Thursday, September 25, 2008

Episode 45 - The Predictions about Ugly Betty

Bertha asked Armando if he would be going to lunch, but Armando told her that he wanted to finish this business once and for all. Bertha re-narrated the story and told Armando that Mariana gave Betty a second card reading and this time she told her that there would be turbulent times ahead in both her personal and professional life because those two aspects of her life were greatly intertwined. There would be great problems but also great satisfactions. Mariana went on to say that it was very confusing because a dream would be realized for Betty in the midst of a storm. Sofía became worried when she heard that there would be hard times ahead because she thought that would certainly mean Eco Moda. Unless, Bertha piped in, Betty had a love interest at Eco Moda. Betty finally told them that her love life was already determined when she was born. But Mariana insisted that there would be great change to Betty’s personal life, a dream would come true. Betty explained that she and Nicolás were not dating but that he may appear related to her professional life because he was forming a corporation and she was helping him out. The flashback ends and Armando asked Bertha point blank about Nicolás forming a corporation, but Bertha couldn’t clear this up.
Armando changed the subject and now wanted to know whether in fact Nicolás was Betty’s boyfriend, but Bertha explained that it was only her platonic love interest and no matter what Betty did. Bertha went on to tell an Armando who was on the edge of his chair about the time that the Cartel went out for a drink and Betty said she wouldn’t dare to bother Nicolás because he had lots of dates. Bertha’s opinion was that Betty knew that Nicolás was an impossible dream, but since the cards said things were going to change, then maybe things would get better for Betty. After all, she was very intelligent and nice, but she was a bit ugly and she would have to win the lottery. Armando just rolled his eyes in response.
Armando asked Bertha how reliable Mariana’s predictions were, and she told him that she predicted that Armando would be the new president of Eco Moda, that Mireya (his former secretary) would leave, but at other times she’s been way off ... for example, she told also told them that Eco Moda would go through hard and turbulent times, but nothing like this has happened yet, Armando did an “of course not” gesture with his face and thanked Bertha for all of the information. He reminded Bertha that this should stay between the two of them, he wouldn’t want Betty thinking that he was questioning her private life. Bertha totally agreed because if Betty knew she would kill her.
As Bertha left, Armando said told himself that Mariana’s predictions have all been on the ball. At El Corrientazo, all of the Cartel had ordered chicken for lunch – they were going to diet right along with Bertha so as not to tempt her, but they were not happy. When Bertha walked in, she followed a tray of food that was set down at another table and sat right down with the two people there. Sandra had to go and get her. Bertha asked why everyone was having the same thing for lunch and Inesita explained that they were doing this in solidarity with her diet. Bertha told them she’s got really great news ... this afternoon the lab was bringing Patricia’s test results including the pregnancy test.
Betty interrupted everyone’s joy and asked Bertha what she talked to Armando about and Bertha told her that it was about her platonic love, Nicolás Mora. Betty then had to explain that Nicolás called the office and Bertha took the call and told her it was Nicolás right in front of Don Armando. Mariana told her that everything that came out in the cards was now coming true. But Betty refused to go along with this line of thinking (after all, she was really in love with Armando) and continued to question Bertha. Bertha just said that she told Don Armando that she and Nicolás were friends. The girls wanted to know why it would bother Betty if Don Armando found out about Nicolás and Betty responded that it was her private life and Don Armando didn’t need to know about it ... what they talked among them in the Cartel should stay between them. Bertha stuck to her story about what she told Armando and added that he wouldn’t care if Betty was in love or not, he stayed back at the office as if he didn’t have a care in the world.
However, Armando was really very worried and called Mario at the hotel. Armando told Mario that Betty was deeply in love with Nicolás Mora and he didn’t even realize she was alive. Armando brought up the point that now that Betty had 50 million dollars in her pocket maybe she would begin to appear more attractive to Nicolás, and not only that, but a dream was about to come true for Betty. Mario just looked puzzled at the phone upon hearing this last statement and asked Armando how much he had had to drink. Armando told him that he would take care of a couple of things and he would meet him at the hotel to further discuss this matter. After Mario hung up, he asked Freddy, who had just arrived and was staring in trance at the models, if he had seen Catalina. Freddy told him that she was cooking somewhere and Mario left gave Freddy a “you’re hopeless look.” Hugo noticed Freddy staring at the models and asked him what he was doing there. Freddy started to give Hugo pointers on the choreography, but Hugo cut him off quickly and Freddy told him he was only there to have the models sign the contracts papers. Hugo sent him off to see Inesita so that they can take care of the paperwork quickly.
But since Freddy was the charmer, he walked into the models’ dressing room and started introducing himself right and left, but they didn’t pay him any attention until he told them he had the contracts paper – then they all flocked to him. When he got to Claudia Bosch’s contract, he had to take it over to her because she was standing by her locker. When Claudia went to look for a pen in her locker to sign the contract, she accidentally dropped a small bottle of liquor on the floor and Freddy remarked; “your perfume a little heavy?” Claudia ignored him and just asked when Armando would get to the hotel.

Back at El Corrientazo, the Cartel was on their way out. Bertha thanked everyone for their solidarity and told them she was really full from her lunch, how about them? They told her that they are full as well, and when Bertha walked away to the bathroom, they actually said to each other that they are really still very hungry. Aura María said the diet might come in handy and Betty replied that maybe in Aura María’s case it would, but when it comes to Betty, it didn’t matter if she was fat or skinny, if she ate chicken or pork, because no one would notice (then she laughed her nerdy laughter). As Inesita was reminding everyone that they have to help Bertha out so she won’t break her diet, the cook yelled from the kitchen, "Get this woman out of here! Get her out please, she is eating everything! "And, needless to say, it was Bertha who had invaded the kitchen - she didn't go to the bathroom after all!
The Cartel went to pull her out and she came out with her hands full of food, nibbling on stuff. They took the food out of her hands but Sofía insisted on checking her purse and there she found a porkchop, potatoes, sweet plaintains, green plaintains and even silverware! As the Cartel hauled Bertha out of El Corrientazo, Inesita paid the bill.


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