Thursday, July 24, 2008

Episode 5 - Marcela's Rivarly War

The old flame would not bulge; she refused to leave without seeing Armando. Betty had to go and see her at the reception to make sure she does not force her way to Armando’s office.

This telenovela scenario played out hilariously because when Marcela realized that Betty was in her office all the while and had overheard her argument with Armando, she became very upset.

Betty, yet to showcase her intelligence, quickly figured out a solution to this mess. She called Armando office and told him to come over to her office to sort out pending ‘personnel problems’.
When Armando showed up, she told him he had forgotten about an important appointment, this gave him the opportunity to sneak out to see Karina.

Betty also requested Mario’s help to ensure that when Marcela called Armando at the supposed ‘appointment’ he would be actually there!

Betty’s smartness actually saved the day. This was the first of some many other times that she would save Armando’s neck.

This was only her second day at work! And she is already caught up in the web of Armando’s lust machinations, having no option than to cover for him.

Patricia (the spy) saw Karina waiting around and immediately reported to back base - Marcela, who, boiling like a volcano about to erupt, stormed Betty’s office to demand for Armando’s address book from her.

Meanwhile, Dear telenovela lovers, Armando seized this opportunity to disappear to a restaurant with Karina.

Betty pleaded with Marcela to understand that she cannot disobey her boss’ instruction. This got Marcela was even angrier - that a ‘nobody’ had the power to deny her access to her fianc√©’s personal effects.

Betty, however, stood her ground despite Marcela’s threat to have her fired.

The cowardly telenovela character, Armando, called Betty from the restaurant to know what was happening with Marcela. He obviously wanted to know how far the fire he started with Marcela was burning.

The smart Betty coded what was going on to him on phone while Marcela was in still in her office and she (the Miss high & mighty) didn’t decode the message.

While Armando was arguing with Karina at the restaurant, Marcela called his cell phone but he turned it off. He later called Marcela when he got to his supposed 'appointment' venue and they continued the argument on phone.

Marcela then called in Gutierrez to fire Betty because of her alleged insubordination to Marcela! (can you imagine that!) Marcela did this so that her spy (Patricia) can have access to Armando’s books and she will in turn be able to look through them before he got back.

Armando got back just in time to thwart Marcela’s plan. He also re-affirmed to Marcela, the instruction he gave Betty not to let anyone access his books including her.

Armando reprimanded Gutiérrez for firing Betty over Marcela's mischevious allegations.

Betty was preparing to leave in order to avoid getting in more problems with Marcela but Armando request that she stayed. He caressed her chin and told her that he needed her, and that because she had been able to achieve in two days what he anticipated she would achieve in two months. He also told her then that her status as a temporary employee was over.


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