Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Episode 4 - Ugly Betty on Catwalk

She asked Armando in a bid to make sure that she got him the right item but he yelled at her that it was the right item. Then, Mario rudely told her to move away from them (they didn't want to be seen with an ugly woman).
She then joins the ‘Cartel’ at the back to watch the show in their company. She was very thrilled about this new world she is learning about.As soon as the fashion show was over, Hugo stormed up to Armando to protest about Betty’s behaviour at the show and to demanded that Betty never steps into his office ever again.
Armando’s fiancée, Marcela deliberate decided to dine out with her friend, Patricia, rather than attend the show having satisfied herself that none of her model rivals were part of the show.
At Armando’s office, Betty apologized profusely for her behaviour explaining her naivety to the fact that the beauty world was still new to her.He rudely dismissed her when she told him that she had his briefcase and jacket ready for him to go home. And as she leaves for her office he muttered to himself “My God, what a cross to bear”.
Daniel arrived and was looking for his sister, Marcela. He had, by appearing at that moment, succeeded in upsetting Armando and Mario’s plan of hitting the town with the models. He actually met Armando in the company of a model and because Armando wanted to let the sleeping dog lie (Marcela), he headed straight home.
Our dear Betty left the building in the company of the Cartel but headed home alone.
Meanwhile, Armando was telling Mario at that same moment that, after the embarrassment at the show, he was not sure he did the right by hiring Betty and he is of the opinion that she will not last long in the employment if Ecomoda.

Betty got into trouble the very next day with Freddy who fooled her into believing he was an Executive of Ecomoda. He even had the nerve to yell at her.

It was not until Armando arrived that Betty realized that Freddy was playing a wicked joke on her and that he was only an office messenger dressed like an Executive.

Armando told Betty that he was going to entrust his personal address book and calendar to her. He specifically warned Betty not to allow any one access to it no matter the circumstance – not even Marcela, his fiancée. (This was because it contained telephone numbers of ladies whom he had dated before.)

Betty was in her office when she overheard Marcela and Armando arguing. Marcela was upset because Armando still kept his old flames and that he was giving Betty way too much power and access to his personal documents.

While this was going on, one of the old flames, Karina Larson came by looking for Armando. Betty called Armando on the phone to tell him but he told her to make her go away and to ensure that she does not go anywhere near Marcela.

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