Friday, July 25, 2008

Episode 7 - The Stand Up

Román and his friends stood Betty up. She hoped that they’ll still come for her, but her dad told her to go to bed because it’s very late and she needed to get some sleep. She started crying. Her dad tried to comfort her after he had scolded her. He promised that over the weekend the whole family was going to dine out and see a movie.

Hermes told Julia that they have to accept the fact that Betty was going to be a spinster. Betty started writing in her diary about Armando and remembered when he told her that she was the woman that he needed and especially his caress...

The next morning, Freddy asked for Betty’s forgiveness for the prank he played on her the day before and she obliged him.

Betty found a picture of Armando in his office and kept it with her.

Armando told Mario that he will marry Marcela, and told him about Marcela’s behaviour the night before.

Nicolás asked Julia about Betty’s outing with the neighborhood gang, but Julia told him that they stood her up. Nicolás was upset at the way they treated Betty and told Román to apologize to Betty. Román and his gang made fun of him and hit him.

Hermes also confronted Roman but could not condone what he did to his beloved daughter, so, he beat Roman up.

Betty suggested to Armando that he let her automate his schedule and address book and store it with passwords to prevent others from gaining access to it. Armando asked all the other executives for reports about their departments and that these reports be forwarded to Betty. He asked her to put the reports together in folders and include her business plan, and a copy of the past year’s numbers. Betty asked Aura María for a recommendation of a good place to have lunch. She told her to go to The Corrienzato.

Here we see the Cartel (the Ugly group) eating lunch at The Corrienzato but Betty sat all by herself. Inés asked the others to invite Betty to join them, but they said that even though they get called ugly, the new secretary was uglier and would further erode their standing.Julia called Betty at work to let her know that Nicolás and her dad had had a fight with Román.
Betty told her Mom that she was going to be late getting home because she had to prepare a report for the next day's Board of Director’s where Armando would officially become President.
Patricia overheard this conversation and told Marcela about it because she did want Betty to outshine her.Armando and Betty worked out how to handle his personal calendar to make sure that Marcela didn't have access to it.
The Cartel called a 911 meeting. Imagine the reason? Aura María was crying because one of her beaus broke up with her.
Betty worked until late to surprise Armando with the report, and was on her way out the door of her cave, when Armando and Marcela walked into his office and were getting very romantic when Betty opened the door to leave.
Betty wanted to make a good impression at the Board meeting the next day, and wanted to look extra nice (poor girl!).Her dad and Nicolás wanted to go the office with her, but she told them she wanted to go by herself. She ran into Román and his gang, who started mocking her, but she gave them a piece of her mind.
Everyone was ready to start the Board of Director’s and Betty was in a hurry to finalize the report, and in her haste, ran into Daniel. She told him that she is Armando's secretary and he wondered how she knew who he was. She told him that she had seen him in business and society magazines. His response was that Armando was wasting money hiring two secretaries.In the meantime, Don Roberto officially passed the baton to Armando during the Board meeting. He explained that if within a year, Armando was unable to meet the goals he had set for him, Daniel will become president. Daniel responded that he hoped that there will still be a business to run, since he was of the opinion that Armando's business plan will lead them to ruin.

Betty was on her way to deliver the reports, but Marcela told her to give them to her and go ahead to lunch, that Patty can deliver them. Betty overheared Patricia deliver the reports with the implication that she prepared them. Betty was furious when Roberto praised Patricia for such a good report.

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