Friday, September 19, 2008

Episode 44 - Armando Learns More About Ugly Betty

Marcela was in the lobby and when she saw Armando, she started yelling that she asked Betty to pay the bills for the show and she didn’t. Armando pointed out that she did and showed her the checks. Marcela said she asked Betty to give her cash (which was a big fat lie). Marcela stormed into Betty’s office and yelled that she asked for cash. Betty told her that she didn’t but that she would run down and get the cash for her. (Marcela was in a foul mood throughout this episode)Betty came back with the money and asked Marcela to sign for it. Marcela got angry and asked if Betty didn’t trust her. Armando told Marcela it was just procedure but Marcela left the office without signing for it.
Later, Betty was not at her desk when her phone started ringing. Bertha went into Armando’s office to leave him the contracts for the models. Armando asked Bertha to answer the phone. Bertha answered and it is Nicolas. She was all excited. When Betty walked into Armando’s office Bertha told her that her true love Nicolas called. Armando looked shocked. Betty handed Armando some papers and took Bertha out of the office. She told Bertha not to say that in front of Armando, she reminded Bertha that Nicolas was not even her boyfriend and that she wanted to keep her intimate life private.
Armando was with Mario and he told him about Betty’s boyfriend. Mario made some comments about who would possibly be interested in Betty. Armando looked horrified at the idea. He couldn’t believe that Betty didn’t tell him.Later Armando asked Betty and she told him that the cartel made up the story about Nicolas being her boyfriend and Armando was relieved.Armando went to Mario’s office and told him the good news. Mario was surprised at how happy Armando was, and suggested that it was personal. Armando laughed and said he was happy because that was one thing less to worry about. Mario told him that they still needed to find out who this Nicolas was.
The cartel decided to go to the bathroom to wait for Inesita. She arrived and they started talking about going to the show. Patricia came in and laughed at them. Sandra said that Patricia couldn’t stop them from going because someone much superior had already permitted them to go. Patricia asked who and they said Betty. Betty then repeated in her presence that they could go. Patricia started screaming for Marcela. Marcela came and asked what was going on. Patricia asked her if all the employees will be attending the show. Marcela said no. Patricia told her that Betty was inviting the entire cartel. Marcela looked at Betty and told her no, she told her to stop acting like she was the owner of this company, and to remember who the owner was. Betty had this wicked smile on her face. Marcela said the only one who would be going to the show was Inesita. And Patricia said and Inesita couldn’t come out from behind the scenes, Inesita replied “don’t worry I don’t intend to”. Marcela and Patricia then left.
In the showroom the models were getting ready. Claudia walked in and Hugo told her that he had received some complaints about her and he wanted her to be on her best behavior. Claudia said ok. She went to her locker and dropped a small liquor bottle. She quickly picked it up and made sure no one saw her and put it away.
Bertha went into Armando’s office to ask for the contracts and Armando started asking her what she knew about Betty and Nicolas. Bertha started telling him everything, and how angry Betty got when Bertha said it in front of him. Bertha started laughing and said she never guessed Armando would like gossip so much. Armando asked her to tell him everything.Bertha told Armando all of the details of the card reading she did for Betty at El Corrientazo a few months ago ... that a very important man had come out with whom she was in love and that man was fundamental to her life – the relationship was going to be very intense and would change her life as well as his. While Armando listened raptly, Bertha flashed back to that day at El Corrientazo and told Armando that Betty didn’t want to say who this man was, so they started pressuring her and she finally told them that there was in fact a man that she liked very much ... that she went to school with him, that women find him very attractive, that he was very strong and people were scared of him, that he was not a millionaire but had money and he drove a big car ... his name was Nicolás Mora. Betty went on to tell El Cartel that nothing had happened between Nicolás and herself, but Mariana assured her that something was going to happen in the future and it would change both their lives.
Armando wanted to find out what Mariana meant when she said that this relationship would change both the lives of Betty and Nicolás. Bertha interrupted and asked Armando whether he believed in card readings, and Armando got up from behind his desk and told her that that was not important, that the important thing was that she was telling him some gossip and he wanted the whole story ... how was this going to change their lives? Bertha continued the story – Mariana told Betty that this relationship might not change her life for good, but it would be very important in her life. Armando was still not clear on what Mariana meant and Bertha told him that it seemed that everything was pending ... it was not resolved yet.
Armando wanted to question her more but Gutierrez stormed into the office to get the contracts for the models. Gutierrez broke into English Language and Armando very annoyed, warned him to stop speaking English because his English sounded more like Russian, LOL! Bertha left the office to hand Freddy the contracts so he could take them over to the hotel for the models to sign. Freddy was thrilled at the prospect of this mission, handed Bertha the envelope while he sprayed some Mouth in his mouth and on his hair and takes out a comb and a mirror to touch himself up.
As Freddy was about getting on the elevator, Marcela asked him where he had been and Patricia interjected that he now had a girlfriend in the showroom, Jenny. Marcela told Freddy that she had an errand for him to run - she needed him to hand some money over to Catalina Angel at the hotel.
In the meantime, the Cartel was getting ready to leave for lunch and Bertha was on the phone with the lab trying to get the results of Patricia’s blood tests. The Cartel told Bertha that they would wait for her at El Corrientazo, but before leaving Betty asked her why she was going to the Presidency, but fortunately El Cartel diverted her attention and they went off to lunch. While Patricia looked on suspiciously, Bertha confirmed with the lab that she would have the results today.
Armando came back out to Bertha’s desk and asked Bertha to come back to his office to finish with the gossip. Patricia was even more suspicious upon seeing this.



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