Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Episode 11 - Betty, Fired and Re-Hired

Hermes got to EcoModa and asked to speak to Armando, but Betty quickly intercepted him and said that he was actually looking for her, and she was able to convince him to go home.

Marcela had another fight with Armando by complaining about his foul mood and Ugly Betty again, to which Armando answered that he’ll get rid of her (Ugly Betty) to make Marcela happy.

Aura María noticed that Betty was limping and called a 911 meeting of the Cartel so that they can tend to her leg.
Marcela and Patricia were pleased beyond words at the news that Betty will soon be history.

When Betty got back to her office, Armando fired her and told her to collect her things and go. She went into her office and started crying, but after collecting her things she stopped by to tell Armando why she was late. He again didn’t let her explain, and in a terribly rude way told her to get out.

Betty, however stood her ground and told him that she must explain the reason why she was late. She then handed the plan to him and Armando read the business plan and was overjoyed.

Mario came into Armando’s office to ask if He was ready to go to lunch and Armando said they were not going anywhere because they have to work on the business plan. Mario asked him where it came from and Armando told him that Betty put it together.

He then asked her to give him another copy and to just go ahead to lunch, after which she should come back to brief them about the plan. She told him that he had fired her, and he apologized and asked her to stay.

Betty then went out to lunch with the Cartel, but before leaving they witness a fight between Cashier and Sofía, who later told Betty how someone stole her husband at the supermarket! The Cartel asked Betty why Armando is in such a bad mood, and she told them about what happened with Patty — that she didn’t put the report together and was late on top of that.

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