Friday, July 11, 2008

Episode 1 - The Interview

In this Telenovela, the first few scenes we see are of Betty.

We see the reaction of the world to her but we don’t see her.

On her arrival at EcoModa for her job interview, she met Wilson, who after explaining to him that she has a job interview, showed her in. The next person she met was Aura María who told her to go on up to Presidency. There, she ran into Patricia, and this telenovela character looked at her with an “I can’t believe THIS” look.

She mistakenly went to Hugo’s lair, where he pretty much told her to get out and never come back. She tried to explain that she’s looking for the Presidency and he told her where it was. Later Berta called for Patricia Fernández and Beatriz Pinzón, to meet with Gutiérrez and another executive.

He interviewed them at the same time asking them the same questions since they were both interviewing to be the President’s secretary. Patricia explained that though she had no experience as a secretary, she did finish “six semesters in Finance at San Marino University.”
Betty also explained that she does not have any experience as a secretary, but that she did graduate from university with high honors and has undergraduate and graduate degrees in finance and economics, and also worked as an assistant at Banco de Montreal.

Gutiérrez asked them about their foreign language skills and Patricia said that she knows a bit of English besides Spanish. Betty answered that she speaks English and French fluently, and a bit of Italian. In addition she listed other things she could do and knew about, which impressed everyone.Gutierrez then asked them about their marital status. Patricia explains that she was separated from Mauricio Briggman (and Gutiérrez of course said that he knew him!).
Beatriz answered that she was still single, to which Gutiérrez said, but of course. Gutiérrez asked Betty why she didn’t include her photograph with her résumé. Betty explained that she’s been to so many interviews that she ran out of photos. Gutiérrez told them that he will get in touch with any news, but as they were leaving the office, he offered the job to Patricia right in front of Betty.
Betty literally ran into Berta, who was carrying a trashcan that flew out of her hands. At that moment, Armando and Roberto exited the elevator, and Berta begged Betty to help her pick up the mess, because she did not want the bosses to see it. Armando noticed the trash and started scolding Berta. He did not even notice Betty, who looked at him in total shock because of the way he was yelling.

Gutiérrez told Armando that he had found him a secretary, and showed him Patty’s paperwork. Armando got mad at him and asked him how he was ever going to get Hugo to understand him, that he did not ask him to hire Sharon Stone, but someone efficient who spoke two languages.Armando was especially upset because Patricia was Marcela’s best friend. He asked Gutierrez if he did not pre-select any other candidate and asked him to get him the other résumés for him to peruse.

Betty got home and her mother asked her how the interview went. She said it was okay and just then Nicolás came in. She told him that she went to a fashion house to interview for a job as a secretary, but that she did not dare apply for assistant or executive positions because of her looks. She told them how they practically hired “a pretty one” in front of her even though she was not qualified and she (Betty) was over-qualified. She reminded them that people were always impressed by her résumé, but when they see her she never gets hired.

Meanwhile, we see Armando, Roberto, and Gutiérrez walking around EcoModa’s production area (Armando was holding his famous “stress ball”), talking about the various applicants. When Armando and Roberto saw Betty’s resume, they are duly impressed and ask Gutiérrez why he did not hire her on the spot. He answered that she had a problem — she is very ugly.

They called Betty’s former employer at Banco Montreal, to ask about her work there. He give her a glowing recommendation, saying that she’s an exceptional woman, that she’s got all the educational qualifications and can work circles around anyone. Roberto told Armando that it was his choice to make; either hire a pretty woman or a qualified one.

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