Saturday, September 13, 2008

Episode 42 - Ugly Betty caught in a Web

While waiting for Armando, Marcela started discussing with Patricia. Armando, Mario, and Betty exited the elevator on their way to Armando's office. Claudia approached Armando, who in a panic told Mario and Betty that Claudia is his SECOND problem (the first one being the TerraModa/EcoModa issue) and it would be a disaster if Marcela found out about Claudia.

Freddy wanted to talk to Armando about the fashion show, without directly telling him that Jenny should be one of the models, and Armando told him that he didn't have time to talk to him. Freddy, who just didn't get it, kept talking to Armando and actually made the suggestion about Jenny. Armando told him to forget about it, that Hugo was the one who made those kinds of decisions, and that he couldn't replace any of the models with Jenny. When Jenny noticed that Freddy had talked to Armando, she went after him to find out what he said.

Armando started drinking and told Mario that he didn't know if the Board meeting turned our well or badly, that he felt that everything was a disaster. Mario was speechless as he watched Armando drink the whiskey in one gulp and reminded him that he needed to be clear-headed. Armando told him how awful he felt because his father congratulated him for how well things seemed to be going at EcoModa, knowing full well that it was on the verge of disaster. That at this very moment, neither the Mendozas nor the Valencias owned EcoModa... but he swore that he'll get it back. Mario told him to cheer up and to be careful about how much he drank and left. Armando told himself that he can handle his alcohol just fine.

Armando asked Betty to give him his cell phone and PDA. Betty reminded him that he left them behind in the factory and she'll go get them for him. As she exited the office, she ran into Claudia, who told Armando that they have to talk and pushed Betty out the door. Armando begged her to leave him alone. She told him that she wanted him. Betty didn't think that it is smart to leave Armando alone with Claudia, but went on her way to get his cell phone and PDA anyway.

On her way, she ran into Marcela who was on her way to Patricia's desk and asked if Armando was in his office. Betty tried to distract Marcela and offered to give Armando the paperwork that Marcela had for him, but Marcela told her that she wanted to give them to him herself and that she also wanted to talk to him. Betty lied and said that Armando was with Hugo and Marcela was on her way to find him. Betty stood by Armando's door and did her best to avoid anyone going in or out of the office. In the meantime, Armando threatened Claudia and told her to leave at once or he'll have to call security. She dared him to do it because then Marcela would want to know what she was doing with him! That it would be best for him to agree to give her a little kiss... They hear a noise at the door... It was Betty trying to go in the office. Claudia told her to leave them alone and planted a big wet one on Armando.

Hugo told Marcela that Armando hadn't been by his studio. Betty knew that time was running out before Marcela came looking for Armando. Armando's door was still locked and Claudia had Armando in a lip-lock. Betty couldn't stand it any more. She went into the office through the Board room -- while Patricia watched her with a mixture of confusion and piqued curiosity.

Someone was knocking at Armando's door which scared the hell out of him. It was Marcela, who wanted to know why the door was locked. Betty arrived at the same time and tackled Claudia just like an American football linebacker would, tore her away from Armando and took her to her office. Marcela asked Armando why the door was locked and he, playing hurt, told her that he was very busy and didn't want anyone to interrupt him. Marcela wasn't buying his story and told him that he had to check the sales figures immediately, while she waited for him to do it. He, without even a glance at the stuff, told her that everything looked great. She then suddenly opened the door to Betty's office and was surprised to see that only Betty was there. She had expected to find Claudia hiding there. Claudia was actually hiding behind some cabinets out of Marcela's range of vision. She told Betty that she needed the money for the fashion show expenses, looked around the office again, looked behind the door, and was upset to find nothing incriminating. She left in a huff and puff; she knew they're playing tricks on her.

Armando went into Betty's office, asked where Claudia was hiding, grabbed her by the hair, and kicked her out. Outside, Marcela was asking Patricia if she had seen Claudia since she was nowhere to be found. She knew she had to be nearby. At the same time, Betty was with Claudia, trying to get her as far away from Armando's office as possible - sneaking out through Mario's office. Claudia was now insisting on apologizing to Armando. Betty told her that this was impossible and told her to stay in Mario's office. Once Betty left, Claudia walked towards the secretaries' desks. Patricia asked what she wanted and Claudia said that she didn't need anything. Armando was dying of fear in his office and asked Betty why women were so crazy. Betty told him that HE drove them crazy! Armando, slightly embarrassed, asked her if she got him his cell phone and PDA. She finally went on her merry way to get them.

Marcela told Patricia that she hadn't seen Claudia anywhere and Patricia told her not to worry, she just saw her coming out of Mario's office. Marcela couldn't believe this. Patricia told her that Claudia had been hiding in Betty's office. When Marcela finally saw Claudia, she asked her what she was doing. Claudia told her she was taking a stroll. Marcela told Patricia about Armando's door being locked and both agree that something was going on. Patricia stoked the embers and Marcela left in a hurry to confront Armando.

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