Monday, July 21, 2008

Episode 2 - Dreams Come True

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Julia showed Betty and Nicolás a copy of the Jet Set magazine. In it was an article about EcoModa. Betty read it aloud, explaining that the article was about Roberto’s last collection as President of EcoModa. We see pictures from the lanzamiento party and were introduced to each of the key players at EcoModa — Roberto, Margarita, Armando, Daniel (who for a change were having AN ARGUMENT!), Marcela, Patricia, Mario, Hugo... Daniel was very upset that Marcela voted to make Armando President, and that it was obvious that Armando proposed marriage to buy her vote.

Patty pleaded with Marcela to help her get a job because she was so broke and that the next time Marcel would see her would be probably in jail, where she knows Marcela won’t come to visit her. She complained that she does not want to be a secretary, to which Marcela answered that, that was the only job available and assured her that she’ll make more money. She also told her that she needed her there to keep Armando in line.

During the lanzamiento party, again setting the tone for the rest of this telenovela, Marcela and Armando argued about their wedding date. He finally gave in and announced publicly that they would be married in September. We see Margarita crying for joy; Hugo is thrilled for "Marge," as is Patty, while Mario looked with shock as if his best friend had been condemned to die a slow death by torture. Daniel looked unhappy to say the least. Nicolás had already noticed Patricia and is “in love.”

As they were still talking and looking at the magazine, Betty got a call asking her to come back to EcoModa the next morning at 9:00 a.m. to meet with Armando.

Armando told Marcela that he does not want to be stuck with Patricia as his secretary, especially since he knew she is would be spying on him. Marcela argued that she’s the right and most qualified person for the job. He told her that there is someone truly qualified whom he had asked back for another interview.
Just then, Roberto’s secretary opened the door and showed Betty in. Marcela and Armando saw her and were taken back by her looks.Roberto arrived and ignored Betty when she extended her hand to shake his.

Betty told them about her educational and professional backgrounds, and Marcela, Armando, and Roberto could not help but be impressed. Armando asked Betty if she was sure, with her qualifications, that she wanted to be a secretary. Betty said yes, that she wanted to learn about how to run a fashion business and to work with people such as them.

They asked her to wait outside, and Marcela tried persuading Armando that there’s no way Betty could be Armando’s secretary because she was too ugly and could not be allowed to work in a fashion house. She stated that Patty was THE BEST choice because she’s beautiful.

Marcela asked Betty and Patty to come in and placed them side-by-side like in a cattle call, so Armando and Roberto could make their choice. Afterwards, Armando scolded Marcela for how he treated “that young woman.” Marcela and Patricia proceeded to make fun of Betty. Because of Marcela’s manipulation, Armando had to hire Patricia but he also decided to hire Betty. When he told her to go sign her paperwork and start work first thing the next morning, Betty was beyond excited.

Roberto formally transferred power and full authority to Armando.

Betty came home and broke the great news to her parents but lied that she was hired to be an assistant to the President, rather than her real position of a secretary.

Mario scolded Armando for announcing his engagement and wedding to Marcela in public, and begged him to change his mind. Armando told Mario that he had a fight with Marcela because he hired a secretary that she did not agree with.

Mario assumed that Armando had hired a “90, 60, 90,” empty head, to which Armando said no. He’s hired an ugly woman, with a horrid hairdo, weird voice, braces, but who has more brains than the two of them put together. Mario told Armando that he was going to fry in hell for hiring an ugly woman, to which Armando responds (sounding like a little kid), "I can’t hear you, I’m made of wood, and I have fish ears. "

Betty told Nicolás about how Armando stood up for her in front of Marcela. At that same time Mario made fun of Armando for standing up for Betty.

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