Monday, July 28, 2008

Episode 9 - The Business Plan

In Betty's office, Armando asked her about who really did the report. Betty responded that he will know who did it once he read Patricia's business plan.

Armando and Mario realized that their business plan is totally wrong. Patricia told Marcela about her “problem” and admitted that she could not do what Armando has asked her to do and decided to take Mario up on his invitation to go out, so that she can get HIM to help her, so she invited him to her apartment.

Betty said good night to Patricia, like “good luck with your little project, honey,” since she knew that Patricia was way over her head with the plan. Betty got home and asked Nicol├ís to work with her to design a business plan because if she doesn't get it ready before the next morning, it was going to put her job on the line.

Julia asked Betty what was going on, and Betty ended up confessing that she actually was a secretary not an assistant. Julia asked her to tell her father the truth, but when he got home with one of his friends he had had a drink too many and told his friend how proud he was of his daughter and her new position, and Betty lost her nerve.

Armando and Marcela started talking about their wedding but Armando is adamant that it’s not going to be a church wedding. This is something that saddened Marcela to no end and they could not reach a decision.

Patricia wanted Mario to help her put together the business proposal, but he started kissing her and they ended up in bed. So, obviously no business plan was put together!

In the meantime, Betty and Nico were working on their business plan proposal. Nico asked Betty if she was doing this because she was worried about her job or because of Armando. She answered that it was for both reasons.

Betty and Nico stayed all night working on the business proposal, which made Betty late for work the next day.

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