Saturday, September 6, 2008

Episode 40 - Ugly Betty Survive Probe Meeting

Don Hermes walked in on Nicolás resting on Betty's bed, and complained that while he was working, Nicolás was sleeping. Nicolás answered that he was not sleeping, he was meditating. Don Hermes wanted to know why Nicolás was acting so strangely since he received the phone call from Sánchez and why he said something about "holding his horses." Nicolás answered that he was just repeating a line from a movie he saw when he was a kid. Don Hermes told him to stop saying insane stuff and Nicolás responded that a messenger was asking for money and they don't have funds to cover the request. Don Hermes asked if Dr. Sánchez was that someone and Nicolás answered that he must be working as a messenger since so many attorneys were out of work.

Bertha asked Freddy to go get Patricia's blood work results at the lab.

Armando explained to Mario about how Betty combined the losses and profits from the past two collections into a doctored report to present to the Board. Roberto and Margarita arrived at EcoModa... Margarita asked Aura María if she was still single and looking for the man of her dreams. Marcela helpfully stated that Aura María was looking very hard.

In the meantime, Armando and Mario were singing praises of Betty's latest creative accounting, the phone started ringing again. Mario finally got fed up at the incessant ringing of the phone and told Armando to answer it. Armando answered and of course it was Nicolás again. Nicolás again told him that it was urgent that he spoke with Betty. Armando asked if the urgency involved the death of Betty's parents. Nicolás answered no. Betty arrived and Armando complained about Nicolás' calls. Nicolás complained to Betty about having to make so many calls from his cell phone. Betty told him that she didn't have time to chat -- but Nicolás told her about the lien and Sánchez' impending arrival at EcoModa... Armando found out that his parents were on their way AND Betty told him about the lien. You could guess Armando's reaction to the news!

Daniel arrived and was greeted by a lollipop sucking Wilson. Right on Daniel's heels we see Sánchez and some other guy (from the court). Daniel greeted everyone and asked Catalina if she was going to once again be in charge of the publicity for the fashion show and told her he was surprised that she was back since he thought she had a reputation to protect. Catalina cut him off by saying that she believed in what Armando was trying to accomplish.

Sánchez and co. ran into Armando and Betty as they got off the elevator on the first floor. Armando told them that they MUST be as discreet as possible and they responded that they would of course be. Sánchez was surprised to realize that Betty worked at EcoModa and asked her why she hadn't mentioned this to him before. She said that she had been working for EcoModa for a while and that she had lent money to Armando which had never been paid back to her. She also said that he should go ahead with the process while she tried to reach an agreement with Armando. Betty escorted Sánchez and the other guy to production and told the employees that they were from an insurance company and need to do an inventory of the equipment, and asked for their full cooperation. Sánchez told the other guy that Betty was a good person. The other guy thought the whole situation was a bit strange. Sánchez agreed, but that it was of no concern to him. Sánchez handed his coat to one of the seamstresses so that she'll MEND IT for him!

At the board meeting, Roberto wanted to know who Sánchez and his companion were. Armando gave him the story about them being from an insurance company. Daniel said that the only insurance the company needed was against Armando destroying it. Roberto told Daniel to shut up, that he was not there to listen to that kind of talk.

Wilson told Aura María that the two gentlemen were at EcoModa to place a lien on the company. Betty overheared this and SCREAMED at him to come talk to her. She asked him if he ever had the nightmare where someone was about to tore his head off and then placed it in a box. He answered that he had and wondered why Betty wanted to know. She told him that his nightmare would come true if Armando found out what he had been saying to Aura María. She also added that it was all a misunderstanding that had already been cleared up. She then asked Aura María not to say a word to anyone about Wilson's comment.

Betty went to the boardroom and Armando asked her to present the report. Meanwhile, Hugo arrived and Patricia told him that he was wanted in the boardroom. He said that he was in no mood to sit in on a boring meeting and that until "those people" start talking about nice things, he was no longer going to attend their meetings.

Betty explained that once the next collection was launched, the financial situation would again be rosy. Daniel responded that this would only be true if the report she was presenting was not doctored. Roberto told Daniel to stop. Daniel had the last word saying that no matter what, Armando would not be able to meet his goals.

Patricia went into the boardroom with the menus for lunch. Daniel stared at her, looking scared. She gave him a menu and asked him when he was going to acknowledge that her son was his! Daniel told her that this was neither the place nor time to talk about the subject. Patricia didn't let go. She added that she had already had the child's DNA tested and that the kid was definitely HIS!! Then she asked her son, Danielito - the spitting image of Daniel in a business suit and slicked back hair, to come in and show Daniel the papers that proved that he is a Valencia. Daniel didn't want to look at the child or the papers. The boy told him "look, daddy, I am your son."

Roberto told Daniel that those papers proved beyond a doubt that the child was his; Margarita told him that he had to step up to his responsibility and that Patricia did not deserve such treatment from; Marcela told him that Patricia was her best friend and that she'll never forgive him if he didn't live up to his responsibilities. Armando and Betty had very happy expressions on their faces during this whole exchange. Patricia told Daniel not to worry, that what she'll do was make sure that all of Colombia knew the real man behind the title of director of the Economic Resources Board. Of course, this had all been a daydream of Daniel's... However, at the mere sight of Patricia he did started sweating bullets and Roberto asked him if he was alright. Daniel said that there was nothing wrong. Patricia kept giving out the menus while giving Daniel the killer look. Daniel could only blot the sweat from his forehead.

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