Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Episode 3 - The Fashion Show

On Betty’s first day at work - she paused in front of the building, took off her glasses, and cleaned her eyes. It still seems like a dream to her that she got this job!
The security man (Wilson) did not allow her in until he had confirmed through a phone call that she was indeed Armando’s new secretary, this is because he knew Armando only goes for pretty ladies.It was more surprising to Marcela and her friend, Patricia, when they arrived and discovered that Armando had hired the Ugly one.
The Boss (Armando) arrived and showed Patricia to her desk at the reception and took Betty to a dark, dusty, musky store (called The Cave by EcoModa staff), which he said will be her new office.Just then the cleaning lady screamed “spider, there is a spider in there”, and Armando told her off by saying “well? kill it”.He apologized to Betty and explained that it was a store where his father’s kept old company files and that it will be ready in a jiffy. He showed her the computer, desk, chair, and other office items he got for her. Also, there were two telephone lines including his private line.He then instructed Betty to see Gutierrez to sign her contract documents.On her way to Gutierrez’s office she met and said hello to Roberto (Armando’s Father) and Margarita (Armando’s Mother).
Roberto was not happy with the way Armando treated Betty by putting her in dusty, musky store as her office because he knew there was a better office close to Armando's that she could use.
When the Ugly women group members, Sofia and Berta saw Betty’s photograph, they could not believe that the Boss hired someone like her and Berta said “welcome to the Ugly women camp”.Armando later called Betty and Patricia to outline their duties and responsibilities to them.
Betty is to handle his entire portfolio, his calls, do the banking and handle clients as it relates to her office while Patricia is to handle official calls at the reception and make coffee when needed.
Patricia was infuriated and told Armando that she should be his assistant since Betty is his secretary. But Armando told her point blank that if he should need an assistant it would be Betty because she is over-qualified for the jobPatricia was very upset by this and took it out on Mario as he tried flirting with her.Mario was impressed with Armando for hiring Patricia and Armando added that he hired Betty as well.
Mario mischievously peeped into Betty office and responded with “how ugly” to Betty’s greeting. He and Armando looked at each other and laughed.

Patricia wasted no time in complaining to Marcela about Armando's decision to place Betty above her. Marcela was not happy with this knowing that Betty would be handling Armando’s personal Agenda (her plan had failed by this). She promised Patricia that she would set things straight and that Betty would not be at EcoModa for long.Meanwhile, Betty was alone in Armando’s office, she picked up his jacket and sais “so divine.” Guess what she meant by that? Well we’ll find out later.

On the same day that Betty resumed at her new job, a fashion show for buyers and distributors was taking place in EcoModa's show room. The Cartel (Ugly Women Group) sneaked in to watch the show from the extreme end of the room.
Armando and Mario went to Hugo’s office to flirt with the models while he asked Betty to get him his wallet from his office. When she came into Hugo's office to give Armando his wallet, she was shocked at seeing models, especially the guys in their underwear, she then volunteers to get Armando a colour chart.
Just as the show was about to begin, naive Betty came on the catwalk looking for Armando and calling out his name. It was an understatement to say that Armando was embarrassed. He answered her “here I’m” through gritted teeth, his temper rising to boiling point.
And, poor, poor Betty fell off the catwalk. She was helped to her feet by two men. She apologizes and handed the chart to Armando (all this happened while the show was still going on).

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