Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Episode 28 - The Chaotic Fashion Show

In the meantime, Betty and Nico were on their way to the Chamber of Commerce to register the new company, called TerraModa, and also went to the Banco Montreal, where Betty met with her old boss, and opened an account for TerraModa.

Betty arrived at EcoModa and everyone warned her that Armando was desperately looking for her and was in a fit as usual. When she went into Armando’s office he scolded her for being late but she answered back that he’d given her permission to be late since she had to take care of setting up TerraModa. Armando calmed down and asked Betty to please help him to make sure everything was set for the launching.

The models were in the show room and Freddy was doing his “I’m an executive” act, and started to model in his typically Freddy Stewart Contreras way. Betty, SofĂ­a, and Berta were watching him and were amused by his antics. However, Hugo, Armando, Mario and Catalina’s arrival puts a damper on Freddy’s performance.

Betty asked Armando for permission to start investing TerraModa’s capital and he told her to do with it as she deem fit. Gutierrez asked Armando about what was expected of him while Armando, Mario, and Marcela would be out of town for two weeks – obviously he thought he was going to be in charge – but Armando told him that Betty was the only one he will let fill in while he was away. Armando was very upset and had an argument with Hugo. Marcela asked Catalina to help Armando relax and they went to his office where Cata gave him a massage. Since Betty couldn’t see what they were doing, she only heard what Armando was saying, she thought the worst, that there was something going on between Armando and Catalina. When she left her office she realized that Catalina was only giving Armando a massage.

Inesita showed Hugo the designs that the models were going to wear and when he realized that these were the clothes made with the inferior fabrics, he said he would not let the show go on.

The cartel told Betty that they want to go out to celebrate her new position and salary increase, as well as the fact that she would be running EcoModa during Armando’s absence. Armando asked Betty to stay until the fashion show was over.Hugo told the models that there would not be a show, and when Marcela asked him why, he told her about the fabrics and they called Armando, with whom they had an argument.

Armando ordered Hugo to begin the fashion show, telling him that he’s the President of EcoModa and he gives the orders – they almost came to blows over this. Hugo refused to go out onto the catwalk and be associated with the inferior quality fabrics. Inesita told Armando that it would be a mistake to go ahead with the fashion show without Hugo, and Armando’s response was to yell at her and order her to get the models ready.

Marcela pleaded with Hugo to participate, and after much pleading she was able to convince him.

Back in his office, Armando was a nervous wreck and Betty cheered him up – she daydreamed that she was able to hug him and tell him how she was always going to back him up, and how much she loved him, and he told her that her hug made everything better, and thanked her for her support…

Marcela’s knock on the door put an end to the dream.

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