Thursday, September 25, 2008

Episode 46 - Ugly Betty Worries Armando

Mario finally found Catalina. She tried to tell him where she was going to seat his people, but Mario took her by the hand, led her outside, and told her how special it was that they’re holding hands. Catalina withdrew her hand and told him Hugo said that he was so fertile that he could get women pregnant by merely holding their hands, by osmosis. Mario rolled his eyes and his mind started to wander, so Catalina asked him what the problem was with the word pregnancy.

Back at Eco Moda, a courier from the lab dropped off the test results. Aura María immediately told Freddy to take them up to Bertha. Freddy went upstairs and handed Bertha the manila envelope containing the contracts as well as the envelope from the lab. Just as Bertha was about to open the envelope from the lab, Gutierrez came out of his office asking for the contracts and notices the lab envelope also addressed to him so he picked it up and walked back inside his office. Bertha and Sofía didn’t know how they were going to get it back.
Jenny insisted that she accompanies Inesita to the hotel to take the clothes but Inestita told her it was out of the question. Freddy walked in and did an Hugo impression, and Inesita warned him to be careful. Freddy became manly immediately and Inesita left laughing. Since Jenny was wearing a snakeskin vest, Freddy told her, "How are you, my favorite anaconda? As I would die suffocated by your body. "Geez, he poured it on thick, LOL! Jenny told Freddy that she had resigned to the fact that she would never model, but Freddy told her not to lose hope, he knew what he was talking about.Back at the hotel dressing room, Claudia Bosch was sneaking drinks from her locker while Hugo was giving last-minute instructions to the models. As Hugo plopped down on to a couch in between two of the models and with another one yet behind him, Claudia walked over to one of the chairs and it was very obvious she was more than a little tipsy.
Marcela arrived at the hotel. Catalina told her that Hugo was waiting for her in the models’ dressing room. As Marcela left to go find Hugo, Mario told Catalina that it wasn’t a good idea for Marcela to go to the dressing room. When Catalina asked why, Mario told her that one of the models went crazy for Armando. Catalina gave him a cynical look and asked in jest if it was his lotion. And Mario answered, “Armando has a maddening lotion.” Hugo noticed Marcela in the dressing room and while Marcela could only look over at Claudia Bosch, Hugo started giving her his litany of complaints, from the lights to the sound system to the technicians. Marcela only listened with half an ear and asked how Claudia was behaving. Hugo answered that she was doing just fine. He told Marcela to get rid of the bad aura while Claudia looked more and more drunk.
Armando finally arrived at the hotel and Catalina told him that Marcela was in the models’ dressing room. Armando immediately asked for a drink (isn’t he drinking a lot lately?). He told Mario that he wanted to talk to him outside, but Catalina stopped him and asked him what the matter was. Armando said that he had gambling his life away on this fashion show and collection. On their way out, Mario and Armando ran into a model. The model ran back to the dressing room and told Claudia that Armando was here.
The model also noticed that Claudia had been drinking and told her she could get in a lot of trouble if she was found out. Out on the terrace, Mario served Armando a drink - Armando told Mario that he serve himself a drink as well ... things are worse than they thought. He told Mario about the card reading and what Mariana said about the man that would change Betty’s life and that she would change his life as well. Mario told him that he couldn’t believe that he was going so overboard over a simple reading of the cards. But Armando said there have been too many coincidences: (1) Betty’s life was changing, right? (Mario nodded); (2) Betty was changing Nicolás’ life because he was now working for Terra Moda (Armando reminded Mario that Betty recommended Nicolás way back when Olarte was fired – and what worried Armando was that Betty was making him part of the appropriation of Eco Moda by Terra Moda and that could make anyone lose his head, it was a lot of money); (3) Mariana told Betty that her greatest desire would come true in the middle of turbulence and that that would change her life – and her life was in fact changing: they’ve handed her a $50 million company of which she was the sole owner, in the middle of the chaos that they were all living. And the worst thing was that those two (referring to Nicolás and Betty) were going to end up in a romance. Armando was convinced.
Mario reminded him that he was basing himself on a mere card reading, but Armando contended that Mariana was always right when it comes to her predictions. When Mario rolled his eyes, Armando agreed to leave the card reading out of things, but the facts were that Beatriz Pinzón Solano was in love with Nicolás Mora, right? Mario nodded his head again. Nicolás met Betty when she was poor, right? Another nod. The guy was not rich, but he’s an economist and he’s familiar with both Terra Moda and Eco Moda. How about if he were to turn Betty against them? Mario answered that a woman as ugly as Betty would probably sell her soul to the devil in order to catch a husband. And then Armando posed the critical question, “What are we going to do so that Nicolás won’t turn Betty against us?” Mario’s answer was: "You will touch compete with Nicolas Mora. You will love to play Betty. Armando's reaction was a stunned "what?"

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