opened the door to Betty’s office and found her asleep at the keyboard. He threw the cork from the bottle at her to wake her up and started yelling at her for being asleep at the office. He asked her why his office was a mess and why she was sleeping at work, asking her if she had a bad night or was sick. She told him that she had a terrible night because she was up until 3 am waiting for him to tell her that it was okay to go home, and fell asleep, but that she woke up at 6 am and since she still could hear the music she fell asleep again.

Armando was crushed to hear what he did and asked her if she spent the whole night in her office. Betty said that all she did was follow his instructions to stay in her office until he told her that it was okay to come out. She also told him that she heard and saw nothing. He told her that he didn’t do anything, that he left at 2 am and forgot to let her know.

Betty gave him the report she’d prepared the night before and called a cleaning lady to pick up Armando’s office. Armando felt guilty for what he did to Betty. He apologized to her, and told her to go home to rest.

Mario went to Armando’s office and when he noticed the mess, he asked him how he could be so dumb to leave the evidence in full display. He also asked him for all the details about his evening. Betty listened in on the conversation, during which Armando told Mario that the women he had been with recently, including Marcela, just weren’t for him. That he saw them and desired them, but then when he was close to them he just didn’t feel anything. That out of all the women in his life the best one was Marcela because she represented stability. Mario told him that this must mean that he was leaving the door open for a woman to come in and fill his life with love, but Armando told him that he doesn’t even know what love was.

This filled Betty with hope.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Episode 33 - TerraModa Saves Ecomoda

Armando talked to Hugo to resolve the problem of his resignation, and Hugo told him that he will come back when Betty was no longer running the business. Nicolas arrived EcoModa to give Betty the checkbook and almost fainted when he saw Patricia walking out.

The cartel was at lunch at El Corrientazo, and were hatching a plan to get back at Patricia. Berta said that she was going to find a dress just like Patricia’s because Patricia was always making fun of how she dresses. They also talked about how close Patricia was to getting Mario to move in with her, which drove Aura Maria up the wall. Aura Maria also decided to do something to get back at Patricia. Armando asked Betty to sign the check for TerraModa’s loan to EcoModa.
Armando told Mario that the loan was to prevent any problems with the banks and to allow TerraModa to take over EcoModa before the banks did.
Aura Maria went to Mario’s office and started necking with him so that Patricia will catch them in the act. This resulted in Mario firing Aura Maria. She started crying and the cartel scolded her for behaving in such a way.
Patricia was very upset and went to ask for her check again since she planned to resign. Hugo comforted Patricia when she told him the story about Mario and Aura Maria.

Gutierrez called Aura Maria to his office and told her that she was fired, but took advantage of the situation to tell her that they should go out for a drink to see if he could do something to rectify her being fired.

Armando also scolded Mario for the problem with Aura Maria. Betty told Aura Maria that she was going to talk to Armando about her to see if she could helo fix things. Daniel asked Gutierrez if Patricia has handed in her letter of resignation, since he asked her to resign because she was not going along with his demands to have sex with him and also spy for him. Gutierrez told Daniel about the problem between Aura Maria and Patricia.

Armando told Mario to apologize to Patricia since they have to prevent Patricia from spying for Daniel at all costs . Betty asked Armando to help Aura Maria, and told him that by law Aura Maria can sue them for unjustified termination. Armando told Betty that if Aura Maria had threatened them with a suit, but Betty told him that she just wanted him to know what could happen. Gutierrez asked Armando what was going to happen with Aura Maria and Armando told him that all she was going to receive was a verbal admonishment.
But Gutierrez relayed the message as if it is up to him to decide what will happen with Aura Maria’s future and that they needed to get together that evening to discuss it. Hugo and the fitting models went to Armando’s office to arrange the contracts, but he told them that he could only hire two of them. Armando asked Betty to tell Sofia to draw up the contracts and to place a Help Wanted ad in the paper for another one.

Hugo stopped Betty as she was leaving Presidencia and made one of his world-famous rude jokes.
Freddy and the cartel didn’t want to let Aura Maria go out alone with Gutierrez, but he told her that it was just the two of them or she was fired.
Mario went to Patricia’s apartment to apologize about what happened at the office and to make up with her. Patricia took advantage of the situation and puts conditions on their reconciliation, including getting married and that he has to fire Aura Maria. Mario told her that he couldn’t do either of those things and that they could get back together but with no strings attached.
Aura Maria told Betty that Claudia Bosch was waiting to see Armando in the lobby, and also to let her know about her upcoming meeting with Gutierrez.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Episode 32 - Ugly Betty In Charge

Days later…

Sofía held on to Patricia’s paycheck to teach her a lesson since Patricia was always saying that she didn’t need to work to live. Patricia complained to Gutierrez, who told her that he couldn’t do anything about it, that she must go talk to Betty. Patricia went to Betty, who was preoccupied waiting for the sales reports and paid no attention to her.

Armando called Betty and she told him to come home because of the problems with the sales reports. Hugo asked Sofia to draw up the contracts for the “fitting” models and he has selected some models who charge very high hourly fees. Sofia asked for Betty’s approval, since Armando said that he didn’t want such expensive models hired. Betty told Sofia to tell Hugo that Armando’s orders are the law. Sofia told Hugo, who went to Betty’s office with the models and Betty reiterates that they couldn’t be hired. Hugo resigned, again, and he and the models made fun of Betty. Patricia also made fun of Betty, telling her that she was “queen for one more day” and that her horse-drawn carriage was going to turn into a pumpkin pulled by mice.That evening, at Betty’s house.

Nicolas told Betty that they’ve made quite a bit of profit in the stock market and that they’ve increased the seed capital for TerraModa. Hermes asks Betty why she and Nicolas are always on the Internet, and she told him that they’ve been playing the stock market with Armando’s money, and that both of them are getting paid for it.

The next day at EcoModa...Yesterday’s models were waiting outside EcoModa and when they saw Betty they mocked her again. A bank manager was looking for Armando, and Patricia seized the opportunity to flirt with him and told him that she was Armando’s assistant and that in his absence she was running the company, and asked Sofia and Berta to get them some coffee and to bring it to the board room.

At that very moment, Betty arrived and the bank manager recognized her and asked if they could talk. Betty asked Patricia to get them some coffee (!) and to also get her the list of phone calls to return, which made Patricia absolutely furious. Betty added insult to injury by asking Sofia if her pay situation has been fixed, since she was the President’s beloved secretary. Betty made fun of Patricia, telling her that as long as Armando was away she was the boss and that the horse-drawn carriage hadn’t changed back to a pumpkin and mice, which made Patricia even angrier. Betty then straightened things out with the bank manager.

Armando and Mario came back to EcoModa. Betty had placed some flowers and other things in Armando’s office, as a way to welcome him, but Armando hated them and told her to get rid of them. She told him about all the problems with the new collection. Armando asked Betty for a loan from TerraModa, to be ready to protect themselves from the banks. Betty called Nicolas to ask him to bring her TerraModa’s check book.

Patricia complained to Armando about the way Betty treated her, especially treating her as if she were Betty’s secretary, and also that she still hadn’t been paid. Armando got mad at Patricia for complaining to him and told her that it was her duty to work with Betty and support her. Patricia complained that the only thing that she didn’t do was to fix her hair every morning, and Betty (who was in on the conversation) told her that all she needed was Patricia’s support since she couldn’t do everything by herself. And, that she also told Patricia that if she couldn’t do it, the other secretaries were available to help. Patricia kept complaining, and Betty, who was standing where Mario and Armando couldn’t see her, started making faces at Patricia, pulled at her eyes, flattened her nose, and stuck her tongue out at Patricia.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Episode 31 - Betty, The Boss

Armando, after talking and talking to Hugo was finally able to convince him to stay at EcoModa, but he had to agree to a bet that if the new collection failed he’d have to dress up in a drag queen’s outfit and go out in public to a party with Hugo. If Hugo loses the bet, he’d have to keep using the poor quality materials. They hugged and the crowd applauded because they’ve “made up”!

The cartel, totally and completely bombed, went to the bathroom where they found Sofía crying. Inesita is worried about her friends and had called Freddy to help her. Betty went to the bathroom and was feeling quite dizzy, splashed some cold water on her face, and fainted since she was not used to drinking. Freddy arrived and carried Betty out of the bar. Betty opened her eyes and said “Don Armando” to which Freddy answered that she was delirious. Betty was dreaming that Armando was carrying her off and she almost fainted again and woke up as she heared her father yelling. Don Hermes was furious that Betty was in such a state and had to be carried out of the bar. Betty denied being drunk. Betty asked her mother how they ended up at the bar (in pajamas!), since they knew that she had a ride to get home. The cartel and Freddy couldn’t help but laugh at the whole situation of Hermes going to pick up Betty. Betty got home and her dad kept at her.

Finally, she was in her room alone and started writing in her diary about how she was so in love with Armando and doesn’t know how she’ll be able to handle being apart from him for two weeks.

The next morning, on her way to EcoModa…Betty told Nico about her night out with the girls and that this was the first time she’d ever been drunk and how her parents showed up in pajamas! The cartel had a major hangover and Freddy made them a special portion to make them feel better. They all asked Betty about her “Don Armando” comment after she fainted. Armando got to EcoModa and talked to Betty because he wanted to make sure that Betty was ready and able to hold fort at the helm of EcoModa while he was away. Betty assured him that she was.

Armando told everyone that he, Marcela, and Mario will be traveling to the USA and that Betty would run EcoModa in their absence. Hugo started making fun of Betty, and Marcela joined in by laughing at Hugo’s behavior.

Patricia asked for leave because she didn’t want to be at EcoModa while Betty was running it. Marcela told Armando that she was going to take advantage of the trip to the US to buy stuff for their wedding, but he told her that he doesn’t have time to worry about the details for the wedding and that he trusts her to take care of everything. Betty was sad to hear that the plans for the wedding were going ahead.

Armando told Betty that he was leaving and that he’ll be in touch with her so she can update him about the goings on at EcoModa. During this conversation Betty had one of her daydreams and imagined that Armando hugged her and told her that he didn’t know how he’ll be able to spend so many days away from her. They were about to kiss when the phone ranged and Armando snapped her out of her daydream. He left without even saying goodbye.

Patricia told Marcela that after the trip, she and Mario are going to move in together since he told her that when he comes back they’ll settle their relationship. Aura María went to a hotel with Mario before he left on his trip and asked him to formalize their relationship. He told her that he didn’t plan to “settle” with anyone.

The cartel was hanging around the lobby after lunch and this made them late coming back to their desks. Patricia made a big deal out of their being late and told Gutierrez about it so he will take action against them. The cuartel ran to Betty to ask for her help, since she was “boss” now.

Betty was in her office, staring at Armando’s screensaver on her PC. Gutierrez also went to Betty’s office to punish the cartel, but Betty told him that they arrived early from lunch but that she gave them permission to hang around the lobby afterwards. Gutierrez was mad because he couldn’t do anything about the situation.

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Re-Arrangement Completed

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I'm done with the re-arrangement and corrections.

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Episode 30 - The Cartel Celebrates

Catalina told Armando about the French buyer’s comments and hard it was going to be to sell the new collection. She also advised him that this was not the time to be on Hugo’s bad side because he was going to need him.

Betty asked her dad for permission to go out with her friends, explaining that she won’t be able to do it afterwards because she’ll be running EcoModa in Armando’s absence.

Roberto went to Armando to ask him about his poor judgment with the fabrics, telling him that this was a very risky behaviour. But, he told him that he was confident that things will turn out okay and that he was leaving for London and won’t be back until September’s Board of Directors meeting and of course Armando’s wedding to Marcela.

Armando apologized to Inesita for yelling at her.The cartel told Inesita and Betty about Hugo’s beau. Freddy realizes that the cartel was going out to party and wanted to go with them, but they wouldn’t let him.

Catalina talked to Mario and Armando and convinced Armando to try to mend fences with Hugo, telling him that Hugo is a great designer and he needed him on his side, that this was not the time to have Hugo going to the press. She also advised him to make up with Marcela because she is also very good at what she does. Armando went off to find Hugo since he needed to get things straightened out before his trip.

Marcela’s sister María Beatriz told Armando where he could find Hugo and he left.

Meanwhile, Betty and the cartel got to the bar they were going to celebrate. Betty said that she has to go make a phone call and her friends started to kid her that she must be calling Nico. She said that she had to call her dad to let him know where she was. She said that she doesn’t bother Nico, who had a lot of dates already. Nico was actually out with the neighborhood crew, who asked him to join them at a bar just to take advantage of him and have him pick up the tab. Betty reached her dad to let him know where she was and give him the phone number of the bar, but ended giving him the address of the place also. The cartel started toasting Betty and especially how this (Betty being in charge) was going to make Patricia feel.

Armando got to the place where Hugo was hanging out, which just so happened to be a gay bar. Armandito had to deal with men who are hitting on him, and even worse, he ran into Miguel from RagTela, and was surprised to find out he’s gay (wonder what Miguel thought about seeing Armando there!).

Armando is getting just a tad nervous to be “surrounded” and wanted to get out of there ASAP, but at that very moment he saw Hugo arrive. Armando told Hugo that they needed to talk, that they needed to clear things up, because Armando was leaving the next day and that they just couldn’t leave things like that because Armando needed Hugo. To the unknowing ear, this exchange sounds like a lover’s quarrel and Armando had to actually chase Hugo down to the men’s room to make him listen to him.
In the meantime, the cartel is pretty much getting wasted.
Armando chased Hugo all over the bar and finally got him to listen to him.

The Cartel is drunk and Sandra, Mariana and Aura María started dancing, and force Berta, Sofía, and Inés to join them. Betty, who was very drunk by now stayed put, but the cartel finally made her stand up and dance. Betty thought that she was looking sexy with her dancing, unfortunately, she was not!
The cartel found out that el Cheque (Sofia’s Ex) and Jenny were on the dance floor as well and Sofía started yelling at him, saying that he was out there spending the money he should have given to his children. Jenny and el Cheque left. The cartel told Sofía to forget about el Cheque and find herself another man. The cartel started flirting a group of men at a table. They asked Mariana, Sandra, and Aura María to dance, and Berta got up and started dancing by herself. Sofía went off to the bathroom crying, leaving Inesita and Betty by themselves. Inesita, noticing that her friends were in a highly intoxicated state, asked Betty to get everyone together so that they could go home.

Episode 29 - The Fashion Flop

The fashion show finally took place.
The cartel sneaked in to watch, but Marcela saw them and shoed them away. They sneaked into Armando’s office and watched from there.

Roberto was not very happy because he could tell that the fabrics were not up to his standards.
The cartel went down to the reception area to wait for Betty and Inesita so they could go out to celebrate Betty’s new job, salary raise, and upcoming two weeks at the helm of EcoModa.

After the fashion show, a very important French buyer asked Catalina to see the designs up close, and when he felt the fabrics, he told her that they’ll have a very hard time selling the collection because of the poor quality of the fabrics.
Marcela told Armando that he must apologize to Hugo for the way he behaved before the fashion show. Armando refused and said that Hugo had to do his job, and that if Hugo wanted to quit, it was fine with him – that there were many good designers out there to pick from.

He kept attacking Hugo, who stood by his actions. Hugo told Armando that he was going to go to the press and would tell them what happened. Marcela was so upset at Armando that she also quitted and told him to run EcoModa however he pleased.

The cartel was still waiting for Betty and Inesita, when they saw a very handsome gentleman arrived. They all start flirting with him and he very kindly told them how nice they all looked. They were just overwhelmed by this guy! However, at that very moment, the elevator opened and Hugo’s exit bursted their bubble – this hunk of a man was none other than Rolando, Hugo’s “partner.”

Episode 28 - The Chaotic Fashion Show

In the meantime, Betty and Nico were on their way to the Chamber of Commerce to register the new company, called TerraModa, and also went to the Banco Montreal, where Betty met with her old boss, and opened an account for TerraModa.

Betty arrived at EcoModa and everyone warned her that Armando was desperately looking for her and was in a fit as usual. When she went into Armando’s office he scolded her for being late but she answered back that he’d given her permission to be late since she had to take care of setting up TerraModa. Armando calmed down and asked Betty to please help him to make sure everything was set for the launching.

The models were in the show room and Freddy was doing his “I’m an executive” act, and started to model in his typically Freddy Stewart Contreras way. Betty, Sofía, and Berta were watching him and were amused by his antics. However, Hugo, Armando, Mario and Catalina’s arrival puts a damper on Freddy’s performance.

Betty asked Armando for permission to start investing TerraModa’s capital and he told her to do with it as she deem fit. Gutierrez asked Armando about what was expected of him while Armando, Mario, and Marcela would be out of town for two weeks – obviously he thought he was going to be in charge – but Armando told him that Betty was the only one he will let fill in while he was away. Armando was very upset and had an argument with Hugo. Marcela asked Catalina to help Armando relax and they went to his office where Cata gave him a massage. Since Betty couldn’t see what they were doing, she only heard what Armando was saying, she thought the worst, that there was something going on between Armando and Catalina. When she left her office she realized that Catalina was only giving Armando a massage.

Inesita showed Hugo the designs that the models were going to wear and when he realized that these were the clothes made with the inferior fabrics, he said he would not let the show go on.

The cartel told Betty that they want to go out to celebrate her new position and salary increase, as well as the fact that she would be running EcoModa during Armando’s absence. Armando asked Betty to stay until the fashion show was over.Hugo told the models that there would not be a show, and when Marcela asked him why, he told her about the fabrics and they called Armando, with whom they had an argument.

Armando ordered Hugo to begin the fashion show, telling him that he’s the President of EcoModa and he gives the orders – they almost came to blows over this. Hugo refused to go out onto the catwalk and be associated with the inferior quality fabrics. Inesita told Armando that it would be a mistake to go ahead with the fashion show without Hugo, and Armando’s response was to yell at her and order her to get the models ready.

Marcela pleaded with Hugo to participate, and after much pleading she was able to convince him.

Back in his office, Armando was a nervous wreck and Betty cheered him up – she daydreamed that she was able to hug him and tell him how she was always going to back him up, and how much she loved him, and he told her that her hug made everything better, and thanked her for her support…

Marcela’s knock on the door put an end to the dream.

Episode 27 - Armando's First Fashion Line Launch

Mario confirmed with Armando that the capital for the new company was the bribe money from RagTela. Armando told him that he doesn’t want Betty to know where the money was coming from. Armando finally convinced Betty to set up the new company and told her that she cannot mention it to her family, to his family, or to Marcela and Daniel. He also gave her free rein to run the business (investments) as she deems fit.
Catalina wanted to get detailed descriptions of Hugo’s designs to be able to draft press releases. Armando pleaded with her not to make mention of the fabric being used for the designs because they were of lower quality than usual. Catalina asked Armando to get Betty out of her cave-like office. Armando told Gutierrez that he needed to set up Olarte’s old office for Betty’s use.

However, Betty asked Armando to let her stay in her office because she wanted to be near him (no kidding!), if he doesn’t mind. Armando told her that he doesn’t mind at all and that if that’s what she wanted, he’d rather have her near because he needed her, which made Betty very happy.
When Betty got home, she told her parents about her pay raise. Later in her bedroom, she told Nico about the new company.Betty hired Nico to help her run the new company, and he gladly accepted. Betty told him that her boss trusts her completely and talked about Armando in a very loving way. Nico told Betty that it was obvious that the new company’s capital was coming from the bribe money and that she should be careful of her boss. He also noticed that Betty was obviously in love with Armando.
Patricia was harping on Mario about moving in together. Mario asked her for a month to think about it, which he did just to keep her happy – he needed to keep her away from Daniel, although he had no intention of moving in with her.
A few days later at EcoModa…
The day of the launch came and Armando was his usual out-of-control self, screaming at everyone, and getting even more upset because Betty was nowhere to be found. He asked everyone he saw whether they know Betty’s whereabouts, but no one did. He was very nervous because this was his first launch as President and he wanted to make sure that everything went well.
Armando told Mario that he wanted the models to wear the clothes that were made with the RagTela fabrics because he didn’t want to lie to the buyers (Armandito is being, gulp, HONEST?). So, they had to make sure the models don’t wear the one-of-a-kind outfits made by Hugo, but the clothes made in the production line.

Episode 26 - Betty Floats a Company

Mario told Armando that Betty might be as ugly as hell, but that she was an exceptional woman for having confessed about the bribe and for refusing to be bribed. Armando told him that Betty’s behaviour had shown him that she was the right person to run the business they had to establish to save EcoModa.

Marcela told Armando how upset she was that he doesn’t count on her when making business decisions, but he relies on “the ugly Betty” for everything.
Armando called Diana at RagTela and scolded her for having tried to bribe Betty. He demanded that they still give EcoModa the 5% rebate that was part of the bribe, making the discount 15%.

Mario told Armando that Betty was definitely a woman in love because not only did she reject the bribe and missed the opportunity of having all that money, but to have also confessed that she had been bribed, was not only a sign of loyalty but of love. Armando told Mario that she had principles, which both of them lost long ago, and that Betty didn’t take the bribe even though her family was going through financial difficulty.

Armando went to Betty’s office and asked her why she hadn’t reminded him to give her a salary increase. She told him that she felt bad about reminding him. He told her that she was getting a raise, which made her very happy. He then puts his hands on her shoulders and thanked her for all her help and told her how important she was to him.
The door to Betty’s office opened and Mario arrived with Catalina. Catalina greeted Betty very affectionately. They left Betty’s office, and when they closed the door Mario and Armando made some sarcastic remarks about ugly Betty (hello, what’s WRONG with Armando!?), but Catalina told them not to mock Betty.
Armando told Catalina that they’ve called her to hire her to do the public relations for the first launch under his presidency and they all went to Hugo’s lair to look at the designs he was working on.

Mario tried his best to flirt with Catalina, who pretty much compelled him off and told him that after two divorces she had had enough with men, although she told him that she was dating someone else.
Hugo greeted Catalina in his usually overenthusiastic manner and was overjoyed to hear that they would be working together.
Armando asked Betty to establish a new company, which will be in her name only. She was taken completely by surprise and thought that Armando was pulling her leg. He told her that he needed this phantom company to be able to deal with any problem that came up. The capital for the company will be $160 million pesos (I think this converts to $80,000, but I’m not sure).

Marcela complained to Margarita and Roberto about Armando’s behaviour with Betty. Roberto stood up for Betty, saying that ‘she’s a good person’. Marcela kept complaining, saying that if things kept going the way they were, she wouldn’t be surprised (ha, ha, ha!) if ugly Betty ended up running the company as President, since she has gone up in the company by leaps and bounds.
Margarita said that only a Mendoza or a Valencia can fill the presidency and that “that woman” could only become President if she took or bought the company from them (no, she was going to be GIVEN the company!).

Episode 25 - Betty Rejects Bribe

Betty was still at El Corrientazo with the cartel and was dreaming about what she’ll do with the money from the RagTela deal. We saw her arriving at EcoModa in a chauffeur (Freddy) driven Mercedes Benz. She was dressed in a Chanel-type outfit in black and white, with a ridiculous hat and huge Bette Davis-like sunglasses. She invited the cuartel to lunch at the club and they all pile into the Mercedes like in some old movie where you could just fit tons of people into a car with no problem.
They had lunch at the club, and were joined by Armando and Mario, who are fawning all over Betty. After lunch, Armando and Betty took a stroll through the club’s grounds, and in the distance we see the cuartel and Mario actually FROLICKING, with Mario doing a cartwheel!

Betty introduced her parents and Nico to Armando, telling Armando that Nico and Hermes run a business that does accounting jobs for large corporations. Julia was wearing a tennis outfit, while Nico and Hermes are dressed in golf outfits. Armando told Betty that he’d like to take her out to dinner that evening, but as usual, she woke up and realized it was ONLY A DREAM! (especially the part where Marcela and Hugo are actually civil to her).

What a Dream! Poor Betty.
Betty got a call from Miguel, who told her that the shipment with the supplies was on its way and that he still needed to know how to get the money to her. Betty told him that they’ll talk in 10 minutes.
She then called her dad and told him what was going on with RagTela. Her father was furious that she’d even consider taking a bribe to help him. Betty told him that this was exactly what she needed to hear from him, and that she was at peace and will not take the bribe. Daniel got to EcoModa, ready to rumble with Armando to give him the news about the bribe.
Daniel was about to talk to Armando when Betty asked if they can talk in private about something very urgent. She told him about RagTela’s bribe. Marcela walked in on them and starts asking Armando why he was making Daniel wait, and Armando told Marcela about the bribe offer. Daniel joined them (Betty was not there at this time) and played the tape that Olarte made of his conversation with Miguel.
Betty was about to walk back into the room and overheard the tape. Marcela told Daniel that they already knew about the bribe from Betty. Armando argued with Daniel about the tape, and asked why he was so intent on getting Beatriz (Betty) in trouble. He defended her and reminded Daniel that Olarte accepted bribes all the time. Marcela and Daniel left the room obviously annoyed with Armando’s reaction and his defense of Betty.
Armando went back to his office and found Betty who told him that she overheard the argument and felt terrible and wanted to resign. Armando got upset with her and told her that she did the right thing by letting him know ahead of time about the bribe and that she couldn’t resign just when he needed her the most, that everything was okay. Betty told him that she should have told him about it as soon as she knew of the bribe and that she actually was quite tempted to accept the bribe because of the problems at home. That she was about to betray him and her family, and that this is why she needed to resign.
Armando told her that he trusted her absolutely and that she was a human being with weak moments like everyone else. That he never expected her to be a perfect woman, but just a human being who faced her weakness and was able to make the right decision. And that because of this he cannot accept her resignation. He hugged her and helped her dry her tears.

Daniel told Marcela that Armando stands up for Betty more than he does for Marcela herself, and that if things go on this way, Betty was going to end up as President of EcoModa (Oh! Daniel, what a way to fight!).

Episode 24 - Betty at Crossroads

Betty wrote in her diary that she could accept the bribe without feeling guilty because she knew her family needed the money, but she also felt that doing this would mean betraying Armando.
On the other hand she needed to help her dad and it hurt her to see him suffer. So she has to decide between being loyal to her boss or helping her father. She decided to help her dad. She dreamed that she was with Armando and was about to kiss him when her mother woke her from her dream.
Armando asked Betty to get in touch with RagTela so they could close the deal. Olarte visited Miguel and got him to talk about the dealings with EcoModa.

Freddy got upset when he found out that Aura María never made it home the night before and especially when he realized that she spent the night with Mario Calderón. Armando asked Mario about why he was late getting to work and Mario told him about his evening with the receptionist. And, he told Armando that maybe he should go out with Betty, but they both decide that this wasn’t even possible because Betty was so ugly.
Mario, Armando, and Betty meet with RagTela to close the deal, and Diana told Armando that she was pleased that they have decided to buy everything from them. He said they should thank Betty since she was the one that included them in the group of bids. Betty was obviously uncomfortable, but Miguel and Diana thanked her for her help.
Armando was worried that the new line would not be a success and he told Mario that they needed to establish a phantom company with which to do all their business dealings, and which could put a rein on them prior to the banks doing so. They thought that since this would entail a complete take over of EcoModa, they needed to have someone running the company who was completely and absolutely loyal. Armando immediately thought of Betty.
Meanwhile, Miguel called Betty and told her that the business deal will net her $87,000 and that he needed to find out how he could get the money to her. She told him that she’ll call him later.
Olarte called Miguel from Daniel’s office and taped the conversation, during which Miguel told him that thanks to Betty the deal with EcoModa came through and that he was going to give Betty a commission for her assistance.
Betty went to lunch with the cartel and they were talking about how Aura María had landed a rich boyfriend, and they sais that it was obvious that she will be the only one who will be able to climb out of poverty. Aura María told them that the only one will actually be Betty, since she was the one with the degrees, with the boss who thinks she walks on water. Sofía told them that Betty has a boss that won’t even give her a pay raise and that Betty will never have that kind of money, to which Betty responds… ‘who knows what could happen’?
Betty remembered her conversation with Miguel and started to dream about what she would do if she had a lot of money (if I were a rich gal…).

Episode 23 - The Temptation

Berta and Sofia subjected Betty to an interrogation about her lunch date, and Betty was still tight-lipped, and they asked her if she had lunch with Nico, her platonic love, because they were eager to meet him. Sofia asked Betty if she had been given a pay raise now that she’s assistant to the President, and when Betty said they haven’t, Sofia told her to talk to Armando. Betty said she wouldn’t dare.

Julia called Betty and told her that her dad’s situation at work was pretty bad.

Armando, Mario, and Betty were meeting to figure out the expenses for the new launching, and they were cutting costs. They asked Betty for copies of the supplied samples and Betty added RagTela’s proposal to the pile, which took Armando by surprise. She told him that Miguel gave her the samples and offered them a 10% discount. Armando asked that they cut corners even more, but his friend told him not to do it because the cheaper materials are the lower the quality. But Armando only wanted to lower costs so he can meet his goals and did not listen to Mario’s advice.
Betty had to do an analysis of the proposed expenses and had to select the best provider. She mentions San Remo and RagTela and reminded them about Miguel’s offer of a discount, so Armando told her to contact RagTela to negotiate the sale.
Daniel met with Patricia at her apartment, where she told him that Armando went to all the banks with Betty, and that while Armando is out of town on business, Betty is going to be at the helm of EcoModa.
She also told him that she saw Betty with Miguel, adding that this was very suspicious. Daniel told Patricia that he didn’t care about Betty’s whereabouts, he only wanted to know what Armando was up to. But Patricia had succeeded in planting the seed of doubt, so Daniel talked with Olarte who was well known for offering bribes and asked him to find out if Betty was being paid under the table by RagTela. Daniel and Patricia went to bed, after which he just left her and she felt used.
Betty got home and was very worried to find her dad drunk and sad, because he was sure he definitely going to be laid off. Betty told Nico about not being able to get him a job at EcoModa and also begged him not show up there because she told her friends that she was in love with him. He was surprised to hear this and asked her when this happened. Betty told him not to be an idiot, that she was not in love with him, she was just using him as an excuse since her co-workers were either married or dating. And that he also couldn’t show up because she had described him to them as tall, strong, a real Casanova, with money and power.

Betty confided in Nico about the bribe offer, which she said would be her salvation. She also told him that RagTela was offering the best prices, that there was nothing underhanded about their offer. Nico advised her against taking the bribe.

Mario offered to give Aura María a ride home, but they end up at a hotel where they slept together.

Episode 22 - The Bribe Offer

Oh, Marcelita, reality bites!! Betty wrote in her diary about Armando, that she was happy that he was confiding his innermost thoughts to her, and that he stood up for her against everyone. He needed her because of work, but she needed him because she loves him.

The next day, Hermes told Julia and Betty that he was on the verge of unemployment because his company went bankrupt. This was of great concern to Betty and she told Hermes that she was getting a raise at work and will be able to take over the expenses at home. She also remembered RagTela guy’s comments.

Nico asked Betty to help him find a job at EcoModa. Miguel called Betty to ask her out to lunch.

Patricia complained to Marcela about her financial woes. Armando asked Mario to be attentive with Patricia, to make sure that she doesn’t start spying for Daniel.

Betty went with Armando to all the banks to register her signature as an authorized EcoModa signatory, in addition to Armando and Mario.

Betty told Armando that she had a person in mind for Olarte’s job, her friend who is an economist, and he told her that he could not decide just yet, but that she should give him his résumé and he’ll let her know later.

The Cartel asked Betty about the previous night’s cocktail party, and they wanted to know if he noticed how nice she looked, but she told them he paid no attention to her. Betty told them that she has other plans for lunch and couldn’t go with them. They asked her with whom, but Betty said nothing.

Armando told Marcela and Hugo that he wanted Claudia Elena to model in the next launching, which made Marcela jealous, since Armando mentioned that he’d seen her at the cocktail party the night before.

Patricia saw when Miguel picked Betty up for lunch. Armando told Marcela that he, Mario, and Marcela will travel to the United States and that Betty would be left in charge while they were away. Hugo and Marcela were completely opposed to this idea.

Miguel asked Betty if anyone knew that she was going out to lunch with him and she said no, but that she also wanted to know why he was being so mysterious. He told her that since she had so much influence with Armando, he needed her help to get him to buy the rest of the supplies from RagTela, and that if this happened she’ll get a commission of up to $80,000. She told him that this was unethical, that she did not agree, and that she was not going to risk her job for it. Miguel told her to think about it because he could give her a 10% discount on the sale.

Betty left the restaurant very preoccupied.

Episode 21 - The RagTela Contract Sealed

Mario and Armando closed the deal with RagTela, bought lower quality fabrics and were told by the RagTela reps (Diana and Miguel Robles) that they could also buy other supplies from them. Miguel, who handled EcoModa’s account, noticed that Betty had Armando’s complete confidence and asked her if she was the one who reviewed the contracts before Armando signs them.

Armando hatched a plan with Mario to be able to meet Claudia Elena Vázquez and started flirting with her. But, his reputation has preceded him and she knew who he was and that he was engaged to Marcela.

Miguel gave Betty the samples for the other supplies and asked her to review them and told her that they can also buy these from RagTela and that he would call her the next day to maybe get together for coffee.

Betty told Armando that everything was ready for signing the contract and since he was busy flirting with Claudia Elena, he got upset with her and acted in his usual rude way.

Betty called her home to tell her parents that she was on her way and Hermes gave her the third degree because it was so late. He asked if Armando was bringing her home and she said yes.
After the contract is signed, Betty wanted to talk to Armando, to ask if he needed her to stay, but again he was trying to woo Claudia Elena and told Betty to just go. Marcela called Armando on his cellular and asked him why he wasn’t home yet. He then decided to play safe and went home. In his car, Armando was moaning about how he had to let Claudia Elena get away, that Mario was right, that he couldn’t get involved with women from the fashion world, he needed to get involved with unknown women and started asking himself where he could find such a woman…

At that very moment, he noticed Betty walking on the sidewalk down this dark and desolate street. He stopped his car and asked her why she was there by herself (you are awake now, selfish!) and she told him that she was trying to catch a cab and thought that she’d have better luck if she walked down to a main road. He offered her a ride, which she didn’t want to accept, but he insisted and she agreed.

When they got to Betty’s house, Armando told her that he needed her help to be able to make things work. Hermes scolded Betty for getting home so late.

Marcela questioned Armando about his latest conquest, and he answered that it was Betty, and Marcela couldn’t help but laugh since she was asking him about “another woman” not ugly Betty.

Episode 20 - The Cocktail Party

Betty told Mario and Armando that it was impossible to reach the goals they have set for the company. She also told them that to be able to reach their goals, they needed to lower the quality of the fabrics used for the designs. That they have to reduce costs to be able to increase production, but that even doing that, it wasn’t certain that they’ll be able to meet their goals without putting the company at risk.
Betty told Armando that it was best if he talked to the Board and let them know that he won’t be able to meet his goals. But, he was against giving up the presidency, and with Mario’s support decided to put it all on the line.
That night, Armando asked Betty to join him to close a deal with RagTela because he wanted her to review the contract prior to signing it. She told the Cartel that she was going to a cocktail party with her boss and asked their help to look better. She also called home to say that she was going to be late because of a business meeting.
In the bathroom, the Cartel congratulated Betty and joked that Armando was going to fall for her, since he gives her rides and takes her to cocktail parties, something he never did with his old secretary. Inesita got an outfit from Hugo’s collection and they fixed Betty up.

As soon as Armando saw her he told her that she looked “divine.” Mario also told her that she looked great. However, as we all suspected, this was only one of Betty’s daydreams. The cruel reality was that Armando didn’t pay attention to how she looked and just told her to get ready to go. Since Betty wasn’t used to wearing high heels, she ran into Armando a few times, and to avoid falling, held on to him, which made him mad.
Aura María flirted with Mario and when they said good night, Mario kissed her on the lips. At the cocktail party, they ran into Claudia Elena Vásquez, and Armando didn’t miss the chance to flirt with her, leaving Betty alone, who again stumbled and fell much to Armando’s chagrin.
Patricia went to Daniel’s office, where he treated her like dirt and asked her for sex in exchange for not letting everyone know what she did to Betty’s computer. Since this would make her look bad to the Mendozas and Valencias which she didn't want (caged like a trapped animal), she agreed.
He also told her that he needed her to spy on Armando. Patricia was offended by his request but what could she do? She agreed to spy for Daniel in exchange for his keeping quiet about her role in damaging Betty’s PC.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Episode 19 - Plot Against Betty Unveiled

Olarte told Daniel that Armando knew already, that they had messed up Betty’s computer, and Daniel reminded him that he wanted his name out of it.

Armando asked Olarte about the problem with Betty’s PC, and he said it was because Betty was trying to take away his job and he wanted her to look bad before the Board. Armando asked if Daniel was involved and also for the name of the person who actually messed up Betty’s computer. Olarte didn’t say anything and Armando fired him too.

Since the Board members were still taking care of some business at EcoModa, Armando got them together again and asked Betty to join them. He told everyone about Olarte’s actions and his plot against Betty.Daniel said they should sue Olarte, and that he would make sure that someone was selected to replace Olarte. Armando responsed that he was not going to hire anyone who wasn’t his own choice. He stood up for Betty in front of everyone and said that he wanted to name her Financial VP, but the Board was dead set against this. He said that she would be his assistant then but that at the next Board meeting the issue would be addressed again.

Daniel told Patricia that he knew that she was the one who messed up Betty’s computer and told her that he’ll be waiting for her in his office.
Armando congratulated Betty for everything she did at the Board, gave her a big hug, thanked her for all her help, and told her that he was giving her a raise.
Betty shared the good news with the Cartel.
Armando told Mario that he was sure that Patricia played a role in the situation with Betty’s PC.
Sofia and Berta told Betty that the only person who had been around her office had been Patricia, who spent quite some time there, which must mean she was the one who messed up her PC.
Armando was worried about Daniel and Patricia’s strange relationship, and asked Mario to take care of her and keep dating her.

Marcela told Patricia that Betty kept getting more powerful, especially now that Armando had said that he wanted her as Financial VP.

Episode 18 - Betty Against The Odds

The Cartel wanted to give Betty the copies that they took away from PC guy, before he realized it, but since Betty was still with the Board, they elected Berta to deliver the reports to her.

Patricia made fun of the Cartel because (according to her), none of them was appropriately dressed to go into the Board meeting.

The PC guy was at loss when he realized that the Cartel have taken the reports he printed out.

Roberto congratulated Betty for her report and presentation, and Daniel said that she should be the President (what a nasty way to get at Armando!).
Armando told the Board that Betty would be promoted to the position of the assistant to the President and Roberto agreed to this. He said that the next meeting will be held in September, right before Armando and Marcela’s wedding.
The Cartel filled Betty in on the latest developments and gave her the reports.

As the Board members were leaving the room, Roberto congratulated Betty on her new position which made Patricia furious.
Betty told Armando about the PC guy’s actions and the fact that the Cartel had to retrieve the documents from him. Betty and Armando went to see the PC guy and Betty told Armando that the guy had made copies of all her files. Armando pressured the PC guy into telling him why he was so interested in those files. He threatened him with dire consequences if he didn’t get the whole truth out, about who was behind the whole thing.

The PC guy admitted that Olarte told him to do it. Armando fired the PC guy on the spot and told Wilson to check him over to make sure he was not taking anything he shouldn’t be taking.

Episode 17 - The Cartel Fights for Her Own

The Cartel went for the PC guy, including Sandra who hit him! Armando told Mr. (co-conspirator) PC guy that he had 15 minutes to straighten things out, while the Cartel stood guard because they didn’t trust him. He gave Betty the report and the Cartel wanted to get the PC away from him because he started roaming through the computer to find out what secrets they’re guarding so closely.

Betty told Armando that everything will be ready for the report in 15 minutes, and he told her that she was the only one who could make the presentation to the Junta because she was the only one familiar with the information. He had to give her a pep talk to convince her, and she agreed. She also told him that she had to get her computer away from the PC guy.

Olarte asked PC guy to make for him copies of the reports from Betty’s computer.Armando told everyone that the report was ready and that the meeting would take place after all. Daniel was upset because he won’t have the chance to do the audit he planned to do.

The Cartel helped Betty put everything together for the meeting, and kind of fixed her up so she’ll look better at the meeting. They rev her up for her big moment with words of encouragement.

As Betty started her presentation, Marcela gave her one of those “if looks could kill” looks and kept staring at her to make her nervous. But Betty was cool as a cucumber and told everyone that Armando’s first two months at the helm of EcoModa had been successful and stable.

Sandra, who lost an earring during her fight with PC guy, went back to his office and noticed that he was hiding something and quickly reported her suspicious to the Cartel. Since they knew that Betty told him not to touch anything, they went back and tried to get the papers away from him.

Daniel reviewed Betty’s reports and asked her questions to try to trip her, which he fails miserably at because Betty is able to answer every one of his inquiries and came out of the inquisition smelling fresh as a rose.

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Episode 16 - The Board Meeting cancelled

Meanwhile, the PC guy told Betty to cancel the meeting because he would not be able to get the PC fixed just then and asked her for her passwords. He tried to potray Betty as an incompetent secretary before the Board members by saying that the PC broke down because it was being misused, but Betty told him that this was impossible because she’s an experienced computer user.

Daniel scolded Betty for her failure to have back-up copies of the files and she was left looking like a fool in front of everyone. Daniel was about to leave, but Margarita asked him to stay for lunch.

Roberto told Armando to give up on trying to promote “the little ugly one” and to just let Patricia take care of the meeting. Armando said that he won’t promote Betty after all.

Betty was in her office and Armando arrived to get a video and again yelled at her. She started to cry and he asked her not to cry because she was making him feel bad (hello! Egocentric Man!!).

When the Cartel found out what happened to Betty, they went to her office and tried to cheer her up and she told them the whole story. Aura María called a friend who was a computer guru and had Betty talk to him. He told her that this was not a big problem and that he could get it fixed in an hour.

In the meantime, Roberto called a “confidence vote” on Armando’s behalf and said that the next board meeting will be held in two months.

Daniel said that he wanted to audit the company's books because they couldn’t let so much time pass without knowing how the company was running. Armando was opposed to this, but they told him that this was his fault for not having the report ready and he had no choice but to comply.

After lunch, the Board members went to Hugo’s to see the designs. The Cartel asked the PC guy to give them back Betty’s computer so that someone else who can actually fix it quickly could take a look at it. He refused, but Betty talked to Armando to let him know what was going on.

Episode 15 - The Let-Down

Patty arrived and made fun of Wilson, and Betty asked him how was it the he was not going to report Patty for arriving late.

Olarte and Patricia agreed to mess up Betty’s PC so that she won’t be able to make her report to the Board. To do this, they got her out of her office using some lame excuse and Patricia did the deed.

Armando talked to Hugo and Marcela to asked them to not mention the issue of the fabric being used for the new designs. Marcela talked to Armando about his relationship with Betty, saying that it is negatively affecting theirs because for him ugly Betty is perfect.

When Betty went back to her office and turned on her PC, she realized that she couldn’t access any of her files. Armando was all over Betty trying to get her to fix the problem and scolded her for not keeping backup diskettes with the information.

They called in the PC guy to fix the computer, but he said that he had to take it with him to look at it. Armando started one of his famous outbursts and yelled at Betty. She started yelling right back, telling him that he was making her nervous with all the yelling. He was taken aback by Betty’s reaction and told her to follow the PC guy and stay with him until the PC was fixed.

Everyone was gathered at the Board room and Armando told them that they couldn’t have the meeting because the report was in Betty’s damaged computer.

Olarte told Daniel that he took care of screwing up Betty’s computer (he called her “double ugly”). Daniel was not very happy about this and told Olarte that he doesn’t want his name associated with it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Episode 14 - The Plot

Betty told Nico about having to doctor the report to the Board, and he told her that she was treading on dangerous ground and someone could find out what she was doing. She told him that all the information was password protected on her computer and that only a real computer genius could access the information.

As Betty was saying this, Olarte was in her office with EcoModa’s computer guy trying to access the password-protected files. The computer guy told Olarte that the files were inaccessible.

The ‘dreamer’, Patricia asked Mario to promote her to the post of his assistant and that he should also make their personal relationship known but Mario told her that this was not the appropriate time for either of her requests.

While Betty and Nico were still discussing, she told him that it seemed like Patricia and Mario were an item, and that if Nico aspired to anything with someone like Patricia, he was going to need a lot of money for her to notice him!
The next morning, Betty was running late and had another of her encounters with Wilson, who told her that he was going to report that she was late and get her in trouble. To which Betty, (way to go Betty!) told him that she was just going to go back home and that he can tell Armando where she was and that if he needed the report she prepared he could come to her house to get it.
When Wilson saw that his wicked plot had backfired, he begged her to stay because this could lead to Armando firing him, and even got down on his knees to beg her to stay.