Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Episode 10 - The Treatment

At EcoModa, we was Armando ranting and raving in full grouchy mood because Mario, Patty, AND Betty hadn’t arrived.

When Betty almost got to work, she fell, hurt her leg, and broke her eyeglasses (what a way to start a day!). When she finally got to Armando’s office, it was raining fire and brimestone as he yelled at her and asked her whether there was a death in the family, or she broke something, or her bus broke down, to which Betty responded "no sir”. Even though she tried to explain why she came late, he would not just listen to her.

He wanted to know where Patty and Mario were, and Betty further enraged him by asking if they were together, to which Armando said — 'what do I know, I’m not their mother!' He then told Betty to find them, and pleaded with her to do something for him. Betty grabbed Armando’s stress ball and gave it to him. He collected it and furiously bounced it on the floor saying, why are you giving this to me, I don’t need it !

(I don't know what went on in Armando's head!) He grabbed Betty by her hair and led her to her office as if she were a puppet, and when she tried to talk he told her not to, and to stop limping or was she making fun of him, he asked? When poor Betty went into her office, Armando did one of his “what a cross I have to bear”.

Betty called the cafeteria to ask for a super double cup of coffee, black, no sugar, and when they asked her if she was the cute blonde secretary, she says no, that she is the one in the cave, “It is I, ugly Betty .”

Hermes called Betty to ask her if she was able to finish the project that she and Nico were working on, and he heared Armando yelling at Betty, which bothered him to no end and he ran off to go confront Armando, because he was not going to let anyone treat his daughter that way.

Mario got to work and Armando read him the riot act, and he also tore into Patricia, especially after she told him that she didn’t do the business plan. Armando decided that he was going to have to put it together himself. Betty repeatedly tried to talk to Armando to give him the business plan she and Nico put together, but he won’t let her, and kept treating her like dirt — he was just plain impolite and mean.

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