Saturday, September 6, 2008

Episode 39 - Ugly Betty Owns Ecomoda

Armando was greeted at his parents' home by stern requests from Daniel and Roberto for an urgent board meeting. Armando did not agree to their demand, using as a reason the company's regulations and statutes - the next meeting was supposed to hold in September.

Margarita and Marcela supported Armando's point of view. They stressed that it would be then that Armando's one year term as President of EcoModa would come to an end and it wouldn't be fair to have a meeting prior to that anniversary. Roberto agreed not have the meeting, but told Armando that he must see a report of the losses incurred from the previous collection, as well as the plans for future growth.

Betty talked to Nicolás about all the problems that was presently beseiging EcoModa and that she must be very careful where she hid the lien papers because if the Mendozas and Valencias ever found out, there would be a major scandal. Betty told Nicolás that they would have a double dose of bad news: first about the lien on the company and worse that it was she who placed the lien and now owned the company. Nicolás told her that if they were to realize the truth about Betty's role, they would have to treat her like a princess. Betty, as always was mocking her own "ugliness," told Nicolás that they would have to treat her as the Princess of the Uglies. Nicolás started commenting about what Betty could do with all the money involved but Betty reminded him that she would NEVER do any such thing or keep the company for herself.The next morning, Patricia went to the lab to have her blood sample tested. Bertha told her friends about the encounter with her husband.

Armando told Betty about the big mess he was now in since Daniel and Roberto were demanding for the reports detailing the losses and projections, but that for now he was thankful that their demand for an urgent board meeting had been put to rest.

Armando asked Betty to prepare a doctored report regarding the previous collection so that the losses would not be as bad as they actually were. Betty, as usual, accepted to cover up for Armando. Bertha called the lab and impersonated Patricia to ask if they could please also do a pregnancy test. The nurse told her that they would and that the results would be ready the next day.

The phone rang at Betty's home and her mother answered it... She looked surprised to hear that someone was asking about TerraModa. Don Hermes looked at her and yelled “yes”, that was the name of the company so she answered TerraModa -- and was once again surprised to be asked about Dr. Mora. It is Dr. Sánchez who wanted to know when he could reach Nicolás. To his inquiry as to who she was, Julia responded that she is Nicolás' "secretary".

Speaking of the devil, Nicolás arrived and Don Hermes gave him the third degree about where he had been, and that the phone was ringing incessantly between 8 am and 6 pm, and that all the calls were for TerraModa and he wanted to know what to do about it. Nicolás apologized and said that he was out running an important errand. He also asked if they noticed any changes in his appearance. He then pointed to his pants and Doña Julia commented about whether his mom finally got around to mending his pants! Nicolás looked to make sure there weren't any ‘problems’ with his pants and then said that the real change was his new cell phone.

Don Hermes wanted to know if TerraModa would be covering his cell phone expenses and Nicolás answered "of course." Nicolás then proceeded to make a phone call from his cell phone - to Betty's house! Doña Julia answered the phone and asked who was calling - Nicolás told her it was him. Don Hermes got mad and told him to turn off the phone and reminded him about how expensive cell phone calls were. He also told him that he was very confused about the large amounts of money in TerraModa's account at Montreal Bank and wanted to know if the bank lent that money to TerraModa. Nicolás played innocent and said that he had no idea since it was a deal between Betty, Armando and the bank.

The phone rang again... It was Dr. Sánchez for Nicolás again. He told him that he was in court and that it looked like the lien on EcoModa's inventory is going forward. Nicolás told him that this could not happen and that he must stop any such action. Sánchez told him that it was too late and that he was only calling him to warn him and to tell him that it would be done in the strictest confidence. He also told him that he was on his way to EcoModa and would keep in touch.

At EcoModa, Betty gave Armando the report for his meeting with the Board. He told her, as usual, that he won't have time to familiarize himself with the information so that she should be ready to discuss it at the meeting. Betty's phone started ringing and Armando told her that it was more important to make copies of the report than answer the phone. Betty left... Since the phone wouldn't stop ringing, Armando picked it up and found himself ear to ear with Nicolás. Armando told him that Betty wasn't there and asked who was calling. Nicolás identified himself and told Armando that it was urgent that he spoke to Betty, that he needed her to call him back as soon as possible at home or on his cell phone. Armando told him that he couldn't be bothered to leave a message for Betty!

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