Friday, July 25, 2008

Episode 8 - The Board Meeting

Daniel argued with Armando because he had two secretaries, and said that if Patricia can do such a good job with reports, plus display an “image,” then why have “the other one,” is it because she's pretty? They all made fun of Betty.
Betty went to eat lunch at The Corrientazo and the Cartel asked her to join them at their table since there was nowhere else to sit. Each of them introduced herself. Berta, living up to her sterling reputation, told Betty that she was replacing Mireya, Armando's old secretary. Betty asked why Mireya didn't just move positions to work for Armando when he became president. They explained that she resigned because she fell in love with Armando and decided to leave because she couldn't stand being in that situation anymore, and that Armando never realized Mireya’s feelings for him. They warn Betty not to fall for Armando, and she gave them a nervous answer saying how could they think something like that…

The Cartel brought Betty up to date about how Armando was able to become president, as well as about his sister Camila, who made the mistake of falling in love with a poor man and married him behind her parents’ back, which was the reason why she was somewhat distant from the family, and is in real touch with only Armando. She separated from her husband and moved to Switzerland with her son. They also briefed her about María Beatriz, Marcela and Daniel’s sister, and told her that she had had so many plastic surgery that she doesn't even remember what she used to look like.

Sofía told Betty that it was Marcela's vote that assured Armando the presidency, and they all said that Armando was paying a high price for that vote. They said that Marcela and Armando had been dating for over two years and that he cheats on her left, right and center, but Marcela always forgave him.
Sandra said that Marcela must be careful because one of these days some woman was going to come and take him away from her. Aura María said that both Mario and Armando only date beautiful women and that was why Armando stayed with Marcela. But Sandra is of the opinion that maybe that's not the woman he's really looking for, that he may want a different kind of woman, different from those he was used to.
At the end of the Board meeting, Daniel left. Mario told Armando that maybe Daniel was right and that Armando's plan was too risky.
The Cartel and Betty came back to work and ran into Daniel, Betty precisely, and he yelled at her.
Roberto told Armando that he and Margarita were going to Switzerland to visit his sister and nephew and will later settle down in London. Betty confronted Patricia about making the Board believe that she had prepared the report, and Marcela bumped in to say that, that one miserable report that Betty prepared isn't going to get her a promotion. That she's a secretary and that's all she will ever be.
Roberto discussed with Armando and advised on how to run the business. He told him to make sure that his pride and ego do not interfere with how he runs the company and not to do something for which he will be sorry. That he should make sure he doesn't get into any shady business.
Betty told her Mom over the phone that she wants to resign and told her about what Marcela and Patricia did with the report she laboured over.
The entire EcoModa staff said their good-byes to Roberto and Margarita.
Armando asked Betty and Patricia to come to his office, and since he was sure that Betty was the one who put the report together, he asked Patricia for the original reports, to which she responded that Betty had them.Mario congratulated Patty for doing such a good job and asked her out on a date to celebrate.

Armando asked for a business plan and asked who wanted to do it but Patricia jumped in to say that Betty can do it, but the ‘ugly one’, fought back and said since Patricia did so well with the first report to the Board, it was only right that she handled this one as well, so Armando told Patricia to do it and told her that it should be a piece of cake for her to put together this plan after what she pulled off in just one day.

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