Friday, July 25, 2008

Episode 6 - Computer Matched Betty to Armando

Mario made fun of the way Armando spoke to Betty, and told him to be careful of how he talks to the ugly one, because a caress like that may make her think he’s ready to marry her. Armando told him that there was no way Betty would think that.

In the meantime, we see Betty walking outside remembering Armando’s touch.

Marcela told Margarita (Armando's mother) about the fight she had with Armando and the older woman told her to calm down and act cool and collected especially in the presence of Ugly Betty, who, according her is the most insignificant of all the women that surrounded Armando.

Ugly Betty ran into Román and his gang on her way home. They invited her to go out with them and told her that if she was interested she should ask her father for permission. Poor girl!, they were only playing a cruel joke on her because they knew her father would never let her go out, more less with them.

Betty told Nicolás how her day went at EcoModa, and how Armando stood up for her.

She also told him about the invitation from Román. Nicolás had been worried that Patricia may have gotten fired because of the problem Betty had at the office, but Betty assured him that before Patricia could be fired, Armando would have been out the door already. She told Nicolás to wake up and smell the coffee, that women like Patricia are looking for a rich man who dresses well, has the looks of a movie star, at least two platinum cards, a BMW, the best clothes, memberships at the most exclusive clubs and so on. But poor Nicolás was love-stricken and oblivious to all this. He hoped that Betty will introduce him to Patricia ASAP.

Betty and Nicolás talked about their plight (being ugly) and that no one found them attractive. Nicolás asked Betty if she was planning on staying single all her life, but she said ‘no’, that she will cease to be a spinster in a few years!

Mario showed Armando a computer program he put together to help Armando know which of the many beautiful women around him was best matched to him.

Well, lo and behold, guess whose picture popped up?

UGLY BETTY’S ! Armando said what? He told Mario that he had so many beautiful women to pick from, why would he pick an ugly one? That Ugly Betty would be the last woman he'll marry.

Román called Betty to see if her dad gave her permission to go out. So, Betty asked her dad to let her go, but he refused. She ran to her room crying, complaining that she ‘can’t go out’, and ‘can’t get to know the world’. Her Mum Doña Julia tries to comfort her, and reminded her that Don Hermes had always been this way, making sure she went to a convent school, never letting her socialize much, with the exception of Nicolás, whom he feels is like a brother to Betty. She reminded Betty about how much she suffered when she fell in love with Juan Ramón, a classmate from the university. Julia interfered and was able to convince Hermes to let Betty go out.

A happy Betty called Román to tell him she’s waiting for them to go out.

Meanwhile, Armando got to Marcela’s apartment, and he found a rather “kinky” set up, with Marcela in a black teddie, ropes, special lighting, etc. She told him that he may be happy with his ugly secretary at work, but that at home, she is the woman for him. They reconciled for the umpteenth time.


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