Monday, September 15, 2008

Episode 43 - Ugly Betty's Loyalty Questioned

Marcela stormed into Armando's office and clapped while telling him Bravo! Very sarcastically. She congratulated him for his ability to tell lies, and also for having an assistant that was just as talented as he was at covering them up. Betty, who came in without Marcela noticing, heard everything Marcela was saying to Armando. Marcela told Armando that she couldn't prove what happened, but swore to him that Claudia would never again work at EcoModa. She then told ugly Betty that she wasn't Armando's assistant - she was his matchmaker. She told her to remember that her salary was paid by the Valencias, while Betty was helping Armando to get away with his infidelities. Armando screamed Marcela! He was actually furious at the way that Marcela was speaking to Betty. He told her to stop treating Betty like that. Betty was very nervous but told Marcela that she just took care of her boss. Marcela grabbed her arm and threatened her before storming out of the office.

Mario came in to ask whether Claudia was gone, and Armando told him that she was still a problem. He said that Betty once again saved his butt and told him everything that happened. Mario reminded him not to let anyone insult ugly Betty. Armando told him of course, since Betty was his guardian angel. Mario made one of his insensitive comments about ugly Betty's looks.
The phone rang and Armando asked Betty to answer it. It was Nicolás. Betty told him that she could talk right now. Mario started listening in on the conversation and told Armando that apparently someone outside the three of them (Mario, Betty, and Armando) knew about the embargo. Mario asked Armando if he wasn't worried about Nicolás's involvement, whether he had actually met him in person. Armando told him that he hadn't, and Mario told him that he didn't want this guy to mess things up. Again he asked Armando about this guy who was so close to Betty. Armando told him that he trusts Betty completely. Mario insisted, that it was fine that he trust Betty blindly, but who was this man? He reminded him that Betty didn't have any money and would never have dreamt having all that money within reach.

Mario kept harping on. Armando looked worried about the tone of Mario's comments and asked him what he wanted him to do. Betty has stood by him through thick and thin and proved her loyalty over and over? It was impossible that she would betray him. Armando asked him to show some kindness. But Mario kept bugging him and said that Nicolás could influence Betty, that he needed to be careful because they were talking about a lot of money. Armando couldn't believe his ears, he told Mario that he had met Betty's family and they were honest, decent people. Marcela walked in again and told Armando that she was on her way to her apartment. She kept coming onto him about Claudia, and that he better not try anything after her departure. Armando again played hurt. She told him that he had to be respectful of her and he told her that he didn't appreciate it when she treated him this way. She told him that he must find a way to get rid of Claudia. That she cannot model during the fashion show tomorrow night. She never wanted to see her again! Mario asked Armando if he was going to fire Claudia and he responded that it was impossible. Everything was ready for the fashion show. Mario told him that he understood his dilemma -- Armando answered that it was both their problem!

Freddy was chatting with Jenny and Marcela stalked past. He told her that he had tried to help her, but to know avail. Aura Maria overheard him tell her that she owed him a lot, how nice that he believed in her. “El cheque” honked for her and she left, kissing Freddy on the cheek. Aura Maria snapped him out of his day-dream and reminded him that she lives with someone. “So, I have to live my dream”, said Fred, singing and dancing as he moved away.

Betty entered Armando’s office, handed some checks and was on her way out. “Betty, sit please. Betty, you swore to me that all this would only stay amongst the three of us. That’s not true. It seems that Nícolas knows everything. That was not what we agreed upon” said Amando. “If I can explain”, started Betty. Why! He shouted. If I can explain, said Betty and she told him about Nícolas being a true, dear friend from the university. I needed him to accomplish many of the things that needed to be done. He came with me to see Dr. Sanchez because we met in an irregular type of place. My father would kill me if I didn’t go with him. So, he knows everything asked Mario. He’s an ally, explained Betty, and he understands everything. I couldn’t have done these things without his help. I’d put my hand in the fire for him. “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” asked Armando. I’ve seen you so upset that I didn’t want to upset you further. “Are you hiding anything else?” “No, how could it occur to you? I swear on my father and mother, said Betty. Fine, don’t keep anything else from me again replied Amando and with that he dismissed her and turned to Mario. Well, what do you think? We have no choice, I guess, replied Mario. They were committed now.

Marcela arrived at Ecomoda and demanded that Armando either fire the model or ugly Betty.Armando talked with Hugo and tried to get him to fire Claudia. Hugo got upset and said no. Hugo said that he couldn’t fire a girl just because Armando got involved with her and now she was making his life difficult. Armando told Hugo that he hadn’t done anything with Claudia. Hugo laughed and said yeah right, if a woman was after you in that way it was because you gave her something to run after.
Marcela asked Armando if he was able to fire Claudia and he told her that Hugo refused to fire her. Marcela then asked for Betty’s head. Armando said that he couldn’t fire Betty. Marcela was furious and said one of their heads had to roll.
Betty arrived at the office 15 minutes late. Armando was angry with her for being late. Betty explained that there was a problem with the bus and reminded him that she was always very punctual, unlike the others. Betty glanced towards Patty’s desk. Armando started yelling like a mad man asking where Patty was. Marcela came out of her office and asked him why he was yelling he told her and Marcela looked annoyed.
Later Patricia showed up and Marcela saw her. Marcela warned her not to come in late again. Patty told her she over slept. Marcela didn’t believe that Patty just said she over slept like it was nothing. She got mad at Patty. She told Patty that she couldn’t have her coming in late because she was trying to get Betty fired and if she came in late Armando would fire Patty as well. Patty got all excited to hear that she was trying to fire Betty. Then Patty said Armando couldn’t fire her because she was pregnant and it was illegal to fire a pregnant woman. The cartels heard Patty saying this and ask Bertha when the test results would be in. Bertha told them that afternoon. They couldn’t wait!

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