Wednesday, October 15, 2008

RUBI - A fascinating Telenovela

Hi Fans,

I'm starting out a Telenovela that is currently being aired on two of the local TV stations - Rubi.

This telenovela is the story of a girl born to humble backgrounds but vowed to use her outstanding beauty to win and marry a very rich man. A man who would fulfill her dream of living in luxury - having all she had always dreamed of. She engaged in various vices to make this dream come through not minding what the consequences would be.
Fans will learn a lesson or two from this telenovela. The magnitude of destruction greed, uncontentment, deceit and lies can wreak.
This telenovela promises to be interesting, intriguing, and fascinating.
Make it a date with me and have a delightful time reading this telenovela.

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