Friday, July 11, 2008

Ugly Betty - Run Down to the Main Story

This is the story of Beatriz Pinzón Solano, a brilliant economist with a master’s degree in finances, but she has one flaw: she is ugly.

Her only boyfriend abandoned her after a few days' romance. She learned the hard way that love was not for her and that she would be a spinster all her life.

So, while her neighbors danced at discos and experimented with love, Betty dedicated all her time and efforts to her studies and instead prepared herself for a bright professional future. This pleased Hermes, Betty’s father, a very demanding and over protective man.

Everything changes when she starts to work at Ecomoda, one of the largest fashion enterprises in the country. There she meets and falls in love with Armando Mendoza.

Being overly desperate to get a job after many failures, she agrees to work as his secretary, a position well under her intellectual abilities. She knows that her looks do not help her, and for this reason she decides to start from the bottom and work her way up to an executive position, which she deserves.

Betty really starts low at Ecomoda! She is stashed away in an old attic, while a beautiful woman sits at the reception area of the company’s CEO office. That’s her luck for being hideous looking.

Betty accepts this all, just to be there. She makes this dark closet her office and her place to dream. She is happy with this situation since it allows her to be near her boss, Armando Mendoza, a handsome executive who has inherited the company’s presidency from his father. She has to see him on a daily basis, tending to his every need, pining for him; while Armando is not aware she exists as a woman. To him, she is only a human being who provides him with brilliant ideas and covers up his clandestine dates from his fiancée, Marcela Valencia, a sophisticated fashion designer who despises Betty.

Betty never had any friends, since none of her neighbors or classmates wanted to be associated with someone as ugly as her. Yet in Ecomoda she identifies with other women who are ostracized because of their bad looks.

Hugo Lombardi, top designer at Ecomooda, has categorized them as belonging to the “Ugly Women’s Barrack”, and never allows them to come near his working area. From their Barrack, Betty and her friends watch the world of the glamorous, delight themselves by gossiping about the models that work there, and give each other support in their problems.

Betty thinks she is the most unfortunate one of the group. The other women of the Barrack are either married, divorced, single mothers, or engaged, but she has never had the chance to experience love.

Pretty soon things start to change for Betty. Armando involves the company in financial problems. Betty is always there to help him get out of trouble time after time, but Ecomoda is constantly exposed to the dangers of his rash business moves. They both work side by side long hours every day.
One evening Armando ends up madly and passionately kissing Betty. This is the most beautiful kiss Betty has ever known, a kiss which sends her flying and start dreaming and hoping for love. Yet, it is also the most infernal kiss of her life, since she knows that is was not meant with love, but instead it was all part of a business strategy that her boss played with the ugly girls at work, sacrificing himself by kissing her. It is also this kiss which changes her life, for she will never be the same. The new Betty will have an amazing body together with a complete soul transformation which will teach her boss that that girl which he kissed drunk one evening with eyes wide shut, is now a woman worthy of any man's love.

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