Friday, September 12, 2008

Episode 41 - Ecomoda in Ugly Betty's Hands

The Cuartel went to El Corrientazo for lunch and Sofía told them that Freddy was on his way to get the blood test results for Patricia's pregnancy test. Inesita told them that she could not believe that they were doing this just to prove that Patricia was lying. Aura María told her that if she didn't want to be a part of it, she should just cover her ear. Bertha started to order a feast for lunch but her friends wouldn't let her. Inesita commented that what they're doing, regarding Patricia, wasn't ethical. Sandra said that if Patricia was pregnant, they wouldn’t say a word. But if she was not pregnant, they would tell Mario the truth and then everyone would know what was ethical and what was unethical.

Back in the boardroom, Patricia was taking the lunch orders and collecting the menus from everyone. She was standing by Mario and asked him to help her. It was now time for Mario to daydream. She handed him a baby and told him to help her because she was working. The baby's name was Marito. Armando told her that they were in the middle of a meeting. Patricia said that the baby was not only hers, Mario's also and asked him to help her feed him a bottle while she took the lunch orders. Mario was trying to do everything and anything to make the baby quiet, but all he did was cry. Patricia told him not to let the baby cry (Mario's face was hysterical). Mario finally came out of his trance and gave Patricia his lunch order. She, very harshly, thanked him very much for his "help."

Hugo finally made his way to the meeting and asked Patricia to get him a salad because he had gained too much weight and if he didn't lose weight he was going to end up a "spinster." He asked Daniel what he thought and Daniel said that he looked better when he was heavy. Hugo wanted to talk about the new collection, but was distracted and asked Catalina how she managed to stay so graceful. She told him that it was an ongoing battle and that she just tries to eat moderately. In addition, she said that for many people, overeating was a psychological issue.

And speaking of the battle of the bulge, Bertha was watching her friends have the lunch that she wished she could have ordered. Mariana said that she felt awkward with Bertha staring at her and tried to give her part of her lunch. Bertha wanted to eat Sandra's leftovers. Inestia asked the waiter to clear the plates of those who are through eating to avoid tempting Bertha. Bertha screamed that no one was noticing that she was starving! Aura María said that it was best to leave.

The Cuartel was back at EcoModa and Bertha said that she couldn't stand it anymore, when they saw Patricia looking at herself in the mirror. Sofía told Bertha to think of that image any time she feels she can't go on with her diet. Bertha went to the bathroom. The Cuartel kept talking about Bertha and Sandra said that they have to support her and go on a diet with her.

Betty caught up with Sánchez and took them all over EcoModa. Sánchez told her that all of this could one day be hers...

Hugo and the models are rehearsing for the fashion show while the board members watched. Claudia Bosch winked at Armando and Marcela noticed. Patricia, who was sitting next to Marcela, was there to regale her with the story about Armando talking to Claudia prior to the rehearsal. Marcela asked Patricia for the name of the model who was being so friendly with Armando. After the rehearsal, Margarita and Roberto congratulated Hugo on his designs and the quality of the fabrics he used. Hugo, very sarcastically, commented that everything would turn out fine as long as no one tricked him again like Armando did with the past collection. Armando, who was so mad at the comment, told Hugo that the fabric for the collection would be exactly the same as what the models would wear during the fashion show. Marcela tried to make sure that the conversation between Hugo and Armando didn't turn into a major fight. After everyone left, Marcela confronted Armando and asked him about Claudia's behaviour. He, playing coy and innocent, asked her how she can even think that anything was going on! She warned him that he was not to get involved with any of the models.

Betty was showing Sánchez and the guy from the court the materials and designs for the upcoming collection. The other guy has a name, thankfully -- Dr. Moreno. Sánchez and Moreno thought that the clothes would be included in the lien but Betty said that was impossible. She was very worried and warned them that they need to be extremely careful that Daniel or Roberto don't overhear what they were talking about. Roberto congratulated Armando for the new collection and everyone got ready to leave.

Sandra asked Aura María to get her some catalogues for the fashion show. Dr. Sánchez, on his way out the door, noticed Sandra and was immediately smitten with her. He walked with her to the elevator and looked at her as if she were a goddess. He told Dr. Moreno that his heart was beating madly and that he would marry Sandra. Dr. Moreno told him to think about it -- the woman was twice as tall as he was! That it would be best for him to keep his mind on his work, or perhaps set his sights on Betty, who was on her way to becoming a rich woman, and with all that money even she can be thought of as a beautiful woman. They go to Hugo's workshop and decide there was nothing to be inventoried there. They then ran smack into the area where the models were changing and Hugo told them to leave. Betty made sure that everything was okay and led them away.

Roberto, Margarita, Daniel and Catalina were on their way out when they ran into Sánchez and Moreno... who in their infinite wisdom (NOT!!) decide right there and then to ask Armando to sign the lien paperwork. Roberto wanted to know what was going on, and Betty very ably averted a major disaster by explaining that the gentlemen have finished with their inventory and Armando just needed to okay their report. Daniel, who didn't believe for a minute the inventory story, asked Sánchez for his business card. After everyone left, Armando made sure that he was signed the lien papers and looked them over. Sánchez gave him his business card and offered his services to him! After they finally left, Armando gave Betty the paperwork and pleaded her to stash them away in a safe place -- and told her that EcoModa was now in her hands.

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